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Hello I'm Rae aka 'Watchmehunt'05,I just recently started writing and just posted my first story.I know that right now I suck horribly!,But I also know that I will get better with every story I write.So please bare with me while I get into the whole writing thing.I've been reading Fanficts for about a month now and have been obsessed with everything Twilight since the movie came out after that I dove into the think I almost cryed when I read the last page of Breaking Dawn!but didn't we all?Anyway things you might want to know about me...Name Makaila but prefer Rae-Age15 in nov.-Grade 9th I'm home-schooled-Well that's all I can think of for right now you got any questions PM me.

Remember Even Roses have thorns.

Wow everything up there seems like it was writen crazy long ago!I've decided to leave everythig I post up here,like when I wan to change it.Like a Bog of sorts...anyway here we go at the new 'About Me'

Hey people:D.I am Rae...aka 'watchmehunt'05_Toxic_ or Chaos.Depending on what site your on.I started writing a while ago but it was sort of forced(thats why my first two fics sucked).Now I just write when I think of something so i'm a little better at the whole 'free flow' type thing...Anyways,I read ALL the time!Most parents threaten there children wiht taking away there phone of computer ,but not mine there like "Rae,I swear I have half a mind to take your book away!" or (this one is famous)"Clean your room or you can't buy a book!"Ha.Ha.Ha.I have read like 3 books since she said that lol.My room is still a disaster :P Oaky so I think i'm going to just post random facts about me?Yeah,That sounds good!Okay here we go:)

!Random facts about Rae!

1.I have 6 siblings

2.I have a twin her name is Destiny

3.I'm older:)

4.Ok so fact 2 is a lie :(

5.But there really is a Destiny and she gets called my twin all the time...

6.I really am older

7.By 9 days:)

8.I loooove smiles :D

9.I love Harry potter and have a account on Hogwarts Extreme

10.If you have one give me a shout

11.I'm _Toxic_

12.Most of my writing somes to me at 2:30

13.I've started titling them "Randomness at 2:30"

14.I ramble

15.As you can tell _

16.I say Hmmm... when I don't know what else to say

17.I'm trying to think of something else to say


I love ya'll so much Bigsqueeze Thanks for stopping by my little profile thing and remember...

Reveiws make me smile :)


Okay So I have anew story up and hopefully it will become one wiht chapters,I know right.Ya'll are all like "No way,Rae?Chapters?But shes the stuck on One-Shots!"Well i've decided that I want chappies,so chappies it is:D Go check it out its called "My New Life"

Pictures for my storys:D

'My New Life'

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Two Straws In One Glass Makes A Spilt Milkshake reviews
AU-There's no telling what I will come up with when writing this :
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