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Hi to all y'all!! XD

My name is Carleigh, and I have a dA and a Quizilla account! I'll give the links so you can see those, too!

Anyway, I have lots of ideas for stories and everything, so don't be surprised if I start a story, and then stop it. Though if you guys really like one that I don't have any more ideas for, please review or message with ideas. Maybe I'll continue it. I'm a major fan of Hetalia Axis Powers! So expect stuff from that! However, I do love other anime and will post stories about those, too. BTW, I'm not very good at catching character's personalities, so you should probably expect a litte, if not a lot, OOCness. I'll try to keep the canon characters as in character as possible (as I can). I'll try my best, and please, I hope you all bear with me!

I have tons of original ideas, and hopefully those will be up soon, too! Warning: I go very slow with ideas sometimes, so PLEASE be patient with me when it comes to updating my stories!

So far, these are the ones I have out:

Blinding Dark Secret: Work In Progress. I've been distracted and I've forgotten about it lately, but bear with me, I'm working on it.

Total Drama Vocaloid: Chapter three half-way done. I've, again, been distracted. But I'm working on this one!

Soon, I'll have out an original story called Plan E, and I'll also have a story out called My Days In The World Of Hetalia. I might have out other works, but I'm not entirely sure.

Well, I don't think I have much more to say. I guess it's time for the copy-and-paste thingies.

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I would put more of what off of my friend OokamiMori's profile, but I just don't wanna put things that are really deppressing on my profile, because I'm almost never depressed about anything!!

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for checking this out. I also have another account on a story writing site. I update there often (hopefully).

I also have two accounts. I'm Elric_Fangirl_515208 (I think) and I'm also Kami_Chan111. Feel free to find me and message me. Though I reccomend finding me on Kami_Chan111. ;

I thank all y'all, and I will hopefully update a story soon!!

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