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Hiya! SorrowsFlower here...some stuff about me (if you don't wanna read then that's fine)...

Gender: Female

Age: Let's just say I'm the same age as Tifa from FF7. Whether it's Tifa from CC, AC/ACC, DoC or in-game, well... that's for me to know, and for you not to find out!

I'm a 4th year college student, studying...well, something that has nothing to do with writing fanfiction...this is just a hobby of mine, one that I am not prepared to give up, ever...admittedly, it clashes more than a little with my schedule since we have a lot of exams :'(

I love films...everything ranging from arthouse flicks, to romantic comedies, to old black-and-white movies, to cartoons, to psychological stuff (this may be due to the fact that my mother nearly gave birth to me in a cinema)...I am also a big reader, currently residing in my bookshelf now are Jan Karon, Haruki Murakami, J.K. Rowling, Adeline Yen Mah, C.S. Lewis, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez...I also adore Final Fantasy (though I don't play much...I'm not much of a gamer, most of the stuff I know are from walkthroughs)...

I am also deeply (albeit, one-sidedly) in love with Zero Kiryuu of Vampire Knight; and Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII holds a special place in my heart...Hey can I help it if I love those tortured-soul types?

Okaaaay, I'm rambling again...why must I always do that? Moving on...

New avatar! This is a painting done my very talented cousin! It's called 'Together', and I loved it so much, I hung it in my room! If you want to see it (and other cool stuff she made), I suggest you hop on over to her deviantart account vjeury!

11/06/10: Just a quick announcement, I'm putting up my files on LiveJournal. I need to sort out my stuff, and all this hype about stories being deleted is making me a bit nervous. I'll still be posting both here and on my account:

Favorite Fiction:
Final Fantasy (mostly VII, VIII, X and X-2), Vampire Knight, Fate/ stay night (the anime), The Dreamers and Kingdom of Heaven (I'm a big Eva Green fan), Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower), Roman Holiday (I cannot resist Audrey Hepburn's charm, and, oh, Gregory Peck's kinda lopsided smile)

Favorite Pairings: (NOTE: this is not to insult or put down other pairings out there, so don't get offended: I just love these pairings that's each his/her own) .",)

I have nothing against yaoi or yuri, it just doesn't appeal to me all that much when it comes to fanfiction, and I much prefer het... so without further ado...

Final Fantasy VII:

CloudxTifa (Need I say more, CloTi fans?)

VincentxYuffie (If there's one thing I learned in Physics class, it's that opposites attract)

ZackxTifa (Really, who can resist Zack when he's smiling? CloTi still comes first for me, though)

ZackxAerith (Okay, they're not part of my Fave Four...but I love 'em anyway)

CidxShera (duh...he named his airship after her)

Final Fantasy VIII:

SquallxRinoa (Meant to be...'nuff said)

SeiferxQuistis (Even Seifer needs a happy ending)

IrvinexSelphie (So cute together!)

Vampire Knight:


ZeroxYuuki (only very reluctantly, since he's MINE)

The ChairmanxYori-chan (Okay, I know it's a bit twisted, since she's the best friend of his adopted daughter, but hey, since it's VK, weirder things have happened...besides, he's funny, and Yori's a bit serious, they complement each other)

Fate/stay night (the anime):

SaberxShiro (the CloTi or Squinoa of F/SN... I seriously love them together!! Hate the ending, though)

RinxArcher (take note: in the ANIME, and ONLY if Shiro isn't Archer)

RomeoxJuliet (the anime):

RomeoxJuliet (I know, I know, good ol' Will is probably rolling around in his grave 'cause of this, but I'm a sucker for the romance, cheesy though it may be... sigh; besides Juliet kicks butt! Like my cuz said, it's probably the "I watch it because it's cute" syndrome)

Final Fantasy X and X-2:

TidusxYuna (heck, the entire X-2 is built on this pairing)

LennexShuyin (he was willing to use Vegnagun to destroy the enemy for her...twisted? yes, misguided? yes...but heck, it's true love! Plus, Kuu-chan is Lenne! In the Japanese version anyway)

RikkuxGippal (that particular scene in, if I remember correctly, Djose Temple was enough to have me convinced)

LuluxWakka (their kid is adorable!!)

Pride and Prejudice (the book and the movie):

LizziexMr. Darcy (Who would ever contest this? I mean, come on, they're one of the most iconic couples in literature! I've read the book countless times and I never get tired of them!)

JanexMr. Bingley (They're just too good to be true! Really.)


WatanukixZashiki Warashi (aka Vestal Sprite) (I adore her! She's so sweet and innocent! I mean, I like Himawari-chan, but the Vestal Sprite is so much cuter! Plus, she has the added bonus of not being a bad luck charm or something)

FINISHED WORKS (summaries italicized)

...ONLY A DREAM: (FF7) CloTi and a bit of Clerith...A look at what would happen if Tifa were dead and Cloud had forgotten about her...this was supposed to be a one-shot, but I'm getting a bit attached to it...we'll see, I guess...

This is surprising, but really, thank you BrokenAngel1816!

...THE EVENT OF THE DECADE: (FF7) COMPLETE!! CloTi and Yuffentine...of Tifa and Cloud's wedding...another supposed-to-be one-shot, but it ended up being eight chapters long...Uber-fluffy!

Many thanks to: sailor winx, Truth-Unspoken, MustangBaby87, Black-Valentine-1992, Shakuma-Marie Uchiha,Oncinlity, Lucifer S.,City-of-Dimes, Dantrag-tc, ZetaAdele, XxCloTixX, ilovedean33, Wisdombook34, Kouji-wolf, avon.mendrez, fragmentsofmemories16, TLSoulDude, Celticfaerie13, tsukibayani, and everyone who reviewed/favorited/alerted!

...CONNECT THE STARS: (FF7) CloTi, past, present and if I had my way, future...Puppy love survives!! Whoa, cheese overload!! This was a spur-of-the-moment fic.

Thanks to Shari Joy Rose, Ahzruel, fragmentsofmemories16, tsukibayani, Kouji-wolf, ScarlettRaven131, and MakoRain!

...ELEVATOR (formerly In Our Own World) (FF8) Squinoa Lemon, no claustrophobia allowed...Rated M, for a reason. Used to be an FF8 drabble collection, but I had to discontinue and turn this into a stand-alone...with the work I've got, it just doesn't seem possible to keep up with it... :'(

Thanks to whitesparkles99, SonicPhantom01, linegenrou, Roxy200620, FaithFromTheMystick, dacryphilia, GothicWhore, Algina, DarkAngelAssassin666, BeyondBirthday187, Kat888, XDuskLightDawn, Scribbleness, womanonthemoon, TamaChanMyu, ilovedean33, Ittan, diamonddust1414, Crystal-Moonlight-Guardian, ToshiHakari, The Rose of Venus, -Lord of Lions-, japa223, WaterGirl14, and rokusan23 for favoriting!

...HERO (companion piece to kitsune13's 'First Steps') (FF7) CloTi... His mind might be mixed-up, but he knew, without a doubt that he was supposed to be her hero... And heroes weren't supposed to let the people they cared for get hurt... 'First Steps' was AWESOME! You've probably read it, but if you want the Cloud POV of that little scene, you could check this out.

To the wonderful people who favorited: kerapal bubbles, tsukibayani, Echobrain, .rEckLeSsLy.cOnFIned., gingerbreadbear, Devaro Ayanami, Kainos Ktisis, WellingtonBoot, NinjaWriter11, Calenlass Greenleaf1, Darksoul14, anabel the lady shark, AdiosCiaoCiao, and girlinblue17, thanks!

WORKS IN PROGRESS (summaries italicized)


...IN OUR OWN WORLD: (FF7) Collection of lemons, mostly CloTi... Yes, this is where the title of the Squinoa went. I'm not that imaginative when it comes to naming my work. Besides, the original 'In Our Own World' avatar the Squinoa was named after was actually a CloTi...

CHAPTER 1: PERFECT... Cloud is an artist looking for his muse. Tifa is a prostitute who has seen too little of the good in life. Together, they discover something extraordinary in the most unexpected of places...

CHAPTER 2: LOVE AND HATE... In this place the lines of love and hate are blurred... How then do you love when your soul is not your own?

Many thanks to the dear, beloved people: Namuufox, .rEckLeSsLy.cOnFIneD., Mr. Wryte, Ahzruel, Valentine'sNinja, Ex-SOLDIER804, naruhina pwns, nickJoffdaCHAIN, ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie, Draxin, Scribbleness, Mrs.MaxiStrife, Pheonixblade, kitsune13, TamaChanMyu, ilovedean33, Kaarina Helvete, Heroineofearth, and KK2008 who favorited!

And to those who alerted: eMi to mAo 374, Astaya, -CiaoxBella-, .rEckLeSsLy.cOnFIned., Miss Layla, Twincest Lover, Sunni D. Lockhart, Mr. Wryte, Ahzruel, Kattzia, nickJoffdaCHAIN, paupau123, ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie, vLuna, angelbeautiful12, Dawn.Fire.Angel, Toriga-Okami, cloudlover2989, Mrs.MaxiStrife, Serina Tsuki, Heroineofearth, and MissGreenpeace thank you, good people!!

SOS!! It seems I have exhausted my creativity with this, and I am now experiencing major writer's block! I implore you, good people, send help! In other words, I need prompts, ideas and anything else you can give me to spark inspiration and wake up my muse who seems to be in hibernation at the moment... really, I value your thoughts and ideas, so if you have anything, please share! Thanks! :D

...NEAR TO YOU: (FF7) CloTi Highschool AU based on A Fine Frenzy's song of the same title... They say the first cut is the deepest, and maybe it's true... but you never know, maybe chocobo band-aids can help! I'm still not sure where this is going, so I need your support in this! Special participation of the gang and other FF7 characters!

KiimChii, .rEckLeSsLy.cOnFIned., Toriga-Okami, Vanilla Raindrops, sarouna uchiha, Sigbru, Creativity Brilliance, Kattzia, AvengedRomantic, Sound Alchemist, Petrovna, Miss Layla, ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie, vLuna, Aaryn-Korn, TornAngelWings, uber-tastic, ShadowCasper, FinalFantasyFreak92, Mrs.MaxiStrife, CB Shipper, redscarlet02, Tiny Cherie, Tysunkete, Rukia156, Batamut, Ginamaria195, Murii, Sigart, RocketPencil, and vLuna, thanks for alerting, guys!

To those who favorited - absolutedisaster13, fragmentsofmemories16, Scribbleness, Sigbru, cherimai, Petrovna, FinalFantasyFreak92, Aaryn-Korn, TornAngelWings, vLuna, KK2008, Cloudti123, TintenZauberin, RyuuseiBlackAce (uh, twice? wow, I think that was an error in the mail or the site or something; anyway, thanks!), Valentine'sNinja, Mrs.MaxiStrife, Hellion Rogue, CB Shipper, deedee2034, Tiny Cherie, Ginamaria195, teiku5 - many thanks, you wonderful people!

.. O.O .. To those who added me to their list of favorite authors: Shakuma-Marie-Uchiha, Mr. Wryte, Valentine'sNinja, Ex-SOLDIER804, Dimensiondude, Draxin, Scribbleness, ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie, Mrs.MaxiStrife, Aaryn-Korn, TornAngelWings, Ms. Greenpeace, Echobrain, rokusan23 and RocketPencil, buckets and buckets --no, pools and pools of thanks!! =3

.. :( .. If I somehow missed your name in my expressions of gratitude, sorry (I'm pretty scatter-brained)... just drop me a line!

FUTURE WORKS (summaries italicized)


Title Pending: (FW) FFVII drabbles...stuff I randomly type in my laptop... CloTi, Yuffentine, Fack, Zaerith...every frickin' pairing I can think of (except Claerith, I offense, Claerith fans)...

Vampire Knight

Debt of Blood title may be subject to change: (FW) ZeroxOC...Zero's sins come back to haunt him as he finds himself on the run from vampires and Hunters alike with an unlikely ally at his side: Yuuki's daughter, Sayuri. Can he finally confront his past or will it bring a much greater pain to them both? Encountering lotsa problems! Including the fact that I can't write in Zero POV!!

.. ;p .. Thanks for looking around here and wasting your time, reading my babbling! See you around!!

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