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Greetings People of the Internet,

So yeah, it's been almost three years since this had been updated so while I'm bored and have nothing better to do I figured that I'd re-do this.

Firstly, a word (or several, in fact) to the fans, followers, and favorite-ers of Eternal Undeath (you know who you are)...

Yes, I know it's been quite a long time since you've heard anything at all about that story. Yes, I do still plan on getting back to working on it at some point, maybe even some point soon-ish. But as you can all imagine life is busy and my brain hasn't been focused on writing chapters for that story right at this moment. Though, I will admit to occasionally re-reading some of the chapters to make an attempt at sparking some form of inspiration and motivation, but that hasn't happened yet. So basically EUD is still on a very long hiatus for the foreseeable future. Though, I have begun to go through the older chapters and edit them extensively to bring them up to the level of writing I am currently at, which is much better than before (Re-reading Chapter One over again was a bit of nightmare. I was like "Who is this idiot and why can't they write properly?").

That being said however, I will admit that while my brain has not had much success attempting to continue writing for EUD, despite my trying, there have been other story ideas that have been bubbling around in my cranium. Not that I'm going to jinx myself and talk about any of them in any great detail here. But should any of you see a new story posting at some point I just don't want you to be outraged or surprised, or both, and form yourselves up into a digital angry mob.

Anyways, a lot of things have changed since this was last updated, but I doubt any of you are particularly interested in hearing my life story, so I'll just skip over that, and because honestly I don't want to have to type all of that nonsense.

So basically this is everything summed up...

ETERNAL UNDEATH = Indefinite Hiatus until Further Notice

ANY NEW STORIES = Maybe/Kinda/Sorta In-Progress

Thank you for your time. Enjoy reading.

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