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9th April 2012

I'm 21 and a half years old exactly today and it's that time again - holidays from university and I'm bored therefore Fanfiction will rescue me :) Yes I should be revising for my finals but my hand hurts and I have a blister from too much writing so phooey to you revision! Nothing more to say really. Oh apart from, my favourite quote of the moment from the beautiful film that is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:
"It's not been what I expected" "Life often isn't, but I find that it's then that there's the good stuff"

19th July 2011

Ok, I don't want people to get too excited but we could well be back in business over in PlanA corner. Basically I got reading over the Summer - Time Traveller's Wife, The Lovely Bones and One Day (the first and last I highly recommend - brilliant books. Lovely Bones I found a little hard to get into the flow of). Anyway so I've been inspired to get back into writing and fanfic is a pretty good place to do it.

So fingers crossed I haven't lost my touch and there should soon be an ending to Consequences and also a brand new story which has been influenced by a certain fantastically spectacular film that has recently been released (I wonder what that could be).

Also I've decided that I want more anonymity and mystery so I've created myself a little writing persona :)

Name: Jane Phoenix
About: I'm almost in my twenties, that sounds very different from just being 20 don't you think? And I'm a student ... not really sure of what though, I mean I'm supposedly paying £3,325 a year for a degree in something or other but there is so much else you can learn for free so I kinda dabble in anything and everything that comes my way.
Writing is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me; not many people, if any, realise that I have any interest in writing, let-alone ambitions. It was something I hugely enjoyed as a child, I remember being read the Narnia tales and the Hobbit by my Dad when I was very little and then when I was 11 Harry Potter came along and took over my life so I guess this must've stirred something in me. I think that is what has partly contributed to the weird and wonderful things that my mind thinks up. I will say now that my imagination is highly overactive so I do get some very farfetched notions sometimes ... OK, a lot, I'm completely mad. Enjoy :)

P.S. This is a friend of mine's blog. It's rather good I think so please check it out - .

31st May '09 (my first ever bio thing - keeping for nostalgic purposes)

Right 'ello chucks.

Weirdly enough my name isn't Plan A, that is in fact, an in joke with friends. Relating to my boobs and John Barrowman, who we love :D

Anyway, I digress. I have very little intention of actually writing anything on here because I gave up all essay based subjects a year ago. Sorry. You never know though, might become inspired. Actually, a friend and I (omg, did I just use correct grammar?!) were once told by a strange, bearded, old, smelly man on a train that we should write down everything we said in a book and publish it, after he had endured (and strangely enjoyed) our trivial girl-talk for 40minutes. I think maybe he was very easily pleased, possibly a perv and by the looks of him, I'd say he didn't get out much: all in all, I probably won't be sharing my creative inner being with you all. To be honest, I am only here to read Doctor Who/Torchwood fan fiction and I have only registered so I can review it. There you go, you now know the truth ;)

P.S. If you'd like me to write something feel free to suggest it. I have a 3month break between college and university of very little to do apart from serve the wonderful British public at Waitrose (aha ahaha). Come to think of it, it may do me good to turn my boredom into something resembling literature. Wow, you never know, this may turn into something of a bright future for me. Here's to that.

Unlikely though :P

9th June '09

Quick question. If I were to use the word "wang" in the sex scene it would ruin it, wouldn't it? ;)

Right. New biography. Ignore the first two. That was the old me. This is new author PlanA speaking: I'm going to be writing quite a bit now I think. I really enjoy it and had a pretty good response to my first efforts so thanks. So now that I'm properly into this whole writing fandango I'll tell you more about myself.

My heroes are: Dawn French, Julie Walters, Kate Winslet, John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Craig Busch (The Lion Man), Julie Andrews, Sandra Bullock, Alan Rickman, Jodie Prenger, Penelope Wilton, David Tennant and J.K. Rowling.

10 9 and Half Strange Things About Me

1. I have a strange liking for older, stubbly men
2. It takes a lot to embarrass me. Ever since my friend and I were caught climbing over the wall to someone else' holiday apartment by the owners of said apartment, when we mistook it for ours, nothing has come close. Seriously.
3. I have a lot of OCDs. For example, volumes on tv/radio must be on even numbers, cutlery must be matching and I'm very particular about routines and keeping things in order.
4. I take my 5" Plastic Captain Jack action figure everywhere particularly since the man himself John Barrowman actually held it because now it has his essence on it :D
5. I take likings to things because I associate them with good times: music, places, films i.e. love Cardiff because my 3 visits there have been some of the best times of my life.
6. My intelligence is slowly ebbing away from me. Age 11 I was one of the cleverest, at 14 I got the top grades possible, 16 I was average, 17 years old I was baaad and at 18 I have returned to average again (because I worked bloody hard). Very bizarre.
7. I'm regretting putting '10' things because I'm running out of ideas. *changes to 9*
8. I always wear my "Be Happy" ring with 4 leaf-clovers on it on my right index finger. Since I bought it on the 15th July 2009 it has brought me some of the best times
9. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, good will come of bad, what goes around comes around etc.
9 1/2. I have two rats called Jack and Ianto. I have caught them kissing. True story.

PlanA: aww at Owen's tears
CFW: you want to kiiiss him ... on the mouth
PlanA: on the wang

PlanA: I don't like using the proper word for ... wang
CFW: me neither. schlong .. winkle, dingle, trouser snake
PlanA: haha unhelpful
CFW: throbbing bulge?

Cpn Jack: Rhys? Do'u fancy going out ... we need some disks for these things, should take about 20minutes?
Ianto: 30
Cpn Jack: 30!
Rhys: well the beans are nearly done
Cpn Jack: oh, the beans are nearly done
Ianto: bloody beans

Graham Norton: Now of course, John Barrowman's in it
David Tennat: yep, yep
Graham: And yes, he's told me some of the things you get up to in the Tardis?
David: giggles nervously ... really?

Nick: Well good evening PlanA
PlanA: I hate you all

John Barrowman: I'm still on PlanA
(Oh, if only he were :P)

CFW: I just saw a sign that said "Plan A because there is no Plan B"

Gwen: Do not bring my bloody hormones in this Jack Harkness!

Ianto: This is what I love about this job. By day you're chasing the scum of the universe, come night you're the wedding fairy.

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I'm the kind of girl who will burst our laughing in the middle of a dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.

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Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried to slam a revolving door

I'm going to live forever or die trying

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