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Welcome to my page! I'm Zephyr/Taylor/Yami or just that awkward girl who tries to write fanfiction. My "Stories" box is really not that full, but my papers and notebooks at home always are. I'm not the most confident about my stories, but when I feel like I've finally got a good one on my hands I'll be sure to post it.

Well now, about me. Aka: Me rattling my head (or fingers) off about myself. Not conceded at all, promise.

Hello. My name is stated above and I am a teenage girl. That probably isn't much different than ninety-six percent of the fanfiction community. What makes me different? Not to sure. I have weird ideas when it comes to being different in this world. Best not to ask that. Moving on.

I tend to obsess over things for short periods of time and then move onto something else, repeating the process. Though all of the time I have retro things on the brain. Things that I shouldn't be on the mind of a kid living in 21st century.

I don't particularly like stereotyping (as seen below the break) but as for what I fit into it is an odd combination of nerd, hipster, and all around cool kid (not). Think of me as whatever you will, it doesn't matter much in the end of it all.

Art is my life. I want to paint for a living and just try and add something to the world. It will be hard to get by like this, but it's what I feel is right for me. Obviously, I enjoy writing and reading in my free time, and have the capacity to geek out in costume at plenty of anime conventions. Music is also something I love, currently trying to learn the piano through various online lessons. I also dabble my mind in poetry. Those last two are not somethings I'm as skilled in yet.

So this is me, and hopefully we may have a established connection now. No? Oh, well, uh, sorry then. I'm always free to talk if you're interested, and let me know what you think of my stories, if you wish.

Ta ta for now

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)

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As of the 13th of July, 2012

1. FIRST NAME: Taylor
Not my first name, but my middle name was one of a family friend who passed away right before I was born.
Only child baby!
LAST CRY? Last night, dude, I cry a lot oops
My hands? They're quite nice. They helped to type, and draw, and eat, and other necessary things for living.
Umm. Umm. Salami?
7. KIDS?
Noooo thank you...
I think I would. But were I another person, I really wouldn't be thinking that. Or would I? shutuptayloryou'renotclever
No, that was something I wanted to look into though.
No. Of COURSE not. *rolls eyes* (totally keeping this answer)
Dear God NO!!
Fruit Loops
Haha yeah I do
STRONG? ME? HAHAHA You're funny!
Just plain, old vanilla... Drenched in chocolate syrup!
7 1/2-ish
Red Favourite colour actually!
I'm short... And, like, anorexic-sized, so, I guess my terribly smallness...?
My cat, Boo... She's the only person I've ever lost, and I've had her all my life, so I'm pretty lost right now without her.
Maroon-ish pajama pants, no shoes
Nude- Raidiohead
Umm... umm... Scarlet, or maybe Burnt Sienna.. But I much prefer coloured pencils.
Vanilla stuffs
Uhhh... Physically? Their hair and face area. Haha I don't know
Totally did not steal this from someone I began to stalk
Pepsi! I live of that stuff
I'm not a sporty person. At all. But something odd maybe. Does fencing count?
Brown. And not just any brown. Like, almost black brown.
...a small? I don't know, whatever fits...
Nope, but I do wear glasses now
Chicken and dumplings!!
36. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? No scary please, I like my happy Disney moments. But for real, (not an option) I like the realistic endings (ex: Roseanne, Scrubs, ect.)
Uhhhh Summer? I'm kind of cold all year around, and then the Winter makes it worse.
Uhhh I like both umm Let's go with hugs, you can get those from anybody
Actually, I'm not much of a desert person. Just that ice cream I talked about earlier will do fine.

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