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Author has written 3 stories for RuneScape, and Teen Titans.

I'll put some stuff in bold, some stuff I want you to read.

Anyways here's a little info.

Name: Access denied
Age: Access denied
Location: Access denied
Appearance: Access denied
Password: Access denied
Phone number: Access denied
Address: Access denied
Political views: Access den- Actually granted. My political views: I don't care.

Well... I don't see what the point of that was.

I like FanFiction.Net because it's like a hangout for people that express their creativity or imagination. I see it like a huge club where everybody's telling stories to each other through their words. There's some music in the background and a stage where you can get up to talk.

How I learned of fanfiction's existence...

Well I went on google and typed something I don't remember, and then the first result was; A day in the life of Ryo Hazuki. So I clicked it and came here. The first story I read was a Day in the Life of Ryo Hazuki and I laughed really hard. It was great.

Here's a link if you want to read the story. It's funny. But you might not laugh as hard because you might not know the subcategory.

A_Day_in_the_Life_of_Ryo_Hazuki -By Kyarorain And I think she or he did a great job.

So anyways here are some things I like: ,(not in that order for sure), technology, FanFiction.Net, people, Teen Titans, the Simpsons, USB's, action, drama, interesting story plots, URL's, links, truth, happiness, intellectual stuff, fiction that focuses on the deep things, (know what I mean?), music, imagination, slow motion, stop motion, Christmas, parties, laughter, glasses, mysteriousness, God, pshycicness, hypnotizing, powers, amazing undescribable insane SPEED!!!, no limits in imagination, rythm, beat, voices, ribbons, colours, whirlwinds, aliens, planets, space, sun, the universe's perfection, black holes, (what the heck are they?!), mystery, explosions, sound, light, power, sky, blue, clouds, fearlessness, unity, strength, galloping horses, acting, anger, rain, snow, rainbow, bows, arrows, swords, shields, knights, armor, teleporting, dimensions, rings, water, bullets in slow motion, sky diving, gravity, airplanes, helicopter, eagles, doves, thoughts, future sight seeing, prevention of bad things, hands, humanity, (although we humans can be annoying sometimes), fire, ice, when angry ppl swear their a*es off, (I know it sounds mean but it's funny, ppl swearing casually, censorship, Kung Fu, books, book reviews, websites, smiles, jokes, puns, That's what she said's, sniggers, juicy gum, coffee crisp, choclate, ice cream, special cooking, eternity, eternal life, etc. (Man that is one long list).

Special things that I really like: mind, soul, thoughts,

Why do I like the mind? It amazes me. Because to think that every individual has the ability to think by him/herself is great. You think and create. You analyze and you translate, process.

If you would observe a human being and watch their behaviour, (yes I know I sound wierd), it would be very interesting to see how they take things. If we would see a magic trick or a certain thing, we would try and explain it to ourselves by finding a logical explanation. Just by seeing something, our mind is working, thinking for itself. I think it's something special that we have. It's our own special thing, and everybody has one. Now don't get me started on the soul. (lol)
And I've heard about how the mind's thoughts can race through the universe and speed right back to us in seconds or something like that. Yeah... so think about it.

Stuff I don't like: ppl screaming, (except for music that's ok), fear, horror, abuse, hatred, blood, conflict, scars, invasion of privacy, brainwashing, hopelessness, unpleasant surprises, (who does?) nightmares, slow things, murder, torture, commercials, ads, mondays, hell, steamy heat, cold bones, unsharpened pencils, unsharpenable pencils, (they break everytime you sharpen them!!)

Creepy: have you ever thought about infinity? I hate it sometimes. It scares me so much, it either makes me feel so small or too big.

Think about this: There's this certain theory that there is no smallest and there is no biggest. What does this mean exactly? It means taht something can keep going smaller and smaller forever. There's no end to it. Even the smallest little particle can be divided into two. And those smaller halves can be divided. And so can those smaller halves. *shudders thinking about it*

WORDS I like: Galapagus Islands, 'sup, pulse, ensnare, exquisite, elements, truth, shlapshtick,

that I don't like: demonic...

favorite music:

California Gurls





Waving Flag

Or maybe have your own avatar in a 3D fanfictionists room where you can just do whatever.

If music boosts your imagination levels, copy and paste this onto your profile.


Imagination: The creative juices of the mind, usually triggered by music

Music: Universal art enjoyed by living humans, plants, animals (I'm not sure about plants)

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