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10 things to know about me.

1. I have a bazillion pets including 1 lose-in-my-house snake

2. I love football.

3. I hope tomorrow will be awesome.

4. If you say Halo is the worst you'd better hope I don't find you.

5. Maximum Ride is my favorite series.

6. I love Assasins Creed and Halo.

7. I love to study WWII

8. I don't follow sports very well even though I love football.

9. My sister is annoying me with Lady Gaga music all the time. (eew, lady gaga)

10. My favorite song is Firetruck by

If you can dicipher these numbers on you keyboard then you are recourcful: ) !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, , (, !)

If you can dicipher this number on your key board then you are smart: !),%#^,&*( (Looking at numbers on keyboard may help)

If you know the square root of pie with only 2 decimals then you are educated. If you don't here it is: 3.14. Now you can impress your annoying teachers ;)

If you are scared of roller coasters then you are chicken.

If you belive in aliens then you are kewl.

If you believe in god then you are faithful.

If you are bored by school then you are awesome.

If, at times, your siblings annoy the -Blam!- out of you then you are like me.

If you are immature for your age then you are a male or a tomboy.

If you like to listen to music then you are social.

If you like to read books then you are solitary.

If you get straight A's without trying you are well-read.

If you bothered to read this at all you are patient.

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Can you read this correctely?

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2.Draw a dog.

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If you did none of the steps then you are obedient.

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