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First I'd like to say hello. Next, just as a warning, i'd like to say I'm sick, so don't give me any reviews about being warped. I blame my crazy friends for my warped and depraved mind. I'd also like to tell all Kikyo lovers not to review, cause i don't give a rats a...well you get my point. Also thank you for reading even if you didn't reveiw I do check the traffic. I am also on fiction, so if u want 2 read some of my stuff not related to something already written go there and find stuff written by me. My name is the same. Here are some quotes that I find funny, meaning full or just plain stupid(PS. If you find any good quotes PM me. If I use it in a story I'll be sure to give you credit for finding it.).:

“I really hate Oracles. If I wanted to play mind games, I’d buy a Rubik’s Cube.”

~Acheron (from the Dark-Hunter series)

“You’ll never see the moments coming that will forever mutilate your life-at least not until after they’ve mowed you down.”

~Savitar (from the Dark-Hunter series)

“Destiny is a freight train rolling along on a set course that only the conductor knows. When we get to the railroad crossing in our car, we can choose to stop and wait for the train to pass us by, or try to pull out in front of it and beat that bad boy across.

That choice is free will.

If we choose to rush ahead, the car we’re in might stall on the tracks. We can then choose to try and start the car or wait for the train to plow into us. Or we can get out to run, and fight the destiny of the train slamming into us and killing us where we stand. If we choose to run, our foot could get caught in the tracks or we could slip and fall

We could even say to ourselves, ‘there’s no way I’m dumb enough to fight the train.’ And hang back safely on the tracks. The next thing we know, a truck rams us from behind, throwing us straight into the train’s path.

If its our destiny to be hit by the train, we will be hit by that train. The only thing we can change is how the train turns us into a hamburger.

I, personally, don’t believe in this crap. I say I control my destiny and my life.”

~Nick Gautier (from the dark-hunter series and the chronicles of Nick)

“We’re not dammed, folks, we’re categorically fucked.”

~Urian (from the dark-hunter series)

“I’d rather be vindictive than smart.”

~Sholin (from the dark-hunter series)

“‘Have you ever wanted something that you knew was bad for you? Something that you ached for so much that you could think of nothing else?’

‘Yes, which is why I always end up eating the whole chocolate bar anyway.’”

~Wren{top} and Maggie {bottom} (from the dark-hunter series)

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


“Cowards aren’t the only ones who die a thousand deaths. Sometimes the heroes do too.”

~Sin (from the dark-hunter series)

“The entire history of mankind is written by people who want what they can’t have.”

~Katra (from the dark-hunter series)

“Have you ever noticed that salvation, much like your car keys, is usually found where you least expect it?”

~Acheron (from the dark-hunter series)

“You made it look like your face.”

~ A Greek insult

“I want to be a saint, but the devil won’t let me.”

~ A Greek saying

“They are like ass to underwear.”

~a Greek saying meaning that two people really need to get a room.

“We have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts. I have let you into my heart, so the Simi is your family and she won’t give you up.”

~Simi (from the dark-hunter series)

“Can the Simi eat the red-head goddess now?”

~Simi (from the dark-hunter series){This has to be one of my favorite lines in the whole series. That and}

“That’d be watching the old, and I do mean old, heifer goddess choking on a chicken bone. Not that she’s ever done it. But the Simi keeps dreaming that maybe one day she will and akri won’t be there to save her. Wouldn’t that be nice? I told that to them Santas in the mall and they call security on the Simi. What were they thinking? Can’t the Simi have a little dream? The Heifer may not like It, but it sure makes my night.”

~Simi (from the dark-hunter series) {Akri= Lord and master[Acheron (or Ash)is Simi’s akri and The red-head heifer goddess is Artemis]}

"Even the devil may cry when he looks around hell and realizes that he's there alone."

~Acheron "Devil may cry" a dark hunter novel

"'No,' Kat said petulantly 'you're a man and I hate all of you right now.'...'Fair enough. Since my presence is obviously causing you pain, I'll take my manhood outside to the terrace, where you can join me if you can over look my obviouse birth defect.' "

~ Katra and Acheron "Devil may cry" A dark hunter novel

"'When you love someone...truely love them, freind or lover, you lay your open heart to them...You literaly hand them a razor and a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul. And when they do strike, it's crippling-like haveing your heart carved out."

~Acheron "Devil may cry" a dark hunter novel

"Dieing is easy, its liveing that's hard."

~Zarek "Dance with the devil" a dark hunter novel

"'And if he doesn't?'

'I'll take him outside and beat him for makeing my girl cry.'...


'Absolutely. Forget medieval, I'll break Atlantean on his ass, and you've seen what a ticked-off Atlantean god can do. Makes Hannibal Lecter look like a cry baby'"

~Acheron and his daughter Katra "Devil may cry" a dark hunter novel

Both books mentioned above were written by Sherrilyn Kenyon

We always hurt the ones we love, the ones we shouldn't hurt at if I broke your heart last night it's becasue I love you most of all.


Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take those breaths away.


Love shouldn't be payed for with blood and bone.

~ Acheron

"If? Try when! Two things that can never be contained? Velociraptors and Zombies!"

~ Carrow Graie a.k.a. Carrow the incarcerated (From immortals after Dark series)

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones that you are)

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This is a list of all the fan-fiction I have out; if it says C its done (and its not up 4 discussion), UC its not done, NO means not out yet (but as soon as its done i'll post it)


Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha

Death Tonic

parts: one (so far)

Chapters: one (so far)

Pairing: Ranma & Akane, Inuyasha & Kagome (this fic was not made to smash two unrelated characters together so get it out of your head!)

Rating: M (though there should be a higher rating for this one)

Summary: "The strongest steel is forged in the fires of hell"

Ranma 1/2 fan fiction:

Forever Mine: UC

Chapters: 6

Pairings: Ranma & Akane, Ukyo & Ryoga, Shampoo & Moose, Nabiki & Kuno, Kasumi & Dr. Tofu

Rateing: M

Summary: Alternate Reality. Ranma left ten years ago by ship to seek his fortune and left behind the love of his life. Shortly after he sets sail his ship is deatroyed and he's killed by pirates. Now, ten years later, Akane's once proud family is broke and seems doomed until a wealthy lord asks for Akane's hand in marriage. Akane's naturally unhappy about this but when it turns out her betrothed is a pirate She's Livid. Will Akane give him a chance, or will she let hate blind her to the truth?

Dragon Curse: UC


Pairings:Ranma & Akane, Ukyo & Ryoga, Shampoo & Moose, Nabiki & Kuno, Kasumi & Dr. Tofu

Rateing: Most likely M but its K+ now


Chapeters: 1

AN~ this is a colection of untitled short stories or parts. mainly because I'm bad with titles.

untitled 1: NO

Paring Ranma&Akane

Rateing: M (for scenes that will not be disclosed at this time)

Summary: Akane is kidnapped by Tybolt the king of cats to be one of his brides. Unlike the others, who wanted to woo Akane, tybolt is wating for no consent. Also, uless Akane is rescued in two days she'll turn into a cat herself. Ranma has one chance to save her, but can he over come his fear of cats in time to save her or will she suffer one of the most horrible fates under the hands of the cat king. (yes I know this summary sucks ass)

Whisky Lullaby: C

Chapters: 1 (oneshot)

Paring Ranma&Akane

Rateing: T

Summary: Just listen to the song Whisky Lullaby and u'll get the meaning of this story.

The Return of the Cards of the Beast: NO

Chapters: ?

Pairing: Ranma & Akane, Kuno & Nabiki, Moose & Shampoo, Ukyo & Ryoga, DR. Tofu & Kasumi

Rateing: M

Summary: The Cards of the Beast are back and this time Ranma's possesed. However the same tricks never work twice and the NWC is unsure how to save there friend/sparing partner/"enemy"/fiance from the cards pull. they do have one clue that may lead to breaking the curse for good. Every time one of the devils is in Akane's presence the cards hold over Ranma weakens enouph for him to talk to her, but the only thing he ever says is "Kill me before I can't stay away anymore..."What does he mean and will the NWC be able to save him or will Ranma be doomed?

Every other time: NO

Chapters: 11

pairings: ranma & akane

Rateing: T

summary: Sometimes its black; sometimes it's white; sometimes she's wrong; sometimes I'm right; sometimes we figure it out; but then she just change her mind; sometimes she's hot; sometimes I'm cold; sometimes my head wants to explode; but when I think about it I'm so in love with her...; everyother time.

??????????????????????? (I have no idea what to call this): NO

Chapters: 12

Pairings: Ranma & Akane, Ryoga & Ukyo, Kuno & Nabiki, (mentioned but not explored) Moose & Shampoo, Dr. Tofu & Kasumi

Rateing: T maybe M

Summary: Ranma is shot six times and lives, but he can no longer practice martial arts. How will Ranma cope with this loss and how will this affect his relationship with the rest of the NWC?

Note: If you have a title idea I'd love to hear it.

Red River fan fiction:

The Lion Ishtar:Discontinued (Untill my writters block for this story ends sorry)

Chapters: 4

Pairing: Yuri & Kail

Rateing: M

Summary: Lemon warning. Both Nakia and Urhi are dead. Yuri and Kail are married, but in a strange twist of events Yuri is turned into something other than human. With their enemys dead who had the power to change Ishtar from human to Lion? And can she be turned back?

Family Reunion:NO

Chapters: 1 (one shot)

Pairing: Yuri & Kail

Rateing: T+

Summary: Yuri disappers only to show up in the modern age. She has no memory of her parents and is reluctant to tell what she's been doing up tell then. When things start to happen out of her control she has to make a disison again that she thought she mad a long time ago.

Wild Fire: discontinued

Chapters: 1 (one shot)

Pairing: Yuri & Kail

Rateing: M

Summary: Yuri has been caged her entire life. When she finally escapes she is greeted by a rich young man who shares the same secert as her. But when strange things start happening she begins to wonder where she has escaped too, if she esacped at all.

Inuyasha fan-fiction:

Come to my window: C

Chapters: 3

Pairing: Inu&Kag

Rateing: M

Summary: Kagome and Inuyasha had a fight and Kagome goes home. When Iuyasha arrives Kagome is gone. lemon warnning!

Steal Angel: NO

Chapters: Idk so far I've written 5 and haven't finsihed typeing the first.

Pairing: Inu&Kag...along with the good old classics

Rateing: ethier T+ or M (IDK if there's going to be a rape scene of not...)

Summary:After the accident that claimed her mother's life she is left with her dead beat dad and a brother with cancer . Her situation is dier when she recives a scolarship for the shikon academy. And just on the first day her life is turned upside down.

Disposable: NO

Chapters: 1 (i'm going 2 add more chapters cuz its gitten long)

Pairing: Inu&Kag


Summary: All Kagome's life she's been traded when something better came along. Feeling down one night she gets an odd desire to go to the mountains. In the mountains she finds a dog in a steal bear trap, after rescuing the dog she discovers its actually a demon. For the first time in her life Kagome wonders if she's found someone to who shes not disposable.

The Fate of two worlds: discontinued

Chapters: 1 (more chaptes comeing...)

Pairing: Inu&kag

Rateing: T+

Summary: This story takes place in both the feudal and modern times. It is about how Kagome’s friends coped with her running off and how Kagome coped with life in the feudal times. Until a strange twist troughs the two worlds together. Now the lives of the Inu Tachi, their families, and the fate of both worlds hang in the balance. But the real question is can the modern world accept something they don’t understand? Or will they doom themselves by destroying their would be hero?

Beauty and the beast:Discontinued

Chapters: 1 maybe 2

Pairing: inu&kag

Rateing: T+

Summary: Kagome’s school is hosting a play. When Kagome’s friends finally meet the infamous Inuyasha they cast him as the star of the show, the Beast. But when the tables turn and a show turns to real life, can Kagome change Inuyasha back? Or will he be a beast forever?

Life After the Jewel: No

Chapters: 1 (so far)

Pairing: The origanls, none of that weird stuff and I don't give a hoot if it hurts ur feelings

Summary: The Inu tachi's life after the jewel. this is a prequle to a fan-fic all about the kids.

An Angel's Wish: NO

Chapters: 1 (so far)

Pairing: Inu&Kag

Summary: Inuyasha is poisioned while protecting Kagome. All through out Inuyasha's illness Kagome takes care of him. Just before he dies he tells K agome he loves her. Over come by regret and sadness for the lost half demon. Kagome becomes a shell of her former self. A year after the hanyou's death he comes back as a very unlikely character, a gaurdian angel. And he's not just anybodies angel, but Kagome's. With wings on his back and a halo around his ears can he save Kagome's life...and have his final wish.

Just A Dream: C

Chapters: 1 (one shot)

Pairing: Inu&Kag

Summary: based off the song just a dream , by carrie underwood.

The Dance: Discontinued

Chapters: i've written a chap called sound the bugle but that parts toward the end...

Pairing: Inu&Kag

rateing: Idk?

Summary: After comeing back from the fudeal era, after a fight with Inuyasha, Kagome discovers that her family was killed in a fire that destroyed her home. With no one there to diffend her she is taken away to an orphanage. It's not long before she is adopted, but her new adoptive father phisically and mentally abuses her. When Inuyasha finally tacks her down he finds her close to death. He takes her away and is called a kidnapper. So Inuyasha has no way to save Kagome's life and remain free. Inuyasha has only two options left to him; stay free and have Kagome die...or Take her to a hospital and be thrown in jail...based off the song The Dance by Garth Brooks(yes I really like country music)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Enter the Prayer Beads by nihongoneko reviews
When Akane and Ranma end up in possession of a pair of prayer beads - exactly like the ones around Inuyasha's neck, in case you haven't caught on yet - and they end up on Ranma, what hilarity and chaos will ensue then? RanxInu xover. RanxAka, InuxKag pair
Crossover - Ranma & Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 30,989 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 92 - Follows: 109 - Updated: 2/12/2014 - Published: 2/26/2008 - Ranma, Inuyasha
Stuck in the feudal era! InuYasha&Ranma Crossover! by PiNkBuN17 reviews
Akane is on her way to see her old childhood friend Kagome, however she is drawn to the well and falls in with Ranma. Naraku has the ultimate plan to get rid of InuYasha and his friends, but both Ranma and Akane are also sucked in; how will they stop him? InuXKag, MirkXSan, RanxAka Rated for gore, lime and cussing.
Crossover - Ranma & Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 11 - Words: 25,126 - Reviews: 176 - Favs: 47 - Follows: 45 - Updated: 11/16/2013 - Published: 1/7/2009 - Akane, Kagome H., Sango, Miroku
Silent Steel by Richard Ryley reviews
A continuation of MZephyr's "Silent Horse". Just a short couple of chapters based around this more thoughtful version of Ranma meeting his mother. EPILOGUE ADDED: This doesn't really add anything, just clarifies a few plot points.
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