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I’m Penn.

Castell Penn.


Seventeen going on Eighteen. Darn you, August birthday.

A bit of a chess-metaphor geek, which is why half my stories are directly named after moves or chess problems… Thank my uncle, perhaps.

A big geek, in general.

Oblivous and genre-savvy at the same time. It works... but, then it doesn't.

Also a huge Phineas and Ferb fan, as well as a fan of Danny Phantom, Cats Don’t Dance, Doctor Who, The Muppets, and the various and many Disney and Pixar Films. (Which, expect the obvious and above list to be written about.)

Currently playing around with a human!Perry/Doofenshmirtz centric series, with many-obvious-shout-outs, aditional stories in that universe about Pinky, Peter, Cora (Agent C), Everett (Agent E), younger!Doofenshmirtz, yearone!Perry, Roxanne/Lawrence (... ya know. His first wife?), and Zac (either a play on that strange 'hallucinogenic Zebra in Candace's head', OR, mind you, the actual Agent Z. Maybe both. Sounds fun. Which I'm seriously thinking about writting...); as well as possibly parodying the Agency's insanity and Perry and Doofenshmirtz's relationship in the TV series as much as possible...

Also writing about ponies now. It's a small "fix" fic for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Let's add two years to their age, and make them a touch more realistic... a less shallow, shall we? Woo-

Laughing at I-Wanna-Be-The-Guy/Girl/Fangame let's-players.

Reading your DW, P&F, ST '09, MLPMIF, and PL fics, btw. Congrats, if you can figure out which series I'm mentioning by monograms aloneeee. You get a bottle of snapple. .3

Playing Professor Layon and the Diabolical Box. For the sixth time, trying to find everything.

Working with something of a Doctor Who one-shot. Mostly Jenny-centric, plus 'In memory of Ten-ant'. Might just become a series of it's own, maybe.

Huzzah-ing over the fact that is SUMMER-TIME with my dear-friend Balrog.

Gleefully trying to find a Super Paper Mario fic that will display Count Bleck as a Unreliable Narator, who refuses to add on 'SAID COUNT BLECK,' when/because he totally already said so.
Reiteration is unneeded. =D

Going to write it if I can't find it. Just for fun.

Writing it. Hell, yes~

Blowing up horrifically bad fics across the internet anonymously. With penguins whom have aquired bazookas for the cause of literacy!

Considering if I can fake being British when writing. ... It's not workinggggg.

Doing a little too well in the fake-German department. (Hum. Curse you Perry the-)

Fond of Pandas, and their 'I've jokingly stolen your Nemesis' ways, actually.

Waiting for Heartgold and Soulsilver. Waiting impatiently.

Going to dash the above. -grins- Being beat up by Red's level 80 Pikachu.

Hugging Dashell the Pixl.

Now filling this list with strange pointless things.

Writing Fanfiction no one will ever read. Selfconciousness will not allow it to be published on the Interwebs!

Doodling, writing, or procrastinating, more than likely.

Debating if Matt Smith can do as smashingly as David Tennant.

Happily noting he's not doing bad.

Squealing over the 'Dalek Power-Rangers'.

Playing chess with an invisible man.

Rolling my eyes.


Going to assume this is the last pointless sentence.

Wrong though.

Going over Christie-Time! ... I mean, reading about the twenties to the thirties in History.

Singing showtunes. ... no seriously. Mhnnn. I'm defyinnnn, graaaavvv-eee-teeee...

Going to let you check out my... probably empty page, Hmn...


Phineas and Ferb


Flickers :
Drabbles and a couple shots in the dark usually pertaining to my other series. Or ideas for other series I just haven't elaborated on...

??? Universe - Polaroid photos, music centuries ahead of its time, and fedoras. In a timeline hardly coherent towards our own, the motley cast of P&F characters struggle with their own ideas of the meaning of life, love, ethics, society, and the American dream.

Snapshot :
Arc One of a (currently) unnamed AU story that's totally romantic and weird and dark, and focuses on photography, and hell if I know how to describe it. Perry/Doofenshmirtz, hints of Karl/Peter, past Heinz/Charlene, Vanessa/MysteriousPenpal. (srs?)
[ IN-PROGRESS, Outline, Two-of-Eleven Chapters. ]

Broken Lenses :
Arc Two of the same unnamed AU, still dark, romantic, and weird with a lota odd love for photography. Ferb/Phineas, hints of Perry/Doofenshmirtz, Vanessa/MysteriousPenpal (srs.), Linda/Lawrence, past Lawrence/Ferb's Mom, Buford/Isabella.
[ IN-PROGRESS, Outline, One-of-Eleven Chapters. ]

Mates Universe - Chess and those deeply involved in the endgame of their own choosing. More Fedoras, some mobsters, and love. Mostly focusing on an always-human!Agents sort of timeline that closely resembles the original P&F.

En Passant :
Rewriting, dangit. I still love this idea and will vehemently stick to it. Perry's sophomore year at the Academy goes a little wacky. Perry just won't say he's in love...
[ ON-HOLD, Outline. ]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Destined Universe - A mostly faithful to the original series. Heavily focused on the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their adventures as they grow up, change, and find what they most want; all while fighting mysterious forces that threaten to tear apart pony kind... Overshooting Arc, slow building stories.

Destined Crusaders: Awakening :
An introduction to the cast of Destined Universe, a lighthearted tale that brings together eight ponies, and slowly shows that they're all far more capable of friendship, leadership, magic, and love than they initially imagined. They attract the eyes of an unknown threat, and play a dangerous game...
[ IN-PROGRESS, Outline, Five of Thirty Six Chapters. ]

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