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I truly believe that, beauty is a part of intelligence itself.

I'm Angel. I love reading and I adore writing. It's all I do on the computer, and practically all I ever give my attention to.

DOB: September 8.

AGE: I'm old. Really old. Like, 84. xD (HAHAHA. Angel is 15.)

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Reading Fanfic, writing stories, reading stories, listening to music, singing, playing the guitar/piano, use the PC.

HATES: A lot of things, and a lot of people.

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT ME: I'm little Miss Congeniality. I'm pretty. Yess. Very pretty in a non-goddess-like way. XD I hope to awe you with my vanity. XD There isn't much about me. I'm outgoing and I love to sit down alone with a really really thick book to read. Oh yes, no book in the world can bore me.

I'm a singer, I love to sing. It gives life to the world around me. :3

I have a boyfriend. I love him like cherry blossoms in the middle of winter, and I miss him like HELL. :(( He's smart, and has all of the things I longed for in a guy. Most of my inspiration come from him. (I see Yoh Komiyama in him. XD That's why all my fanfics about Yoh are a complete success.)

I sincerely thank you (wonderful person, you.) for dropping by to read my profile. It's a little short, since I only just entered the fanfic thing, but I'm sure I could make new friends that share the same hobby as me once I start to adjust. I don't wanna bore anybody's screens with my unnecessary blabbery-ness. (NOT. A WORD.), So I'll end my introduction here.

I'm a FILIPINA. Yes. I am Asian. I'm not white, I'm tanned, but yeah, I'm still sexy! XD I don't have blue eyes, I have dark brown eyes. XD And, I'm proud!!

Read my stories and leave reviews, onegai. Domo arigato! :))

If you're reading Frog Princess, then you're probably waiting for an update. Yes, I'm having a slight period of hiatus on that. I'll update once I get the chance though. I'm just busy with other things (ahemSCHOOLahem.). Leave reviews though! :)

Visit my blog and listen to all my rantings. It's the only place where I never forget to update. XD


"I'm crazy, yes, I know. That's my alter ego."

"People that are really very weird get into sensitive points that make a great impact in history."

A/N: I was bored. It look me like, 10 minutes to write? LOL. :)

Willow Tree

Oh willow tree how well you stand,
All beautiful, tall, and grand,
In the mouth of a forest you gently lean,
Across a sky blue glittered stream,
Your leaves so green show dazzling grace,
Shading my eyes as I stare your face,
With branches thick you carry a ton,
Up so high you gaze at the sun,
Enchant me with your living charm,
Keep me sheltered, away from harm,
Right beside you I will kneel,
Close enough for me to feel,
The texture of your light brown roots,
Wrapping around the ground it suits,
Unlike a normal willow tree,
With you I'm calm, relaxed and free,
Yet willow tree your only imagine,
Just a make-believe I'm trapped in,
So as I close my eyes and lie,
On the ground where you'll die,
I hope to wake from my sweet slumber,

Oh Willow tree how well you stand,
You're beautiful, tall and grand,
By a stream you gently lean,
Though you were only just a dream,
You were something I thought was more,
A friend I started to adore,
I won't end this, for it just began,
I would like to see you in dreams again.

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