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Ok people I'll get a few things straight now. Ok I'm not one for flaming anyones fanfics, even if they deserve it. No I'm for acceptance and will give people the benefit of the doubt... Now I'm at the point where I've lost alot of hope and respect for this site, but I still hold on to a small gleam of hope. Now I'll let you into my type of writing. I'm goth so alot of my future fics will be dark and angst with some moments of light, fluff, and the works. I consider this site practice for my future works in the anime department so reviews are welcome, and I can tolerate flames since I don't really mind them. But to be blunt, don't like my fics, don't read them. Now I'm a huge fan of different animes, among those are Bleach, Naruto, Code Geass, etc. In truth I'm open to all anime. Things I frown on... yaois and yuris. I don't know they just seem kinda sick and disturbing to me, and I'd be a hypocrite if I liked one and not the other. I really don't like the plot of most of these genres to be honest since most of the time they involve Naruto becomin a woman in some stupid way or him just up and becoming gay. Now don't get me wrong if that's how you get your kicks that's on you, but I just happen to find it boring and a waste of my time, and before you get it in your head I am not a homomphobe nor am I homo. In fact I hate it when people get mad because I give them my honest opinon on things... If you can't take criticism you really shouldn't be on this site, FLAT! Just because I don't agree in your twisted way of thinking doesn't mean I'm homophobic, in fact I know some bisexuals and gays that don't like yuris or yaois. Now into my fav. pairings

Naruto Pairings:

Naruhina: I love this pairing and I'm highly disappointed that the author doesn't even give this pairing a chance.. Instead he's pushing NaruSaku which in my opinon won't work out. Argue with me all you want, I will never like this pairing! Mostly because the author puts alot of attention on her, she's very voilent and obessive, and has anger issues.. She's just not the girl Naruto needs as a life partner. Hinata on the other hand suits him just fine. She understands his pain and can help him cope with it. At least that's what I believe...

SasuSaku: I really don't care about this pairing. It's ok in my book, mostly because I don't like Sasuke. And all you raging Sasuke fangirls can come bite me! Just because I don't agree with you doesn't give you the right to yell in my ear, and to get it out the way, I won't respond to your shit... I don't like Sasuke because even though the show is called NARUTO the author seems to be putting unnecessary emphasis on Sasuke, they might as well called the show Sasuke and friends, or Sasuke and the gang because he seems to be the star of the show. I mean really, giving the uchihas(Sasuke basically since Itachi is dead... Some bullshit if you ask me..) can control the Kyuubi, the most deadliest demon of them all, REALLY people? Well let me get back to the pairing... I don't care for Sakura since she gets too much spotlight and I don't like Sasuke... That works out.

That's about it, other pairings are ok in my book. Now I'll go into pairings I really don't like


NaruSaku: I believe I've covered why I don't like this pairing already...

Sasuhina: Where do I start.. Well Sasuke's fixation on power for one, he would only frown down on Hinata and consider her weak( even though she's not) and too timid to further his agenda. Plus Hinata is hopelessly in love with Naruto to the point where she threw herself in harms way for him... I don't see that dying soon unless Naruto breaks her heart...

Nejihina: THIS...IS...SO... SICK!! They're COUSINS people, I don't care how "CUTE" it may seem to you it's so wrong and sick. You should also take into consideration that their fathers are twins, which makes them even more related, they're like one stone throw away from being siblings!! Just no people no...

NaruJarai: I was SO shocked to discover people actually support this... Really people?... Just wow I won't even get into this pairing. Doing so will only digust me and I won't have pleasant dreams so no...

OrichiSasu: There are some sick people in this world... Very sick if you happen to like this pairing.. Sorry but no I'm not sorry this is just wrong and unforgivable! Please don't try to push this pairing on me because I just might cuss you out... Chances of that are about 99.9 of it happening unless you catch me on a REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD DAY

Wow, I'd like to thank all that review or simply give my story a gaze or two. It means alot and thank you for putting my story in a community. To say that my story is worth being in a Com of my fav pairing Naruhina means alot. Well don't fret, for I'll be here to update my story and hopefully post more stories... Actually I'm in the midst of another story as we speak, I'm just trying to rough out the edges first. Til then Thanks and R&R!

Ok I can't believe how many people have read my stry, plus those that actually took the time to reveiw, I'd like to thank you all. Hmmm I wonder if Opposing Force has read my story? I read his story Downfall of the Light and it really got me on Fanfic in the first place. For him to read my story and reveiw it bad or good would be nice. I love to meet people of similar interest and am looking for a beta as of now, but really don't know how... So if anyone would tell me how, I'm sure my story will be even better! Oh and while we're covering things I don't know, here are a few things about fanfics that still confuse me.

Things I don't know...

OOC, Lime, and the other abbreviations except lemon OC (Original character, but that's obvious) and AU... Alternate Universe right? Well if anyone could help me with all the abbreviations I'd appreciate it. And I'm proud of my updating rate and story so far I've managed to not get flamed so I suppose I'm doing something right. My reveiws are insightful and helpful and some say it's a good story so yeah...

Okay some of my friends ask how I go about my writin, it's simple for me. My mind is just different, ideas pile up and I sort them out and write whatever seems good. Plus it's kind of a plus to have 9 other personalities in your head, each with different veiws on things, although it gets a bit confusing and hard to manage. Plus there's never a moments peace with them, it's hard to have my own thoughts and seperate theirs from mine, but that's what music is for. I listen to rock to drown out their constant interference, and at the same time help with my story writing. Ok might as well introduce you to them, since they're bitchin about it, and for the record I'm not schizpernic. schizophrenics may demonstrate auditory hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized and unusual thinking and speech; this may range from loss of train of thought and subject flow, with sentences only loosely connected in meaning, to incoherence, known as word salad, in severe cases. Social isolation commonly occurs for a variety of reasons. Impairment in social cognition is associated with schizophrenia, as are symptoms of paranoia from delusions and hallucinations, and the negative symptoms of avolition (apathy or lack of motivation). In one uncommon subtype, the person may be largely mute, remain motionless in bizarre postures, or exhibit purposeless agitation; these are signs of catatonia. No one sign is diagnostic of schizophrenia, and all can occur in other medical and psychiatric conditions.4 The current classification of psychoses holds that symptoms need to have been present for at least one month in a period of at least six months of disturbed functioning. A schizophrenia-like psychosis of shorter duration is termed a schizophreniform disorder.4

And so for the reasons listed above I'm not schizophernic, maybe a bit crazy yes, but in a healthy way. I'm just a very creative and different individual, and that makes me sane. The fact I'm not like everyone else keeps me from going isane. Ok on with the introductions.

Francois De'Marr Leviion: He's my lust and sex drive,all lust is spawned from him. He canbe a real asshole at times, he even tried to convince me to date my best friend who I thought of as a sister! We argue alot, but at least he knows what he's doing and can be very creative when need be.

Racardio Andreas Rodriguez: Completely opposite from Francois, he's compassionate and kind. Kid of a bitch, always emotional and what not but he's cool. Thought he was gay for a while but then I remembered he's a part of me so he can't be gay cuz I'm not.

Leonardo Von Levi: He's the complex one. It's hard for him to stay focused because he's always looking for the next weird thing. He's fixated on thestrange and weird, but he's afraid of rejecio the poor teme..

Dontei Cross Alexandros: Trully a sick and crazy teme. He's rage and malice, if he comes out...

Benjamin Le'Roy Thompson: He's the brains and reason. He thinks logically and is always thinking of what to do nex, he's like my own beta at times always making sure I buff out all dents.

Night Boris Voide: He's darkness and gothic. He loves the night hates sun and outdoors and is a bit sadistic. He's also a pyromanaic..

Antwone Damone Smith: I love this one. He's the funny and cruel one. The one who just doesn't give a fuck about people or their feelings.

Drew: He's lazy, too lazy to even come up with up with a middle and last name. Enough said.

Axel: Is very mysterious even to me. He just appeared and the rests history, I believe he's my ghetto side, but he changes so I don't know...

And my balance the one who keeps them all in check. Anubis!

Well their they go, in a nutshell. Maybe they'll shut up now...

Ok, not to offend people who enjoy yuri or yoai but please stop trying to force it down my throat! I've clearly said I'm not a fan, so to try to make me a fan, won't happen. I'm open to your fics though, hell if it has a nice plot and the words have a good flow I might read it, but I just will never be a fan sorry...

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