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Hello there fanfiction world! This is hushsweetsummer.

Stories captivate me and munch on most of my contemplative time. I love making them, but I also enjoying reading and watching them too. (One of my top three favorites being the film A Bronx Tale with the Otoyomegari in the top ten.) I'm quite the hermit, but love the solo escapades that entails! As my publication prospects someday hit a firm green light I will post here with links and details concerning that; hopefully, my original fiction exceeds or is as good as my fanfiction.

I really give all my fanfiction 100 percent. More than anything I set out to have fun and create something others can possibly find some joy in. I write pairings that are probably not the norm; as a result, I give myself the swift kick-of-believability which makes oddball couples easier (and more enjoyable!) to swallow. I, as well, enjoy character-study pieces which, while not as popular as pairings, are delightfully fun as well.

I have a lot of different fanfictions I want to get down, but my first priority is to my personal life which heavily includes family, work, school, and original fiction (hopefully, my soon-to-be-work!). As a result, updates are not guaranteed to be steady all the time (they won't, God willing, be horrendously sporadic though!) I am taking writing here seriously and if anything prevents that in the future there will be a glaring note here for all to see.

As far as perspective goes I try to alternate between third and first. I do lean more towards the first person POV these days.

What a long profile! I hope you readers can find a lot of neat fanfictions on here! If you ever want to recommend one in the reviews please do; I'm a sucker for a good fanfiction! ;)

Best wishes,


On South Park:

On Bebe's Self Reconstructs the Park:

AN 10/24: I must unfortunately note that this fanfiction has been deleted. I want to thank each and every reviewer for giving a chance, and hopefully all of you have received an email from me explaining my personal reason for doing so. Every review and every favorite alert landing in my inbox gave me more happiness than I can express– I cannot thank you enough for finding joy in this work. May you find all the fanfiction you richly deserve!

Thank you thank you thank you!



On Aladdin:

Disney has, and continues to be, a continuing source of inspiration to me, despite all its flaws and corporate spiral these days. The classic Disney movies and the more obscure ones, such as A Goofy Movie or The Aristocats, are a gigantic fave of mine and Aladdin is no exception. (Pixar, as well, is a love of mine and I cannot wait for their new films, especially the last in the trilogy of Toy Story: Toy Story 3!)

I wrote this Aladdin short, I believe, in '08. It's the day before the wedding and I wondered how Aladdin might see his mother in Jasmine-- not in an icky way, but in a "the two women who ever loved me" sort of bit. (Although if one adds the TV series and one's own hopes Aladdin is liked by many more, women and men alike, as he rules Agrabah by Jasmine's side.) It was a touching thought and out came this story. I hope it does Aladdin, a legendary character in the Disney vault, justice!

On Hey Arnold!

Brainy and the Art of Breath came about randomly, admittedly. I was thinking about Hey Arnold! and how rare a kind character such as Arnold is, specifically linking his friendly helpfulness to the snapshot of his youth in the episode Helga on the Couch. Somehow, Brainy popped into my vision... breathing. I couldn't help but wonder: Is his noisy breathing due to poor air intake or simply heavy exhales? Was there more to it? I, personally, have asthma but felt that Brainy had a whole other reason for his deep voice powered by certain breathing habits. I didn't want to lose the idea so I quickly tried to capture that sort of imagery-- the imagery of a fairly vague character known simply for his loud breath. Thus, with this frame of logic, this character study occurred.

I'm a super, life-long fan of Hey Arnold! and hope this work gave Brainy's character due respect! Old Nicktoons such as Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Wild Thornberry's, Angry Beavers, Ahh! Real Monsters-- and more-- have as special a place in my heart as the Disney crew.

On Asuma's Pulse

I've been wanting to write a piece on Shikamaru and Ino for a long time. I'm quite the fan of their possibilities! It didn't come out romantic as I would have liked and slowly took its shape in the time after Asuma has passed away. Therefore, it became more of a Team 10 piece. I'm relieved, though, to have written something, though wildly short, between them. I haven't been pleased with the recent chapters of Naruto these days, and feel this work helps give peace to my experiences with it.

On Valerie, It's D.

This has the flavor of something older to it. I really really really wanted to pursue an outlet featuring Danny and Valerie together. I find Valerie a well-written dynamic character who Danny would balance out with very well. In "Flirting with Disaster" my love for them completely cemented-- they are so cute together! It's my favorite episode and I go back to it from time-to-time just to see them interact. I've recently gone through it again and hope to make this a brief work exploring how Danny and Valerie might have gotten back together. It's somewhat cathartic considering who wind up a pair in canon.

On Original Works:

Update 9/16/2010: Goodness! It has been too long since I've posted, but there is much much much to explain that. Publication, that fluid monster, has morphed and changed rapidly from last year to now, and I am hoping to jump head-first into the ebook revolution with an original story of my own. Am hoping to have an announcement about that quite soon and, even more importantly, I hope to be able to share original stories and characters that you might just enjoy! (Crosses fingers for the best!)

Reviews are greatly welcome! Always! I appreciate and read each and every one!

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