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Hey all!

My name is Kellie and i'm 25 years old. I live in Victoria, Australia.

Now i know that i am nothing special but i just have to say it...
I know, right? (a Jess quote) Everyone is these days but i just wanted you to know so that
you know how passionate i am about my stories. I have read all four books
i think... four? five times. I have read new moon and breaking dawn a few extra times
cause i really like them ones. I have also read midnight sun (i hope steph finishes that
one day) and the other extras and outakes on stephs website.
I have spent hours and hours looking up twilight related stuff on youtube and have
obviuosly seen the movies and watch them over and over again :)
I was so excited when i found this website and i've read heaps of stories.

The La Push Pack is my first story and there
will be more. Please dont be too harsh with criticism. I love to hear what you
think and I'm always open to suggestions! :)

The La Push Pack is about Bella's life once Edward leaves and she is attacked by Victoria.
The is a bit of teasing b/w Jake and Bella (aka Izzy) but it is a EdwardxBella story. Restarted
heart is now up! (Sequal to The La Push Pack)

Bella's Motorbike. V-Storm 650 ABS. I love it!

Ava's Jaguar XK XKR Coupe

Jessie's Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT


The second story i'm doing is called 'The lion and the lamb' The storyline is that Edward left,
victoria attacked (i know its the same as my first but hear me out!) Bella knows she needs
help so she goes to the Volturi. 50 years later the Cullens go to Italy and Edward asks Aro for death
(like he always does the idiot!) Bella can copy powers and is in disguise so they dont know that
it is her. Edward gets refused and eventully finds out that it is her. They keep it a secret and have
some fun with the others. Thats as far as i'm up to atm. :) Be warned, this story has lots of lemons and
not much polt but please read it still!

Izzy's swimsuit.

I have a third that i've only just started so it'll be a fair way off from being put up.
It is a CarlislexBella story. Basically Bella moves back to Forks with Charlie and sees
Carlisle (Dr Cullen) for the first time since she was 14years old. Needless to say
she is 18 now and wants him bad! It is all about Bella trying to seduce him and
him trying to resist her. She is totally hot and he wants her but she is his best mates
(Charlie) daughter and he is the chief of police. It's got lots of lemons. (will have)
It is a strickly sex story. Wont be too much plotline to it.

I have a few more ideas that i refuse to start writing before i finish at least one.
Ideas like a JamesxBella story, one were Bella is a witch and i might try a D/s story too.
I make sure that my stories have lots of detail because i hate stories that dont.
when they lack detail it just all seems rushed and you can't really get into the story.

Oh well i dont know what else to say.
I hope you like my stories! Please review or msg,
your comments are what keep me going.

xox kel...

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