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*A young woman steps from behind the curtain holding a staff in her left hand. She turns and notices she is being watched.* Um hi! *bows* I guess you are all wondering who I am and such. Well I can't say much with out spoiling my first story but I will tell you what I can.

Name: TwilightStorm (I have other names but I really don't want to list all of them right now), TS for short

Gender: Female (Duh!)^_^

Age: 2019 (atleast, I just happen to look 19)

Occupation: Currently A College Student

Favorite Color(s): Blue(most shades), darkgray, and silver

a wolf walks out* Are you finished yet.
TS: Nadur will you just be quiet for once.
Nadur: Oh come on! Do you honestly believe they want to know all this stuff about you. If they do they must be as crazy as you after your third glass of pepsi.
TS *looks over at readers nervously: Um Nadur. They can hear you.
Nadur: What? *looks at where TS is pointing and turns pale* Um I have to something. Bye! *turns tail and vanishes*
TS: COWARD!! Some help you are. Um anyways. I like Labyrinth, Sailor Moon, and Gundam Wing. I will probably eventually write fics for those but for now I am working on an original. Look forward to the next chapter of "A Guardian is Created" and a Labyfic. They will be showing up sometime in January (Sorry due to College classes it will be slightly delayed, till when I am un sure). Till then be patient and try not to hurt Nadur, despite his bouts of annonyance, for he is needed.