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Hi there

My name is David, I live in Australia, I love to write, but have only discovered fan-fic recently and want to see where I can go with it.

I have three kids and a fiance, a cat, a cockatiel and a duck. Hence mayhem on a daily basis.

My Stories/Ideas:

The Mouth Of Hell Has Two Forks:

I was introduced to some really good fan-fic and it made me want to write my own. Although I loved the Twilight series, I felt that different stories should be told. I thought about looking at Forks from a different angle and integrating another series I indulged in when i was a teen, the Buffyverse. This story will be my main focal point, but already i've started writing small stories that split off the main story, some Buffy (already writing) and some will be Twilight based ones, focussing on characters like Bella, Rosalie and Alice, I'm thinking. After I finish this, I won't know what to do next, so I'm constantly reading heaps of other authors on here and reviewing like crazy as I go.

Black Magic Woman:

Short spinoff story I'm working on at the moment, originally started to explain the existence of three slayers in TMOHHTF. I realised there was a story there though, and have embellished a bit. As with my other story, my Buffyverse characters swear, and morality is often used in context :p

Also, this fic is complete, (all my complete fics will be italicised from now on!)

A Taste Of Hell:

The first Twilight spin-off from my main story, again explaining origins that I didn't want to waste time with in the main story. This time I focus on Bella and her journey into the broken woman that she portrays in TMOHHTF. Give it a look if you're reading my main story and want to understand her character a bit more. I just didn't want endless filler material MOL. COMPLETE!

Eros' Curse:

I got this idea when I saw a similar setup of short stories on a fellow members profile. I have focussed this set on "love and loss" Buffyverse stories, half a page one-shots. A bit of fluff amongst the rubble.


24/6/09: mausoleum = mansion, my spider sense was tingling on this one, thanks Abby for that one.

Suicide Season:

A series of one-shots, again based in the Buffyverse. So far the ships are as such:

1. The Comedown: Spuffy

2. Chelsea Smile ( not wrriten yet): No ships, just a nice little action packed Spike one-shot.

NOES Fan-fics:

Another idea I want to jump into, but only after I've watched all of the movies again, and read a poop-load of fan-fic on it. I really want to have unique "moments" i.e deaths that aren't going to be a) plagiarised and b) lame. Original and not lame, those are my high-set goals here. Stay tuned for this!!

One other thing about this, I've just had a look at the NOES various crossovers, Freddy vs Buffy, Freddy vs Batman etc all wicked ideas, except they exceed fantasy, my stories will be canon and truly evil, I mean shiz I've already made Bella a...never mind, read my Forks story for that ;)

If someone can show me some good fanfic, pm me and I'll check it out

In the meantime, here's some fanfic that I've read/am reading, please check them out, they're amazing!!

Bound By Blood:

This story was the first I read, by Rei who has also helped me heaps with getting my stories started and posted. It's angsty, intelligent, raw, poignant and brutally honest when it needs to be. It's also fun as all hell to read. It's a clearwater thing, I've been told!

Buffy: Season Eight:

CANON SEASON EIGHT in my opinion. It's taken me a while to get through all of the season eighty goodness on offer there and have only today started on season nine of hers. Great future fics and AU Buffy stories belong to the great author. Check her out sometime!

Edward the Beta:

This is the funniest shiz I have ever read, whenever I get my hands on a new chap, I read every single chap, its THAT good

The Fallen Swan:

A Twilight take on Veronica Mars, executed ingeniously with a carefully balanced mix of mystery and drama, I needs me some more chaps of this, all the time...

Thanks for looking


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Leah has two options.Jake, the object of her infatuation or Embry, the one she used in Jakes place.Between the announcement of Embry's real father,a battle,the death of two brothers and a tramatic event,this story is rated M for a reason.Lemon.Post NM,AU.
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The Mouth Of Hell Has Two Forks reviews
This is an epic crossover set in a different Buffy reality circa season 3 , and a much different Forks. Basically, these two worlds and types of monsters/hero's/heroine's collide in a blood fuelled mess over evil Forks. Rated M for a reason kids!
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