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Well, um, my name isn't really Tobi ' but its close my code name or sumthing.

ANYWAYS I LOVE Twilight and Vampire Knight and Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist and Inuyasha and Devil May Cry and Sailor Moon. I watch more animes, but those are my top ones

Me and my friend are kinda obsessed with Yu Gi Oh right now. xD. I'm Yugi and she's my counterpart, Yami. Our other friends also have Yu Gi Oh names, but from ALL of the different series. GX, 5DS, and the normal one.

REGARDING MY PIC(cuz i want ppl to know something about meh by seeing da pic)-

its something i drew and it came out good so i just HAD to upload it...i edited it on PhotoBucket to make the hair pink and the eyes blue...originally it was light and reddish brown hair with purple eyes. My Photobucket account is now public...and i shall warn you...theres some scary shit in there. xD

So far I'm working on a Twilight and a Vampire Knight of them completed, the other on hold cuz Im lazy. And my personal computer(with all my downloaded fanfics and Craig Mabbitt pictures) recently got i might not get my files back. T.T

Well, um, I like music too. My favorite bands are Escape the Fate, Never Shout Never, Cute is What We Aim For, Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Saosin, BlesstheFall, The Word Alive, The Academy Is..., and a little AFI. Mostly I like punk rock music, not really that SUPER HARDCORE screamo crap that all they do is scream and you're like: What the heck are these ppl saying?! I only like screamo when I know what they're saying! Like i do not like Slipknot, ew no, get away! But then again I'm very random so sometimes you'll catch me listening to Selena or something. But there is one thing I will NEVER listen to: Hannah Montana.

If I had a Death Note I would kill her. Quickly and evidence-less, so everyone will be happy!

Books: Derrr, manga and da Twilight Saga! But of course the classic books of The Outsiders, Tales of Edgar Allen Poe(that guy is hard to understand but he rocks! XP), and those Scary Stories books. As long as I don't look at the pictures I'm perfectly fine!

I'm serious whoever draws those things knows how to scare the crap out of people.

People say I draw good but if I had to ask myself, I'm not so great. There are people in my school that are WAY better than me and they don't get noticed. -_-' And I can't draw like those Scary Stories...I would creep myself out.

Movies: Twilight. Kill Bill Volume 1&2(MUAHAHA BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD!! xD). The super old Disney classics, like Mulan, Lion King, Snow White, and of course, NEMO!

I have ALOT more fave movies but that would take alot of memory and space to list I rather not!

Hobbies: Ehh...drawing,reading,writing,painting,making fun off people on FanFiction(aka MIKE NEWTON),hanging out with my Yu Gi Oh freaks xD and throwing eggs at preppy people.

Some other stuff...:D


I don't rate them from the one I hate most and the one I hate least, I hate all of these things the same.

10. Random pairings

I absolutely HATE it when people put random pairings in a book. Come ON, people, Bella and Carlisle?! Charlie and Edward?! I'm serious WHAT KIND OF DRUGS ARE YOU ON?!Dont report abuse cuz I didnt write names, just expressed my opinions.

9. Non-reviewing readers

Ya, I hate them. I know your lazy, but do us writers a favor!

8. Writing things that we both know wont EVER happen

Like, Bella pairing up with Mike? Haha, you're funny! Seriously. I KNOW its Fanfiction, but don't stretch the limits!

7. Sex-crazed lemons

If you wanna write EVERY DETAIL of a sex scene, blegh, watever, but...please don't make them stick their tongues and fingers where they don't belong! I heard that some people here write that Edward puts his fingers inside Bella's...ew...I don't even wanna think about it! And we both know Eddy wouldn't do that! Do you think he's some perv?!

And I dont like stories that are SUPPOSABLY meant to be lovey-dovey but all the characters care about is sex. I mean, what about feelings?!

I accidently ended up in a rated M fanfic once...what was the name...? Blegh I forgot but I remember it was like, 11 paragraphs long and on the 5th paragraph they started removing their...under garments. Ew. Seriously. Gross. And when they mentioned the word BRA I immediately clicked out.

6. Wrong ratings

Like when you get into a rated T fanfic and all of a sudden you see NASTY WORDS and you're just like...dude, this is T not M! WTF?!

Or when you get into a M and it should be K+ or sumthing.

5. Taking the main theme out of a story

Okay, people, Twilight is Twilight, not any of that "Edward is an accountant and Bella is a teacher" crap, please. You think Eddy actaully needs a JOB?! And if he did, he wouldnt be an accountant! Seriously, Eddy in a bank? Wtf?

And we all know that Yuki isnt princess of anything. Her NAME may say so, but she aint. So please. Get real.

Twilight Vampire Knight, etc. should be like it IS and not be transformed into anything else! Vampire Knight=vampires, schools, guns NOT princesses, knights, and other crap

Twilight=vampires, jealously, love, humans, NOT bank workers, teachers, or abusive fathers!!

4. Characters created by the Author

Just, dont add people, ok? Stick with what they got-don't add yours. It sucks.

P.S. THE ONLY EXCEPTION was VampireWriter114, who created Kuroma something, who I immediately fell in love with. I'm a sucker for feminine dark-haired vampires.

3.Badly-written fanfiction.

Dont you go to school?! Grammar, puncutation, spacing, etc! PLEASE! You can text like that, but you cant WRITE like that!!

2. Mixing one anime with another

Okay, Yuki and Zero are NEVER gonna end up in that Host Club anime thing! Just, leave the Vampire Knight characters in Vampire Knight! DONT ADD THEM TO INUYASHA OR SUMTHING!! That is SUPER DUMB.

Sure, on mine's and my friend's roleplays we include EVERYONE we know...both real world and anime world. But its just for fun - not for actual READING.

1. Changing characters into sumthing theyre not

Title says it all. Dont try to make Yuki a dog demon or sumthing PLEASE. Or Inuyasha a ballerina. Or Mike Newton a pig demon or something equally stupid. And dont change their personalities either. Like Yuki smart, aware, and super-beautiful? Haha, since when doesnt Yuki's decisions cause something bad to happen? And if she was super beautiful all the Day Class foos would be after her.

And the reason the vamps(besides Zero) want Yuki is cuz she smells good. Supposably.

And I dont like KANAMExYUKI supporters. I dont like BELLAxJACOB, INUYASHAxKIKYO, and LIGHTxL supporters either. If you're one of them, GET OUT OF MY PROFILE NOW. Cuz you're gonna see things that you wont like!

Dont say I didn't warn you!

Reasons I hate Jacob Black (careful, I have lots!)

1. His supposed "superiority"

He thinks he's better than anyone. Haha, take a look at yourself you disgusting DOG!

2. Underestimation of Eddy's Love

He thinks he loves Bella more than Eddy. Wow, someone give him a copy of Midnight Sun!(Dont tell Stephenie Meyer O_O)

3. Underestimation of Eddy's Strength

Eddy can kick his ass anyday, okay. Remember that he can read minds, and Jacob isnt as smart as to think something other than is upcoming moves. And Eddy is the fastest too, so ya. And if it were in public, Jake cant turn into a wolf, and Eddy can handle himself so he can punch HARD, but not THAT hard, you get wat I mean? So, HA!

4. No control over the imprinting

What if he imprinted over someone that ISNT Bella and him and Bella were going out? Well, then I guess he's screwed, isnt he?

5. Der, looks

Okay, so a pale guy with good build and height and cool hair VS an exaggeratedly-huge guy with long and probably gross hair and smells like a dog? Ya it is referred that Eddy and the Cullens smell bad to the werewolves is because they're too sweet, not necessarily bad. So, wat would U pick?

6. No brain what-so-ever

Eddy has served Jake ALOT of times. Need to say more? I dont think so.

7. Immaturity

Mhm. He may LOOK old, but in reality, hes still a sixteen-your-old kid. And immaturity is gross.

Trust me, having to deal with two immature 13-year-old boys is a living hell. HELL.


Ew. Pervs are gross.

I have more...but I know some people dont wanna listen to me so I'll shut up

K well thats it for now...Ask questions or something...Or read meh favorites or meh written stories.

CAUTION:Written stories arent that good! :P


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