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Author has written 21 stories for Cats, North and South, Pocahontas, Alice, 2009, and Harry Potter.

Hello! Hannah here! So I guess you're here because you want to look at some of my other stories or just know a bit about me. So heres some pointless information you probably won't read:
I'm from the UK and I'm currently studying Psychology, Biology, Maths and English language at college. I'm a christian and very proud to be one. I have a real interest in other cultures, particularly Japanese and I'm attempting to teach myself some of the language although with my insane amount of work it's difficult to find time.

I use fanfiction as an escape from real life as I can completely throw myself into another world. Unfortunately as it is only an escape it has to be at the bottom of my list of priorities which means at times when I have a lot of work of exams I find it difficult to update my stories.

So thank you to anyone reading my stories for being so patient when I don't update.


Story info:


Harry potter:
-A fine line - A Harry potter story I wrote at three in the morning with the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Katie Bell. It's a strang pairing but I enjoyed writing the fic so much I don't care. It revolves around a school reunion after Voldemort's defeat in which Katie finally tells Draco exactly how she feel about the fact that he cursed her.

-Today's answer, tomorrow's question - a slightly creepy fanfic I wrote one night and then couldn't sleep afterwards. All of Harry's deepest fears emerge in the form of one troubling nightmare.

-Normal cats don't hear voices - Tantomile's tale of her hard kittenhood and her rise to a happier life.

-Sometimes love is unconditional- There are those who, no matter what they do to you, you continue to love. Even until your last moments. A sad oneshot discussing a different side of Bombalurina and Macavity's relationship.

-The false truth- A typically misunderstood queen clear up the issue of her path and who she mated with during the jellicle ball.

-The scarlet queen- The story of Alcestis, the true scarlet queen. Short chapters but a nice story I think.

-When I grow up - My first ever fanfiction. It has OCs but it's my longest completed cats fanfictions and I think for a first one it's pretty good. I must have written in when I was about 13/14 so my recent ones are an improvement on it.

I am series:
-Bound by judgement- A short poem about how the views people have about Tugger make him what he is.

-Dangerous - Mistoffelees refects on his love for Victoria and why it can never be.

-Second best -
Alonzo's refelctions on the fact that he can never stand out and be the best.

-Watch me disappear - They say you can die of a broken heart but sometimes there are even worse fates for those who fall in love. Read to find out who it's about.

North and south:
-If I ever have a son - Margaret finally understands a part of Mrs Thornton she never thought she would. It takes place after the book ends. It's sad but I'm quite proud of it.


In progress:

Harry potter:

-Looking through tears: Scenes between Draco and Luna during the 6th and 7th book and beyond. I'm about halfway through the 6th book now and I have plenty of future chapters already written.

-Luna's secrets:Luna knows many secrets which she can never tell. As this one has no real storyline it's not as much my prioroty to keep the chapters updated regularly. I still try to update just only when I have an idea and it's good enough.


Electra - I only have about two more chapters to write on this. Unfortunately I just don't have the drive to finish it. Maybe one day I'll get round to it but for not this is discontinued.

Gemini - This was very much an experiment to see if I could write a good fanfiction for a pairing I hated. I am back on track with updating this one now so I'll try to keep the chapters flowing!

The hidden paw - Complete writers block on this one so I've had to discontinue it. Me and Jenii are just too busy now.

Thank you so much to:

-Kamari Kitten
-Dream Painter
-Insane Tara
-Fi Cantu
-Munkustrap Girl
-Evanne Taylor
-Miss Pseudonymous
-An Unknown Foreign Beauty
-Dr Spleenmeister
-movable nu

-and all the other wonderful people who review my work, it really makes me grin like an idiot :D

Favourite couples:

-John Thornton & Margaret Hale (North and south)
-Tessa & Guy (Magic flutes)
-Phantom & Christine (Phantom of the opera)
-Alice and Hatter (Syfy 2009 Alice & the Tim Burton film)
-Draco and Luna
-Fred and Luna
-Hermione and Ron

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