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Name: Not Important.

Age: Old enough to do anything i want.

Gender: Male.

Likes: Smoking, reading, sleeping, eating, playing games, general laziness, drinking, finding new anime to watch and a good emotional ending.

Dislikes: Heat, crowds, stupidity, family, drugs(illegal), bugs, heights, major plot flaws and crap endings.

Favourite Anime/Manga: Black Cat(not the gay marvel one), Code Geass, D.gray man, Darker than black, Death note, Fullmetal alchemist, Naruto, Ouran high school host club, the familiar of zero and Tora dora.

Uuumm. . . yeah i have no idea what the hell your supossed to write here so i'm just gonna put a few of my thought and rants down k.

Sasuke Bashing.

While I am personally guilty of supporting this I now find it both childish and boring as when you think about all the reasons why everyone seems to hate him you find there not all that bad and are certainly understandable.

Just to prove the point lets quickly go through the major reasons the first obviously being him betraying Konoha for power. Now my first point is what if someone slaughtered you entire family and friends then made you watch it over and over again for seventy two hours you wouldn't want revenge of course you would and would you care how you got it I know I wouldn't. If i had to chew rusty nails for a month while drinking vinegar for the chance at getting my revenge for my family I wouldn't even blink.

The second most obviuos resaon is his attitude towards Naruto and superority complex well both of these have been completely over blown by fanfiction as if you actually read the manga you'll see that he actually admits that he always saw Naruto as an equal as he was constantly meassuring himself against Naruto. Also when he was fighting both Gaara and Orochimaru he said that he wouldn't allow anyone else to harm his precious people again and while he did act like a smug jerk it wasn't completely unjustifeid unlike a certain loud mouth blonde. He was the genin of the year an has constantly shown high levels of skill so lets all grow up when your good at something everyone flaunts it and I can't believe how hypocrytical some people are, while they hate for Sasuke for acting all smug superior they love Naruto while he's constantly boasting about his non existing skill and lets face naruto has only recently become skilled.

Another thing that people seem to constantly assocaite with Sasuke is him being an emo who is always broading, uh HELLO his entire family was mascred by his brother then said brother mentally tortured him what the hell does someone have to go through to deserve some slack. Kakashi has been broading for over a decade but everyone soon to forgive him but sasuke no, this is the one point that annoys me the most for some reason everyone seems o be under the assumption that if your completely alone after watching your family get buthered by your older brother you should be fine after a few days. Sorry that not everyone can burry there emotions deep down below the surface and then cover it up with a stupid grin like an idiot.

The last point i'm gonna bring up is that everone seems to hate him for his talents and his sharigan, so lets break this down he spends every waking moment training and advancing his skills but yet he doesn't desrve them because. . . nope can't think of a reason why if someone devotes there whole life to training that they should be called arrogant prick who only copies his skiils. That brings us nicely to the next part so Sasuke is a weak copy cat who only steal others abilites right there's no other ninja that copies everything he sees no copy cat ninja but wait hasn't Kakashi copied over a thousand jutsu huh I wonder why no one ever seems to call him pathtic. Finally he depends on his kekkai genkai unlike the entire Hyuuga clan or Itachi and Kimimaro plus Madara so yeah he's the only one who depends on a exremely effective weapon that would give you an edge in pratically any fight.

So there you have it Sasuke is hated for no apparent reason when you look at it reasonably and what I am no personal fan of his i don't hate simply because he's a threat to the main character so just think next time you start bashing someone for the sake of it and if you bash let it be Sakura as she didn't win a single fight in the whole series of naruto and until Shippuden she had actually no skiil to speak of.

Chakra Rant.

Okay this seriously annoys me why can't people understand that no one beside the owner of the rinnegan or someone with five hearts can use every single type of jutsu. Practically every fic naruto uses every type of nature manipulation and it just completely ruins the fic, everyone has a least one type and most jounin have at least two and no one can use all five without special circumstances like five hearts. The rinnegan allows the user to use of six types of nature manipulation exculding ying-yang now what would make that so special if everyone could use any jutsu and why would Kakuzu need five hearts so for god's sake pick two or three and stick to them don't have naruto use any jutsu that takes your fancy.

Super Chick Rant.

I am sure i'm not the only one to notice this but in every single fic where a strong Naruto he paired of with someone that person immedaitely becomes of equal strentgh and is the only person who can control him. Why is this how come Naruto has to be with an equal why can't he devolpe without some serious cocky arrogant bitch marching up and putting him in place by smaking his head it annoys me think about if some strange women walked up and tried to hit you wouldn't you defend yourself or at least advoid?. But nope Naruto is always getting beaten about when ever he steps a toe out of line or even when he's not and why do they all have to be so confident even Hinata seems to go under serious personality changes before finally ending up with Naruto thus the fic looses all it's charm.

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