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I love being a shipper. Finding fanfiction was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

My husband on the other hand thinks I'm nuts. I just tell him it would be the same if I was sitting around reading a trashy romance novel. Only it just so happens my novel changes with the seasons, or my wonderful fellow authors emotions of the day.

Any who I just wanted to introduce myself.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I have pretty much decided to take the stories where I desperately wanted to see them go.

My pairings are:

Jack/Sam Stargate SG-1 (Rocks...I love, love, love Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping.)

Mac/Harm JAG (Only up to Season 7, because after that I just couldn't really stand the actors, or the characters for that matter.)

Auggie/Annie Covert Affairs (Can we say AWWW... I mean really they are just soooo cute.)

Booth/Brennan Bones (Oh I just love them.)

Fiona/ Micheal Burn Notice (Again just AWWWWW...)

Veronica/Logan Veronica Mars (Must say who knew that was such a cute show...well as cute as super sluething can be anyhoo...found this in re-runs on Saturday Soap channel...just too cute.)

Now I am so into One Tree Hill, I mean Peyton and Lucas OMG. They are just to grrreeeeaaaat!!!

I loved watching the special features for the Stargate SG-1 DVD's. Richard Dean Anderson is just sooooo, mmm, yummy. Yea thats the word. I have to agree with his motto or what he said "that was good someone write that down":

L.T.S. "Lifes, Too, Short"

But I could not believe when I heard Amanda Tapping say she did not think that Sam and Jack should ever get together. I know that in real life (Air Force Life) it would be impossible. But come on. Why can't we just have one fairy tale come true.

I mean take JAG for instance we wait around 10 years watching Mac and Harm grow together, then apart. Meeting other lovers, tearing each other apart. Growing back together, then of course because all is well in fanfiction world TPTB have to tear them apart again. Then when we finally think "Good they got their heads out of the sand ;) we will finally see some shippiness"...poof here we go again. Not to mention the dynamics was gone. And that ending...oh I hated that.

So I have decided after reading all these wonderful stories. I was going to try my hand at it a while. Of course then I tried downloading my story. Can anyone say ...aggravating... :( But hopefully I finally figured it out and will have better luck next time. I just wanted to thank all the wonderful authors that I have been reading. You people rock and I hope that you will give my stories a read, and let me know (nicely please) how I did. Again thanks for the Stories. ;)

And so on with the show...

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A Pond With No Fish by Rachel500 reviews
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