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About Me:

Well..I am a fandom nut but no troll XD

I would so love to find movies/books/shows that DOES NOT eventually disappoint me. I am sad to report I have found only a few.


Colour: Black, Red, Purple

Food: Chocolate and anything baaaaaad

Songs: Anything that touches the soul


Stargate SG-1, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Revenge, Merlin, The Borgias, Moonlight, Supernatural, Xena:WP, Doctor Who, CSI:New York AND fanfics/fanvideos

Main Ships

The Vampire Diaries/ VD (Books): Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Jeremy/Tyler

My favourite OTP of all time is Damon/Bonnie. In the books, and the show. Considering the characters are so drastically different from their book/show counterparts they still fit each other. For me, all though I consider EVERYTHING that LJ wrote as canon, I prefer the original trilogy and the books where the show dynamics DID NOT seep into writings. Although I will always be thankful for the way Damon/Bonnie have been written together in their interactions *melts* On the show..well I get that they ARE different but still so perfect, no? He is an ass-hole and she is the snarky one that keeps his ass in place? A match made in TV-heaven. only convince the writers, mwhaha.

I confess I do not like SE in the books. Stefan comes across as too much of a sap and the writers are currently bulldozing any previous characterisation in the show (with both), so its SE-show nostalgia for me.

Granted they are not in the books..but woah is Jyler a fireball XD The intense looks, the sharing of info, the fight for (good I think now) makes me believe that Tyler & Jeremy are more of soulmates than any other relationship they have emabraked on. Watch thire scenes and not see the chemistry & potential. I dare you.

Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena/Ares, Lao Ma/Xena, Gabrielle/Aphrodite, Virgil/Eve

Although the show & fandom became totally dominated by X&G, I always found the complexity of this particular ship more intriguing and of an equal. I loved their sexual chemistry, their banter, their history and of course their potential. Funny, sexy and the mother of all kickass ships. Oh Spuffy? Xena/Ares did it first.

Lao Ma/Xena. I didnt expect to like this student/teacher combo as much as I did. The sexual attraction between the two, the way Lao Ma was gentle and guiding..Gah. Gabrielle/Xena just do not compare.

Again Gabrielle/Aphrodite I love cz of their mentor/student dynamic and UST. Sure, they were both bi, but I mean a bimbo Dite and bemused but talented Gabby? Good times.

Ok, so. Virgil/Eve, there is a lot of issues and normal couple-y stuff. I mean the vibes I got from them made me believe they would be a formidable couple.

Smallville: Chloe/Davis, Lex/Lana

Beauty and Bloome, need no intro. Entrenched in emotional/ethical issues, this had a bag load of POTENTIAL to counteract the tired formula of the show in its eighth season. Davis was beautiful, hot, smexiness that noticed the awesomeness and beauty of Chloe? It was A-MAAAZING. Each scene they shared together was magical, and fresh. Naughty thoughts did jump into my head. I regret nothing.

Even as a fresh-faced tween, I did not quite digest her angelic light. She was no angel. Like Lex (in the earlier years) with Lana, there was more than evidence of the dark shimmers bubbling beneath the surface, and when they came was I admit a shock. But like all my ships. They MAKE SENSE.

Charmed: Phoebe/Cole

The love that well consumed all. I do not believe for one second that Phoebe/Cole loved anyone as much as they loved each other. Granted, I like the fact that the writers did not try to turn Cole into this mindless good guy cz he was in love. The Charmed Ones were no angles themselves. It actually appealed to me much more that P/C dark selves used to mirror each other to a tee. And yes, I am still bitter at the way they went out.

Angel: Doyle/Cordy

blubbers* The dorky half-demon and the Princess? How could they not be for each other?

Merlin: Arthur/Morgana, Gwen/Lancelot, Merlin/Freya

Arthur/Morgana is one of my fave ships of ALL TIME. Watching the show, you would not expect such a dark, complex, angsty and unresolved relationship. And yet, despite all it is there. Season 1 which I am thankful for helped sow the seeds of some sort of bond because even though the show has DEGRESSED it IS more than obvious that the highlight of the show is the dynamic of Arthur/Morgana. Love or hate? But I still maintained that trust and hearts were broken. No backing down now *wails*

Ok, so I have a weakness for ships were the hot guy notices the OTHER girl. Lancelot fell head over heels and so did cautious Gwen. They mirror each other so beautifully that it hurts to see their end was so cruel.

Merlin/Freya. What can I say? The little time they had together made me ACTUALLY BELIEVE that Merlin was capable of a normal life away from the destiny-crap. They will make together again in Avalon *crosses fingers*

Doctor Who: Eleven/Amy

She freakin waited ok? And he went on a rampage.

Spartacus: Blood & Sand: Crixus/Naevia

This is a hidden gem in the shipping world. Admittedly, I prefer the season 1 version (not a fan of the recasting AT ALL). The actors chemistry, looks and the story. Gosh. It was flawless, so perfect. And then Lesley left -_-

True Blood: Jason/Tara

This ship is so underrated, it is not even funny. Yes, it is my OTP for True Blood. Because it is honest, rustic and has roots in the characters past. I still firmly believe that Jason did not sleep with Tara NOT because he was not aware that she was a girl but because SHE MEANT TOO MUCH TO HIM. It was his own acknowledgement that whatever he touched he used to eff up and sex was mostly mindless, physical to him. To sleep with Tara somebody he used to save/protect I do think he would not be able to take it. And when he found out Tara had turned? His rage on her behalf? Yeah, he loves her. A lot. And not sisterly. I mean they KISSED. And he told her the truth about Eggs because he did not want to mislead her.

Stargate SG-1: Daniel/Vala

Rarely has a ship made me fangirl so much. Or laugh so hard. Categorically, Jackson the geek and Vala the bad girl is a bad idea. But the path to true love is never easy *grins*

Supernatural: Michael/Mary, Dean/Nancy

When I say Michael yes I mean him in YoungJohn *le gasp* There was a little twinkle as he looked down at Mary.

The virgin and the womanizer? What could we possibly do with that? Hmpf..lets see *evil grin*

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