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A little note - I've wiped my account. All my old stories have been scrapped, and deleted off my computer. Any unfinished ones won't be finished. I'm having a new start to my fanfiction writing!

I'm starting new stories, and currently working on a long epic. I hope to start uploading this soon.

Finished Stories:

In Progress:

Title - The End

Fandom - Pokemon

Plot - in a post-apocalyptic world under the rule of a wicked Hydreigon, the Pokemon have been split into three groups - Outcasts, Heretics and Darkness. A couple of Outcasts - a Meowstic called Cleo and a Dedenne called Spark - are just two such Pokemon who wish to see the fall of Hydreigon's rule. A chain of events lead them to discover the start of a new Pokemon type. A type that shines a little light into the darkness...

A little about me:

I'm a girl, I'm Christian and I like video games, anime, and sit-coms. I go through fandom phases, but my main likes are Pokemon, Sonic and Death Note. I love writing and often write silly short stories for my friends alongside more serious stories. As such, a bit of random humour often enters my fanfics.

I'm PM friendly =)