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Sorry to any readers. This was a difficult decision, but necessary. You see Im a Christian. Yep, one of those. I love God. But for awhile, I lost my way, made excuses, and became very compromised. Compromise is an ugly thing that starts as something small, a little here, a little there. Until it utterly takes over your life and its this thing you find hard to change. But it changes you, your perceptions, your family and , lets face it, your walk with God, should you have one. HE found me, brought me back and forgave me. And all HE asked, is that I follow. So, giving up those things that make me unhealthy, Ive deleted my fics. I didn't do this in haste but with much thought. In the grand scheme of things, its really very trivial. HE was beaten raw and hung on a cross so I could know forgiveness. I deleted some fics and walked away from a fandom. I think HIS sacrifice was so much more. If and when I decide to write again, I hope it is the Spirit that guides me to the words.