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2/8/2013 - I can't believe people are still The Importance of Being Kept, which means I better hurry up with revising it. LOL How is everyone finding this story? It's so old! But thank you very much for still sending me reviews.

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The Importance of Being A Youkai's Mate-currently being updated.

The Guardians - Deleting. It didn't make it.

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Human Compensation- Completed!

Importance of Being Kept- Completed.

Human Compensation

This story was originally posted in 2003, but went through a heck of alot of changes and is currently being revised on This was my very first novel and it did very well the first time around, even now I'm surprised at how so many people love the story. Yay!

Kagome thinks she's working at a job she's always wanted, but has no idea that it's just a cover up to hide what Inuyasha, her boss, really does. Her grandfather borrows a loan from Sesshoumaru and can't afford to pay the last 10% back, Shippou decides to take his granddaughter, Kagome, for repayment which is the reason why Kagome ends up working for Inuyasha. Ofcourse, Inuyasha has no idea about this until it's too late and he regrets getting an innocent girl involved in his dangerous life. Kagome also discovers that her old college friends Sango and Rin are also involved with the company. Kagome's life is about to take a major turn. For the worse or for the best who knows, but one thing is for sure, her life will never be the same again.

The Guardian

Kagome wakes up to a whole new world after she turns 21. She discovers she's the guardian to an ancient orb called the Shikon No Tama that controls the very energy of life. Now with her newfound powers, it seems every supernatural creature she's ever known in fairy tales, myths and scary stories actually do exist and they're all after her! She also has to fight a constant battle against Naraku who wants to make Kagome his queen of darkness. With the help of Inuyasha and Shippou and friends they meet along the way, they fight a constant battle of good and evil. However, how will all of this end? Will Kagome's human body be strong enough to continue to harness the powers of the Shikon No Tama to preserve and nourish life or will she give in to the darkness that Naraku slowly builds inside of her to destroy it? Either way, it seems Kagome will be making the ultimate sacrifice.

Inuyasha has always hated humans even though he's half human himself. When he discovers the new guardian is in fact a human, he curses Kaede, the guardian of time, for being a grouchy old woman with a sadistic sense of humor, however, it is his job to protect the guardian whether he wants to or not so he grudgingly performs his duty. He discovers Kagome isn't like any human he's ever met and begins to grow close to her. When he finds himself falling in love with her, he questions his own motives of keeping her safe, now not only does he have to protect her from the dark ones that seek to harm her, but from himself also, after all, Kagome is pure ,to be with her would taint her. The question is will Inuyasha be able to give up the one good thing that's happen to him in a life filled with pain and suffering? Not fucking likely... Based in Sanfrancisco, this is an intense romance that will lead you on a wild adventure.

The Importance of Being Kept

Kagome thinks she's going to a normal university until she realizes there are very powerful youkai roaming the campus that tends to keep human girls as their possessions. Inuyasha is popular, rich, good looking and way out of league for Kagome. She doesn't understand his interest in her, especially since he use to date her cousin, Kikyo. They make an unspoken connection the first day they meet and Kagome finds herself in a very complicated situation with a hanyou that won't take no for an answer.

Rin has always been quiet, shy, passive. She's known as Sesshoumaru's pet at the university; however, Rin finds herself deeply in love with Sesshoumaru and wonders if he could ever have the same feelings for her despite his high status.

Miroku is suave, sexy and every girl's fantasy of a rock star on campus. He loves to flirt with beautiful women, but he's made Sango his kept woman. Sango is beautiful, glamourous and tends to attract as much attention as Miroku to his dismay. She's the only person Miroku shows his true self to and the only person he's very possessive of; however, Sango has the alarming suspicion that she's Miroku's mate and he knows, but won't tell her.

This story is one of my all time favorites filled with romance, humor and lots of college fun.

The Importance of Being A Youkai's Mate

This story is the sequel to The Importance of Being Kept so if you haven't read the first one, you should.

The girls had no idea what they were getting into when they became the mates to three of the most powerful youkai on campus. Not only do they have to keep up with their studies, adjust to their sudden popularity, and deal with new powers popping up every week, they also have to tame their ultra dominating men from destroying any male on campus who so much as smiles at them. It's about to be a wild and bumpy ride for the girls, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and Miroku think the girls are safer on campus since they have made them their life mates. They are enjoying their peaceful lives. However, an evil secret group called "The Youkai Pure Bloods" lurk in the dark shadows of the campus. They don't believe in youkai mating with human girls, especially powerful youkai like Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and Miroku. They would do anything to keep the blood line pure even to the point of killing.

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