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Zuenira: Hey there! :) and WELCOME to our profile! I’m Zuenira!

Azure: and I’m Azure, Zuenira’s twin.

Zuenira: Right! We are twins. This means there are two people using this account. We are not sure if that is allowed or not but we prefer to share accounts. We even share emails! Since I’ve always tend to forgot my password and even the email address itself in time. I’m a bit forgetful…

Azure: A bit? Don’t believe her. She always eats too much unhealthy food that it got to her brain, brainwashing every single thing she is supposed to remember.

Zuenira: Hey that’s not true!! I’m eating healthy things! Like vegetables! You don’t even touch those vegetables mom always cooks for us!! (points accusingly)

Azure: I don’t hate vegetables, I just dislike them. I can eat veggies anytime I want but I just dislike them. Why are they green anyways? Why not some more edible looking color? Green reminds me too much of internal juices (eg.puke).

Zuenira: That is not a valid reason you know! … Besides, what about you? You also agreed to share the same account because you too are unsure that you might forget your password one day!!

Azure: I already told you the reason when we agreed to share the account at first. You are so forgetful… (sighs) For the hundredth time, I’m just too lazy and demotivated to make another account and it would be just troublesome if a girl were to know that I have a private email. Ugh… (sudden flashback of memory) That last account was just too… weird.

Zuenira: (shudders) Be thankful I was there when it happened.

Azure: I already told you I was thankful after the whole incident was over. Heh, another proof that you are indeed are a forgetful person…

Zuenira: Hey! Be nice to your sibling once in a while, will you?! It’s not like–

Azure: Enough with your rant. Let’s just move on to our introduction… The ones who are reading this are not here to listen to your endless blabbering….

Zuenira: Fine! Fine! (clears throat) Sorry for that… That’s just how Azure acts.

Azure: (sighs) You are too stubborn to admit you are at fault aren’t you?

Zuenira: NO! And STOP cutting through my sentences!! I’m about to introduce myself here if you don’t mind!!

Azure: (looks away and shrugs) Just do it already.

Zuenira: Hmph! I really don’t know how we got to be twins! Identical ones even… (sticks out tongue at Azure) Anyways… Here’s my details:

Name: Zuenira

Age: I’m the same age as Azure.

Gender: I’m female! winks at the boys

Azure: Was the winking intended to be a flirting move?

Zuenira: Hey! I’m writing my profile here! Stop interrupting me!!

Status at fan fiction: I’m mostly into reading here… rather than writing but I’ll type in a story once in a while if I feel like it. BUT!! I’m more comfortable in reading other people’s work and reviewing them. I love giving reviews!! :3

Occupation: Still a student. No part-time job or whatever…

Pastime: I like doing all kinds of sports! Loves gardening and harvesting too!

Likes: Chocolates, my hand phone and of course the television!

Dislikes: homework… There are just too much of a burden.

Zuenira: Okay… a bit description of myself. I have-

Azure: Let me do your description. It’ll be much accurate if I did yours since you might just lie about some of your personality.

Zuenira: I don’t lie!! I improvise!! And no way! You’ll give the readers a bad picture of me.

Azure: (sighs) I won’t. Besides, if I did yours, you can do mine later on.

Zuenira: You would let me write your description? What if I ‘improvise’ some of your info?

Azure: Go ahead. I don’t really care. I’m too lazy to think about how my personality is anyway. Judging someone else’s behavior is much easier.

Zuenira: You wet-blanket. It’s not like I expect any other reasons anyway.

Azure: Let me start. Let’s see… Zuenira is pretty much a moderate looking girl.

Zuenira: HEY!!

Azure: (ignores her) She has a short fuse. Very forgetful. Likes chocolate too much that I can predict she’ll be having a high sugar-level if she doesn’t stop. Very forgetful. Doesn’t like shopping so much. Watches way too much dramatic lovey-dovey romance movie. Oh and very forgetful.

Zuenira: Why the heck are you listing all my down sides?! And you just said that I’m forgetful three times!! What the heck was that for?!

Azure: (ignores) Her academic performance is moderate. Cooking skills, moderate. Housekeeping, moderate. Budget controlling? She’s a huge spender. For some reason, I never saw her hand phone ever leaving her side. Even when she is asleep…

Zuenira: What?! Can’t you be nice for onc-

Azure: She’s a helpful girl though. Does communities service at times and also volunteers for public things. She does anything she can to help even though she had zero skills on that particular area. Her endless bickering might be hard to handle but she does that to keep people entertained. That’s all about I can say. Okay, I’m done.

Zuenira: …. You really think that of me?

Azure: (confused) I’ve known you the whole of my life… so yeah.

Zuenira: (tears of joy) Brother!! You are nice after all!! heads at Azure to give a hug

Azure: (side-step)

Zuenira: (hits the floor) That’s mean… but I don’t mind! You do think highly of me, don’t you??

Azure: I was just stating the facts. Don’t get your hopes up. Anyways, it’s my introduction now.

Name: Azure

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Status at fan fiction: I’m the one actively typing in stories. Truly. Though I’m not so active in reviewing but I do review and read stories that Zuenira says are my type. She knows me well…

Occupation: A student

Pastime: Anything that can ease me out of my boredom

Likes: Food?

Dislikes: Dancing. It’s a pain.

Zuenira: Okay… Azure’s details!! (snickers) He’s a wet-blanket. So lazy… and easily bored. He rarely does sports! I mean, who would dislike sports?! He’s such a lazy bum that I’m surprised he is not fat!! (huffs) He eats a lot!! Seriously, he does. You know during lunch time, he’ll always order three different kinds of meal! To top it up, he eats quite fast too!! It only took him ten minutes to finish everything off!! Even my friends and I haven’t finish masticating the food yet!! (takes a deep breath)

Zuenira: Even if he does eat a lot, he’s not fat. In fact, he looks skinny and he has a small body frame. But his BMI indicates that he is slightly normal. Hmph! He’s such a lucky man. He’s quite a teaser. He LOVES to annoy people and he always stay locked up in the bedroom, doing who knows what. He had learn various kind of things since he would do anything except for dancing and sports , in his bored time.

Zuenira: He knows how to cook better than me! Can you believe that?! He can even play the piano!! Sheesh… I’m a bit envious of him but hey, I’m much better in sports than he’ll ever be!! Heh. Anyway, he doesn’t really care for much stuff. Practically, doing things just for the sake of it. He also likes to take a nap whenever or wherever he feels tired or intensely bored. :P Lazy bum.

Zuenira: Also, he likes to wear hoods when outside. Note: He rarely leaves the house unless going to school. All of his shirts have hoods attached to it. Seriously, I think he really hates the outside world since he always covers his head with a hood when he’s not at home. Either that or it is just to hide that long hair of his. (snickers) Yeah, I think that’s the reason! He always gets mistaken by outsiders as a girl because of his small figure and almost shoulder length hair. He never wants to cut his hair… There’s a story behind that. You see... (continues blabbering)

(90 minutes later)

Zuenira: Hah! I’m done with your details!! (turns and to look at Azure triumphantly)

Azure: ZzzZzzZzzZzzZzz

Zuenira: Why the heck?! Wake up!!

Azure: ...huh?

Zuenira: Here, I’m done with your details. You can post it up at the web now.

Azure: That’s too long…

Zuenira: What?!

Azure: (sighs) Even your typing has your ranting in it… Look, I only made three short paragraphs on you. See? (points) Yours however… (scrolls down) Is nineteen pages long. That’s too much…

Zuenira: Hey!! I’m creative, what can I say?

Azure: I say… Let’s cut this whole chunk off. (deletes ten whole pages) There.

Zuenira: (shock) That’s too much!! And you left this sentence hanging!!

Azure: (sighs) Fine… I’ll just type this…

Zuenira: … hey!! What do you mean blabbering?! Those are not what you consider blabbering!

Azure. You are right. The readers won’t know you were ranting. So I’ll just continue by typing this…

Zuenira: 90 minutes later?? ….. You idiot of a brother!!

Azure: Call me whatever you want… I don’t really care.

Zuenira: You are so unresponsive!!

Azure: Then we are done with this profile, right?

Zuenira: (nods)

Azure: I thought so…


Doubtful identity

Author: Azure

Summary: It’s basically about Allen and the fourteenth Noah.

Progress: Still ongoing

Approximate chapter total: more or less than 12

Reflected Soul

Author: Azure

Summary: Mana is the beginning for Allen and the reason Allen continues to keep on walking. However, what if Mana never died when Allen was young back then? Will Allen still be an exorcist or just… Allen? Or possibly…

Progress: Ongoing. (I have absolutely no clue where this is going…)

Alternative twist

Author: Zuenira

Summary: The DGM realm as we know it is no more when The Earl Millennium is now an exorcist?! And the Noahs? Those aren’t the NOAHs!! Wait… they are? What about Allen Walker? EH? He’s a what?! This realm is way too bizarre…

Progress: Ongoing – slow updates on this one.

Just like a fairytale?

Author: Azure and Zuenira

Summary: This story is purely no sense and no plot. We made this to lighten up a bit when feeling a bit down. After all, whatever can’t humor heal? (even if just temporarily) Basically this story is about the D . Gray – man cast being plunged by innocence into different fairytales.

1st Chapter: Based on Goldilocks and the three bears, we call it the unscrupulous general and three unfortunates. This one, General Cross is Goldilocks. Who’s the three bears? Read it to find out.

2nd Chapter: Based on Alice in Wonderland, we call it: Allen in Lotusland. Obviously, Allen is Alice and Kanda does play a part since it is Lotusland…

Link for Kanda's picture from Allen in Lotusland:

Progress: Updated when feeling like it only. It’s just some kind of stress relieving fiction for the authors.

Now it can be told

Author: Azure and Zuenira

Summary: For Laven week submission. Zuenira is supposed to be in charge of this but for some reason Azure was the one who was forced into typing it. (Yes, Azure is not a fan of Laven but his sister is which makes him an unfortunate in this case…)

Progress: Left at Theme three. Considered completed.

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