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Where the hell has time gone these days. Well it seems to be going down the drain... fast! I guess the mad house I live in helps pass the time. I've got more unreleased fics sitting in notebooks around my bedroom just watch out for them.

A Future in the Past: I need to start writing on that one but damn the writers block.

Just Surrender:I am going to try and update this one as soon as I can. Thanks for all of the reviews on it! This is the fic recieving the most support that I have!Finally 2 months later I updated it!!!!!!!

When the World Comes Tumbling Down: Pan and Trunks are expecting a baby but Trunks dumps Pan whenever she tells him so Pan turns to two of her best friends for support. Imagine Vegeta a racing type of guy. The LAST chapter will hold the biggest surprise.

Secrets Unvailed: I have posted and updated it recently. You might also expect another sequel about what happens in the present time when Pan and Trunks get married. I am going to end up calling these the Secrets Trilogy.

Fourteen and Pregnant~ A spinoff from When the World Comes Tumbling Down. This is the prequil to the story meaning it is a little before, during and after Marissa's pregnancy with Trunks' baby. It's mainly on how her fathers best friend, Vegeta is in and out of her life along with Gohan, Goku, Android 18 and Piccolo.

Tears from Hell~ After Gohan and Videl are murdered by a gang Pan goes out on her own in serch of a new home and the gang that killed her family. Along the way she falls in love with Trunks and his two best friends: Phoebe and Faith who have both been raped by the gang. Phoebe is a once very successful artist until her sister Prue is nearly beaten and raped to death by a vicious man. Grab your kleenex.

Soon to come:

Then there Was You: A Fic about Mirari Trunks and Mirari Pan and their struggles with life. Pan and Trunks meet for the first time shortly after the Androids die and Bulma passes. Pan is a young midwife and Trunks follows her falling in love everytime he see's her hold a new life in her hands. Due out in November.

13 Angels: A crossover fic about Pan who has retired from the CIA and started teaching at a local school with Bra and Trunks when her past comes back to haunt her.
Due out March next year.

Death Wish~ My first original fic about a crazed actor and a homocide investigator on the streets.

Well there is the low-down. Thanks Mom keep reviewing my stories!

SSJPan779: Most of the time there are small plays or acts at the end of chapters that I have set up so here is who these people are:

SS-Mars: My best friend, partner in crime and person who types and posts my stories for me because I don't have a computer.

SSJ2Bob: The Village Idiot and a good friend of mine.

SuperK: SS-Mars and my best friend!

SSJT-Baby: My 9 year old sister.

My acts may also include charecters that I use in my stories.

You all need to start going to visit SS-Mars after you read my fics because shes starting to get mad at me cause I'm getting so many reviews. I personally think her stories are better than mine so you all need to read her stories as well as mine!B.T.W! My fics have original charecters!! I had a complaint form a reader so if you don't like original charecters... DON'T READ THE FIC!!!!!

Here is also and idea of what I look like:
Age:15 D.O.B.:June 17,1988
Location: Hell aka:School
Hair:Auburn Height:5'10"
Eyes:Hazel ~they go from dark green to brown~
Get's wired off of:Orange soda and Dr. Pepper
Favorite actor: Vin Diesel!!! *drools* opps!!
Favorite game(s):American Mcgee's Alice and FF8
Names in my fics: Alice, Kelitria, Silver, Lea, Veronica, Riley, Theo,Chase and Marissa
Charecters based on SS-Mars: Jasmine, Jennica, Mia, Lauren,Jadea, Charitie, Tatiayana and Julie
SuperK names: Kellie, Kylee, Sage-Kristan, Andrea and Jamie
Place in line of brats:4th place of 10 brats
Best friends: SS-Mars and SuperK!
Favorite Movie: xXx
Favorite Book: stuff on FFN Favorite TV shows: Dragon Ball Z-GT, Inuyasha,Sailor Moon,3x3 Eyes,Charmed,Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho,Cowboy Bebop
Fave DBZ-GT charecter:Pan and Trunks Tied for first
Second Favorite DBZ-GT charecter: Vegeta
Fave SM charecter:Michiru/Michelle~Sailor Neptune~
2nd:Hotaru and Haruka/Amara tied
~Sailor Saturn and Sailor Uranus~
Fave YYH:Hiei
2nd Fave YYH:Yusuke
Fave CB:Faye
2nd Fave CB:Edward
fave colour: green!! green!! and did I mention green?
fave sibling: my brother Kyle and my sister Tia all of the other ones are evil!
fave charecter from my stories;
Independence Day~ Lea and Trunks
Blackmailing Secrets~Kelitria
A Future In The Past~Jasmine
Just Surrender~Pan
Fave pairing:Pan and Trunks obviously!
Fave phrase: "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Alice: American Mcgee's Alice
"Cheery people die first." Theo, OOH
"You see when I died they tried to send me to heaven but they wouldn't take me and so I went to hell but Satan sent me here after I tried to take over." Alice (PG)
"Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil... Didn't say anything about think and do no evil." Silver, OOH
Well I better go. Enjoy the stories I have posted.

Panny ~SSJPan779~

P.S.:I have 2 email addresses you can reach me at and

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Unexpected Occurrences by Midnight Passion reviews
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my world, my life by blonde-e1 reviews
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When the World Comes Tumbling Down reviews
When Pan informs Trunks that she is pregnant he ends their one years relationship. Pan turns to her two speed demon best frineds:Marissa and Julie for support.
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