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Hi, My name's Dylan, and I... write stuff, most of which isn't really all that good, to be honest. no, really, it's terrible... leave, lest ye be damned forever!

But I don't always upload.

In fact, until... the 27th of October, 2009, I had never uploaded a story to, not to mention any other fanfiction community I am a member of.

The account was there... Alone and unused, with the forgotten promise that I would fill it with epics...

And then... University began, and I had a LOT of free time.

Nuff said, eh?

I love the idea of having my stories reviewed, but I don't really mind if you do or don't, since I often forget to review people's stories... I just write to pass the time, and because I like putting characters through their paces.

I do tend to have a bit of a God complex in my stories, where my characters accidentally meet me, the writer of their universe... I've been trying to avoid that in all the stuff I intend to upload.

Small note: I post everything as M, simply because I do have a tendency to allow my characters to swear or think rather... sexual thoughts about other characters. In fact, I actually allowed a character to have pedophillic thoughts once, then realised the age of the character they lusted after, and had to get rid of that story...

Edit: I don't do this any more... I do suggest you veer to the side of caution with my stories though... I do go through sexual themes, internet memes from cruel hives of scum and villany, talk about demons and the non-existence of God a lot... I'm an atheist by the way. So don't peddle your God-crap on me, pusher!

In terms of pedophilia in my tales... If they're consensual and willing and not brainwashed by an evil sorcerer, it's probably okay. To be fair, this is my approach in real life, and being a 18 year old at the time of writing this, I would have no qualms over banging a girl who was 16 or over, since they're mature enough to be able to think at an adult level. Presumably the age will increase correspondingly as I age, until I reach 20, at which point there will be a relentless lust for 18 year old girls, presumably, since they'll be the youngest I can go. This would probably stop when I'm beginning to go grey. actually, I think I'll stick to roughly my age. It'd be creepy to have sex with a girl who's young enough to have been a baby or even not born within my memory of my life, which actually goes from my 5th birthday through to today, with a great deal of gaps. Admittedly, if I'm drunk, I won't care what gender or age you are... Actually, I barely care about gender... I loves teh pussy... and is curious about teh cock. And yeah, so there you have it. an analysis of my sexual mind. now, where was I? ah, warning you about my stories being 'Very Naughty Boys', ala Life Of Brian...

This is because I treat them as real people...

On 8:35, 29/10, I finished my first uploaded fanfiction, Dylan Parry: Slider of Reality.

I might return to that story one day... damnit, song in my head... "one... day... my prince.. ess will come... blah blah blah blah blah blah" I can't remember the words beyond that, just the tune.

Btw, ever notice that there's no PRINCESSES riding noble steeds trying to rescue men? Typical women, eh? It's the MAN's job to go and fight dragons and whatnot, but if a man thinks it's a woman's job to cook dinner, he's suddenly sexist!

You go and destroy a 400 foot tall, 1900 ton beastie that can breathe uranium fire on you, and then say I'm sexist...

note, I'm really really not that sexist in real life, I'm just joking around from the perspective of a middle-age knight who's almost learn how to act normally in modern day society...

Durr I am an idiot. I just spent a week trying to find out why I couldn't access my account, when I could still log in, then I realised just now that I was using an old account that I had forgotten about. That one is just called dyldo... might put any fics I'm not proud of on that one...

Been writing a bit, but my current story doesn't really class as FANfiction... My incompleted Death Note story might stay incomplete for a bit... I've been having some trouble writing in L... And I kinda lost my Death Note DVDs as a reference and... yyyeaaah.

My World Ends With You fic is ALMOST a continuation of the Slider series, except that I have no memory of my previous tales. If I return to writing stories with me in them, then I might make that a regular occurence, where he has to 'unlock' memories, only to have them deactivated every now and then by a boss.

To use a word off that dude on South Park. "m'kay", I wish I had planned this out a bit more.

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