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Fall off a bridge, get a cold. Get hit by a car, sprain an ankle. It's the Wright way to live!

Now that I have your attention...

I take requests.

Oh, and if you think I'm taking too long to update my stories, don't be afraid to ask me to update. It actually motivates me, cause I'd rather write stories if I know that people are actually reading them :)

Now a little 'bout me...

Couples I go for (Sorry, it's messy):

AshXMisty (pokemon), JessieXJames (Pokemon), MayXDrew (Pokemon), DawnXConway (Pokemon), TraceyXDaisy (pokemon), MarioXPeach (Super Mario), LuigiXDaisy (Super Mario), WarioxMona (Super Mario), NarutoXHinata (Naruto), SakuraXLee (Naruto), ShikamaruXTemari (Naruto), InoXChoji (Naruto), AmuXIkuto (Shugo Chara), LukeXTear (Tales of the Abyss), GuyXNoel (Tales of the Abyss), TamakiXHaruhi (Ouran High School Host Club), LloydXCollette(Tales of Symphonia), ZelosXSheena (Tales of Symphonia), ClessXMint (Tales of Phantasia), SuXBarney (Three Delivery), NiaXSimon (Gurren Lagann), MomokoXYousuke (Wedding Peach), ZoeyXFrancis (Left 4 Dead), KagomeXInuyasha (Inuyasha), EdXWinry (Full Metal Alchemist)

Also, before I forget...

I can't take requests that are yaoi, yuri, or anything else disgusting. I just won't do it.

I don't mind taking requests that are about couples I don't go for. Like if you asked me to: "do something where Naruto and Sakura become a couple"

Obviously if it's a series I've never heard of, I can't do it. I'm not going to watch an anime, read a book, play a game, etc., just so I can fulfill a request.

If you want to battle me on Pokemon Battle Revolution, my friend code is 2365-0352-6586 :3

Here are some of the things I know:

Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Super Mario Series, Naruto, The Big Bang Theory, Shugo Chara, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tales of the Abyss, Spongebob Squarepants, Ouran High School Host Club, Powerpuff Girls Z, Tales of Symphonia, Three Delivery, Monster, Princess Princess, Gaiking Legend of Daiku Maryu, Honey and Clover, Bakugan, Chrono Crusade, Bleach, Gurren Lagann, Wedding Peach, How I met Your Mother, Bomberman, Left 4 Dead, Inuyasha, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

There's more, I'm sure. Feel free to send in any requests, even if it's not up there.

Music Career

I say "career," but it's really just my Tumblr account. In addition to writing fan fiction here, I also writer song parodies and "gender bender" versions there. When I post a parody, I post an audio file of myself singing, with some background track I found online. Plus I post the complete lyrics in the description. So if you want to hear me sing, or just check out my take on a song's lyrics, check out my Tumblr (using the same name of Shiftry-Chan)!

Art Policy

If you like my stories and want to draw a comic version, do a voice over, make it into a video series, whatever, then my answer is yes. :) All I ask is that you send me a copy (or link to) the picture, comic, what have you. I'd make all my stories into comics if I knew how to draw! -_- I can't really offer you anything in return except a "thank you" and a say-so in the future of my stories. So basically, feel free to make fanart, but don't expect anything in return! ;D


Other sites:

Crunchyroll: Dirteng

Quizilla: Ourangolf007

Bulbapedia Forums: Platina

Youtube: FieldsOfInsanity RoseQueen908

DeviantArt: Shiftry-Chan

Steam: 1big_Happiny_Family

Game Informer: SeadraSniper

Tumblr: Shiftry-Chan

I hope the rest of your day brings you happiness :)

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