Pride and Indolence
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Before we get started, here's an orange for reading this~

Yes, an orange, 'cause citrus is good... in various ways. I agree wholeheartedly.

Alrighty then~

Ze bold is me, Genesis, whom u may also known as Irrelevancy, previously Grimoire Heart.

This account was made because...

Eh, explain your brilliant idea, Cali.

-crowd cheers-

First of all; Gen, mind editing my real name out of your account and stories and such? Thanks! No prob. Mind forgiving me about the bookmark? Eh, no difference. Guilt will still gnaw at me. (I still need to hit you for apologizing so much.)

Hello, the italics writing will be me, Cali. I'm also another writer under a different penname that I don't feel like showing, but my name isn't posted on my account, so congrats for finding it! Not that this is my real name. This account was made 'cause both me and...Genesis...used to write a lot on our own(even though Gen posted a lot more than I dared)(you really should post a lot of 'em tho), and now some of our ideas are coming from each other. Basically, every story on this account will be either by me or Genesis, coauthored by the other. They will be mostly one of our's writing, but inspiration and beta-ing will be courtesy of the other. And seriously, Cal, if you don't post some of your stories, most'll be mine with Cali's idea/inspiration/both. Like the Percy/Nico one. (I will! ...eventually...)

Hence, you'll probably be able to tell which one of us is the main writer. Gen's stories are the more descriptive, flowing ones (first I thought it said flowering~ xD) with - sorry, Gen - possible grammar mistakes(xD What can I say? It happens), and mine are the blunt ones with more action and less description, as I can't hold of anything resembling a scene description for longer than a sentence.(They're still awesome though.) Partially the reason I don't write in first many thoughts to include. (But that's the fun of writing!! x3 Like Honestly. If I edit out all the thoughts, I'd be left with only a page...)

Oh, and before I forget; Gen is Pride and I am Indolence. And, if you'll excuse the pun, I'm proud of that. BTW, if u ever get around to reading this, what exactly does indolence mean...? 2 lazy to dictionary it... besides, it's 12:37 at night. Who can blame me. (I can. If you don't puncuate properly. Lazy, Gen. It means lazy...-_- maybe we should switch names?)

Also, while Gen is...semi-normal, I'm a hologram from the future with extremely advanced AI, the ability to turn solid at will, and with plans to take over the world. I will succeed.

Unless Gen says 'no', in which case I will be forced to live a normal life, empty of sadistic dictatorship.

So that's pretty much it, if you'll excuse my mindless rambles. xd

These stories will usually be inspired by Cali's awesome pics - nonsymmetrical (totally awesome) doodles - (OMG, The Picture... drools...) (-bashes you over the head with the blunt side of an axe- Nobody heard that.)


Cliff~~ Don't you dare. -looks away, whistling-

SOOOOOO... if u are in any way interested in us, ze authors by ourselves, go to our damn profiles You forgot a period >.> (Maybe I purposely left it out... x3)

I'll add more stuffz later~~

As will I.

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