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Ohayou!! I am Sa-chan, the Queen of the Humanoids!!
(In case you don't know, humanoids are human versions of non-human characters.)
I'm a teenaged fanfic writer with an abundance of odd and random quirks. (Aren't we all?) I love drawing and Manga, and shounen-ai!! *fangirl squeal*
I am really uber-obsessive, and right now my obsession is TLK (The Lion King). TLK has been my obsession for quite a few years, but after FN( Finding Nemo) came out, that became my obsession for a while. I even made a whole set of humanoids and started a fanfic from it. But now that TLK 1 1/2 came out (*snigger* Get it? 'Came out'? *is stared at* ...nevermind. -_-;; ) , TLK is once again my number one obsession.
If you haven't seen that movie yet, DO SO NOW!! It's SO CUTE!! *dies from the cuteness*
Anyone who's seen it simply can NOT tell me that it's not shounen-ai. IT'S SO UNBELIEVABLY BLATANT!! *hyperventilates* Okay, I'm okay now...


I finally joined deviantART!! Huzzah for me!! View my uber-cute pic of Tim, s'il te plait. Copy and paste the URL!!

Along with MDfan, I am now second-in-command to the ATDTQN, or Alliance To Defend Timon's Queer Ness. Our group is led by Dark Ash, aka Ashu-kun. If you're one of the surprisingly high numbers of Timon/Pumbaa shippers, contact Dark Ash and join the freak's revolution!!


The FN Humanoids

Niro - A six-year-old boy with orange hair who gets kidnapped and is held hostage in a military camp.
Marion - Niro's overprotective father who goes on a search for his son.
Dora - A ditzy blue-haired woman with short-term-memory-loss who helps Marion on his search.
Girou - A Gothic guy with a rebellious nature who's determined to break his friends out of the military camp.
Peace - A quiet, reserved woman with pink hair. She's very intelligent and has a passion for reading.
Blake - A chubby punk with spiky blonde hair and an explosive temper.
Gagaru - A little purple-haired germophobic boy with a loud mouth.
Debbie - A cheerful girl with dark blue hair, and a 'twin sister' named Florence.
Bobby - A hyperactive bubble-obsessed and somewhat dense blonde boy.
Jack - A red-haired French man with obsessive compulsive disorder.
Neil - A clumsy but big-hearted amateur pilot.
Chaz - A seventy-year-old surfer dude with a laid-back outlook on life.
Skye - Chaz's hyperactive fast-talking grandson, who's already a great surfer at the age of six.
Buru-su - The friendly but slightly skitzophrenic leader of a small Alchoholics Anonymous group.
Andy - One of Buru-su's friends, and most devoted to the AA program.
Chet - The third member of the AA group. He's clever and cynical, and he detests cheerleaders (who think they're so cute!).
Mr. Raymond - Niro's whimsical science teacher.
Ted - The obnoxious leader of Niro's three friends.
Sheridan - A little curly-haired boy with terrible allergies.
Pearle - The pink-haired girl of the trio.
Carol - Niro's deceased mother who lost her life to a burglar's gun.
Sadie Pleakton - The local know-it-all in Niro's town.
Chuckie - Was killed in boot camp at the military base.

The TLK Humanoids

Simon - His father was murdered when he was a boy, and he seeks to avenge that death and find his identity.
Nahala - Simon's childhood friend who eventually helps him avenge his father.
Kizuato - Simon's uncle, the classic 'tall, dark, and handsome' villain, and committer-of-fratricide. ('Kizuato' is Japanese for 'scar', by the way. ^_~)
Shaina - Kizuato's number-one henchman. She's the leader of the trio, and the smartest out of all of them.
Bani - Shaina's loudmouthed sidekick. He's a big complainer with an even bigger temper.
Eddy - The third member of the trio. He rarely takes anything seriously, and can laugh at just about anything.
Tim - A quick-witted red-haired boy with a motormouth and a carefree outlook on life.
Paul - Tim's "best friend." He's sensitive, friendly, and charmingly clueless.
Zasi - The pompous blue-haired messenger boy and 'majordomo' of Simon's father, Mashaka.
Rikiya - An old, wisened medicine man who's cheerful, optimistic, and just a little bit crazy.
Mashaka - Simon's father. He was a brave and responsible man before being murdered by his younger brother, Kizuato.
Sarali - Mashaka's wife, and mother to Simon. Even after his death, she always remained loyal to Mashaka.
Sarahala - Nahala's mother, and best friend of Sarali.

The TLK 1 1/2 Humanoids

Ma - Tim's mom. She only wants the very best for her Timmy-kun. She's constantly fixing his hair, and she likes to hug him until he explodes.
Uncle Matt - Tim's uncle. He's a paranoid Korean War veteran who's convinced that everyone he doesn't know is working for the CIA.


Marion: Hey, that duck was about to charge.
-Marion taking Niro to school, from NWM

Chet: Oh, look at me, I'm a flippin' little cheerleader, lemme flip for ya! Ain't I somethin'?
-Chet at the AA meeting, from NWM

Shaina: Why don'tcha hang around for a little while?
Bani: Yeah! We'll play 'Simon Says'!
-Shaina and Bani, from the humanized TLK

Tim: We can't adopt him! This is Florida!
-Tim, when he and Paul first find Simon, from the humanized TLK

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