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Hello whoever you are! Here is some random info about me that you probably don't care about- but whatever, just freakin read it :P

Age: 15

Occupation: Uh... High School? (Sophomore)

Looks: Average w/ thick (and annoying) wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. I mostly wear sweatshirts and 70 percent of the time my hair is in a bun. I probably look like a hobo librarian but I DON'T CARE!!

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, tennis, swimming, ice-skating

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: White rice. I don't care if its a boring food its fucking delicious!!

Favorite candy: Twizzlers

Favorite drink: COFFEE (with milk and about a million packets of splenda)

Favorite place to be: Disney World!

Least favorite place to be: School :(

Favorite TV shows: Vampire Diaries and The Office!!:D

Favorite movie: She's the Man

Favorite cartoon(s): Flapjack and Spongebob

Favorite book: Twilight (duh)

Favorite insult: "Shut-up you poo potato." I know it sounds like a lame comeback from a 5 year old but it is very effective. If said to an enemy, they will stare at you in silence and not know what to say, giving you enough time to retreat. I actually have never said this to anyone outside of my family but that is probably for the best.

Dating history: None T-T

Family members: 6 in total; there's my twin sister (we aren't identical, thank god), my two younger brothers, my mom, my dad, and me.

Personality: I guess im a nice person. In school I'm really shy, sometimes awkward, and have no friends besides my sister. This will probably tarnish my image for my readers but i will be honest with you people, i am a loner. I am not saying this for pity points or whatever you would call it. I do have a best friend that i have known since the 1st grade so that's something. The reason why i don't have any friends is because of being shy and also because i have moved allot in the last couple of years. In the past four years i have moved to three different towns so its kinda been hard. Outside of school (at home) I'm like a totally different person. I'm always making jokes and goofing around with my sister and brothers. I think i have a good sense of humor which is the only reason why i am able to deal with my pathetic-ass life. Oh and i am really clumsy. Today i was just walking to the kitchen to eat breakfast and was being all "La de do la la" when i stepped into my dogs water bowl, slipped, and fell face first, kicking up the water bowl in the process and getting water all over the floor. When i tried to get up i slipped in the water and fell again.

Pets: I've got two Boston Terriers; Ricky and Lucy. The names were my moms idea. I think that Lucy might have been abused or something when she was a puppy because she has a really crooked tail and her back bends in weird ways that just aren't natural. She also she does this random spazzy thing with her tongue when she sleeps. It looks really creepy, she sticks her tongue in and out of her mouth and it twitches all over the place, its quite disturbing. We also used to have two little birds but one of them got the other knocked up so the pregnant one hatched an egg (which fell and cracked on the bottom of the cage- why she didn't sit down first i have no idea. I mean why would it give birth while sitting on a pole?). Then the girl bird died, the guy one tried to eat her remains, and then the guy one died too a month later. Thinking back, those birds were really stupid.

Favorite songs:

- "I Wanna" by The All-American Rejects:

- "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers: (kinda weird music video...)

- "Say (All I Need)" by OneRepublic:

- "Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park

Songs that remind me of Twilight (that aren't on the Twilight soundtrack):

- "Apoligize" by OneRepublic:

- "You Are the Moon" by The Hush Sound: (Sorry, there's no music video for this one but if you listen to the words i swear this song is EXACTLY like Twilight! It makes me think of Edward :D)

Okay that's pretty much it. Ah, one more thing to add; i really like love triangles and my lucky number is 15. But you probably already knew that...

And to all of my readers: THANK YOU!! :D

Bella's t-shirt:

Bella's dress:

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