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It is all my daughter's fault.

Harry Potter. Twilight. FanFiction. All her fault.

Why did she have to bother me to read the Twilight books? Why did she have to spend all her time writing stories for FanFiction? Stupid, literate teenager.

So, not only am I completely and utterly addicted to all that is Twilight, but I am also unnaturally addicted to FanFiction both Twilight and now Harry Potter. I see story alerts in my email inbox and the world ceases to exist, all I can think of is getting home to read the new chapter. Once that is done, I search out more stories because my addiction has not been tamed; this leads to me crawling into bed around 2am all bleary eyed!

AGAIN, ALL HER FAULT!! Thanks Cassie!! :)

Besides the one that has warped me beyond repair, I have three other rodents as well. They love to read but no one else has been able to get me addicted to another story. My oldest son is quite amused to find me addicted to this site; my husband and some friends call me a dork, guess it takes one to know one. :-P

The rest of my family has, however, managed to get me addicted to Guitar Hero! (For my daughter...intentional misspelling...) GUITER!! I have transcended from a horrible 'Easy' player to a somewhat good 'Medium' player. (Recent update...can now play 3 songs on "Hard" granted, it is not on Guitar but on Bass...but STILL, I can get my finger to the flipping orange button and then back in time to hit green. I am proud of meself) But this makes no difference because said daughter is on EXPERT...and never resists an opportunity to point out how easy my songs look and how hard they are when she plays. I do have one shining beacon...making her play "Hot For Teacher" by is SOOOOOO amusing to watch her 'try' to play this one, oh the words coming out of her mouth would make a preacher blush and my mother proud.

Besides what is mentioned above, I am an avid reader. Outside of FF and Twilight, I love Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum (Jason Bourne series) novels (yeah, I me the leap from military action novels to Twilight has been interesting to say the least). Before Twilight, I did read the Harry Potter series during a long illness that kept me home for a few weeks. I liked those books and thought I was addicted there, (midnight book release parties, desperately waiting for the next movie to come out...hey is it July 2009 yet??)...but nothing compares to reading all 4 Twilight books in a little over 29 hours. That is not a typo...29 hours, I started 'Twilight' at around 8pm on a Monday and completed 'Breaking Dawn' at 1:30am Wednesday (hehe...I stole my daughter's books to accomplish this). As mentioned above, I have become similarly addicted to Harry Potter FF, I may even try my hand at writing one or two...eventually.

Anyway, continuing... I also read a lot of business management books because I do have a life outside of Twilight and FF (albeit grudgingly at this point). I am finally a few classes away from my first college degree and will be moving on to the next degree level soon after. Any teenagers out there reading this, my one piece of "Life" advice to NOT put off college. It is really hard to go back after being in the 'real world'. The real world sucks and will throw all kinds of curve balls at you, trust me...go to college while you still have mommy and daddy to fall back on. College+kids+husband+work=getting addicted to weird things thanks to your daughter . tastes...DISTURBED!! God, I love that band. And Godsmack...jeeeesus...Sully's singing voice does things to me that should be illegal. I am a child of the 80s so I love all that 'crap' (as my daughter calls it). My tastes naturally fall to the rock/metal/alternative realm. Def Leppard is the bomb, just so you know, go listen to "Bringing on the Heartbreak" and tell me it is not the best song ever! But I listen to just about anything EXCEPT Country and Rap...there a very few of these two genres that I will admit to listening to.

FanFiciton has warped me...if you haven't already caught on, I will reiterate - I am addicted to Twilight. I have converted nearly all of my friends and most of my work colleagues, including my boss and (vicariously through her) her boss (a STRAIGHT guy no less) to become addicted. I spouted the virtues of this story as one of the all time greatest love stories, up there with Romeo and Juliet, and convinced my husband to watch the movie with me (even though I HATED the move). I thought that the love story between Bella and Edward had no equal. So tell me why, after less than a week of FF addiction am I now a devout Team Jasper member? I only want to read stories where Bella and Jasper end up together; and have decided to write my own FF story pairing them in the end. (Coming Soon) UPDATE - still love me some Jasper, but have discovered other awesome pairings out there as well (look at my faves list). I have discovered that I really like wolf imprinting storylines!!

Another recent update - me and my smutty tendencies have led me down an alternate route to get my Twilight FF fix...Bella/Carlisle. OMG the thought of doing your hot boyfriend's equally hot father!! :) See...smut. If it weren't for gutters, my mind would be homeless.

I have been warped beyond repair!!

Parting shot...November 20, 2009...will be there at midnight. And if this director doesn't do better than the last... I will go postal. (At least get Kristen Stewart some acting classes in SARCASM...Bella is supposed to be sarcastic people!!) Update - used a gift card I received for being good at my job to purchase 4 unrestricted AMC movie passes. One guess at what they will be used for!!

10/9/09 - My first two stories have been uploaded. Please be gentle!!

There Is Another Someone:

Re-casted Cullens. Rosalie (Olivia Wilde). Esme (Rachel McAdams). Carlisle (Luke Flynn).

Re-casted Bella (Kat Dennings).

Werewolves. Embry Call. Gabriel Larson (Brandon Barash).

Humans. Cole Evans (Robert Buckley). Julianna Evans (Tasmin Egerton)

Vampires. Damien (Nathan Parsons).

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