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Hey y'all! This is the status is not quo! I'm glad that you've chosen to click on my page!

I would first like to ask you that you check out my main project at the moment. It's called FLIGHT. It's a crossover of the blockbuster smash-hit AVATAR and the Maximum Ride novels. I will be releasing a cover soon, and when it hits I will be sure to tell all of you who have supported this story by adding it to your list of alerts and favorite-ing it.

FLIGHT had started out as just an idea in my head on new year's eve. Just a little thought, 'What if Max wound up on Pandora?' It had made me go 'hmm' and continue on with my life. But that night I had an amazing dream that repeated in my mind for two weeks. Of not Max, but Angel going to Pandora first. I drew up sketches of older Angel, thought of plot ideas, became immersed in the world of AVATAR for days before I even started work on the initial rough draft of the first time that we see Angel–which sadly never made it into the fanfic and was replaced with our re-introduction to Max titled 'Things I Know'–or began to think of what adventures lay ahead for my little blonde bird-kid.

The initial problem I encountered was "How old is the Flock going to be"? At this time, Fang was still alive in the story and I wanted to have Angel already be on Pandora at the start of the fanfic. First thought in my head was that they couldn't be the same age. It wouldn't work. It takes almost six years to travel to Pandora and there was no possible way to get around that. Then I thought, 'Why not make Angel and the others eight years older?' and it seemed to work out for my storyline so far. It seemed absolutely perfect. Until I hit a bump in the road: Fang. It came to my mind that Fang would not be the type of guy to want to ship out to Pandora and risk his life for no apparent reason, same for Max. Then came Iggy's blindness and Gazzy's blatant disregard for the rules and regulations (which in my mind would only lead to something important to the plot getting blown to bits), and I got stuck. To me, only one solution came to me: the dysfunctional breakup of the Flock. Gazzy's on the run from the feds, Nudge dropped out of college to be with Iggy, Iggy's a billionaire weapons designer who got his eyes fixed (hey, if they can fix a spinal, they can fix a pair of eyes) and Fang…what about Fang?

In my mind, they were fighting, maybe even married, but fighting a lot. Living in separate places, not even talking to each other. It set a lot of things in motion: why Angel left for Pandora; how Iggy would be able to see; why Gazzy wasn't signing up for the journey; what happened to Nudge; and eventually led up to Fang's death. Now why exactly did I kill off the hunk of all MR hunks? I needed Max to have a chink in her armor. And nothing would do it better than a death. And I remembered: Angel said Fang would be the first to die. (haters of the fang=dead element, you've just been pwned.) So bada-bing, bada-boom we've just killed two birds with one stone: chink in the armor and a reason to go to Pandora.


Sparkling Angels

Cast List

Maximum Ride: AnnaSophia Robb

Fang: Steven Straight

The Gasman: Cole Sprouse

Iggy: Alexander Ludwig

Nudge: Madison Pettis

Brooke of the Volturi: Emma Roberts

Katy: Kate Mara

Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Shailene Woodley

The rest of the "Twilight" Cast is as seen in the movie


Cast List

Maximum Ride: Emily Browning (throughout)

Angel ("Angela Dorothy Ride"): Ayla Kell (15)/Emilie de Ravin (23)

Iggy: Jackson Rathbone

Neylana: Amanda Bynes

T'sy-ta: Taylor Lautner

Swxya: Sara Paxton

Other incorporated AVATAR characters are seen as in the film.

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