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Author has written 5 stories for True Blood, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy VII, and Dead Like Me.

"This is my story. It’s not glamorous, adventurous, or even a good tale, but it is my story. My only story that I have to offer to people wishing to have a little more insight into what it really means to live. Even when it is disgustingly honest people should know the truth so they are not blinded by other things that make everything seem okay."

I have always wanted to write fanfics, but nothing ever seemed to jump out at me as a good idea until True Blood and then I figured I needed practice if I was ever going to finish one of my novels...So thats how Sookie & Eric came in...

Then I started reading Harry Potter... Sure I have seen the movies a million times & a half, but had never read the books. I fell in love with a few of the relationships in it, even if some don't actually happen they do inside my twisted mind... So Harry's Love was born... I do feel that either Harry's Love with go on for a long time or a will have a TON of HP stories as there are so many couples I like in it... Like Nymphadora/Remus, Harry/Sirius, Harry/Ginny, and Hermoine/Draco...

As for my user name I used to only ever use Paine Strife (Paine from FFX-2 and Strife as in Cloud Strife from FFVII), but I had to create a new user name for something, and since I HATE my real name, I combined two of my favorite couples from Final Fantasy... Yuva stands for Yuffie Valentine and Past stands for Paine Strife... Since then I have fallen in love with that name and will forever use it. Even more so if I actually ever write a novel I will have the author name as Yuva Past.

Now for a couple of my favorite things:

Favorite fanfics to read-

Final Fantasy with couples including... Vincent/Yuffie , Cloud/Tifa, (Sometimes) Reno/Tifa, Irvine/Selphie, Tidus/Yuna, Gippal/Rikku, Vaan/Ashe, & Balthier/Penelo

Kingdom Hearts with couples including... Sora/Kairi and Roxas/Namine

True Blood with only one couple which is ERIC & SOOKIE

House M.D with only one couple as well which is House & Cameron

SOMETIMES Twilight with Edward & Bella... Also if I would love to find fanfics with Garrett & Kate

Tin Man with Tin Man (Forgot his name) & D.G

Have already listed my Harry Potter couples...

Also I used to read a lot of anime fanfictions, but not recently mostly just Harry Potter & Sookie Stackhouse Fanfics

Favorite Books-

Memoirs of a Geisha


Sookie Stackhouse

Harry Potter

White Oleander (Only really the part when she is with Ray. Also someone NEEDS to write a fanfic for it because I can't find any)

Emma (Love me some Mr.Knightly)

A little more into my world-

Um lets see... I have already mentioned that I hope to some day finish a novel, but since I don't see that happening anytime soon I am currently in school for a Radiology-Tech program... Let me tell you these people have some high ass standards... I am 21...dropped out of high-school at age 15 so sometimes I feel as I am behind in a lot of things which constantly makes me second guess myself unless I have encourgment which is hard to come by in my world...

I have two dog that mean more to me then anything else in this world for reasons I won't disclose unless you ask... One boy, black & tan, miniuature dachshund (5 yrs old) named Vegeta Kusanagi Sawaguchi and a girl, black & tan, miniuature dachshund (3yrs old) Arimi Sawaguchi...Two years ago my two dogs had four beautiful puppies which we kept three... Three of them were also black & tan dachshund, but one was a piebald which is very rare and worth over 1,000... We kept two black & tan and the piebald... The black & tan is one girl and one boy... The girl belongs to my sister and the boy and piebald girl belong to my mother... My sister's dog is named Rayne and my mother's dogs are named Emmett and Melody... I could go on, but there are too many dogs in my family which all mean the world to us so I don't want to bore you any longer with this...

Well I am bored if you have any questions about anything I am always willing to answer whatever it is so please feel free.

Prologue to Earth Gods-

In the year 3204, for some unknown reason the seven continents of the world came together to form one island. First the many people of the world found this intriguing and enjoyed being able to travel from California to Japan by car. However after many years arguments broke out about religion, race, and sometimes even gender. These arguments lasted for seven years before the people decided it was enough. Wars were popping up everywhere among the people. These wars were known as the apocalypse which lasted over ten years until everyone and everything was destroyed. Only one thousand children survived. These children wanted to live in peace unlike their ancestors before them. They moved to the center of the island and built a town called Utopia. The children hoped that by their teachings, the people after them would learn to not fight against what they could not change. One by one the children grew older and died. When the sole survivor of the apocalypse wars was sure his end would come soon arguments once again broke out. He prayed every day to his fellow survivors’ graves hoping they could help prevent more wars from erupting throughout the land. His efforts were in vain. Soon everyone in the village was divided into four groups which they each deemed the best. The sole survivor tried to reason with the people, but this just upset them more. After three years of arguments between the villagers they moved their separate ways. Four new villages emerged. One in the north, one in the east, one in the south, and one in the west with Utopia in the middle with only one person left. The last survivor went once more to his friends’ graves and vowed he would not, could not, leave this earth until everyone could be brought back to Utopia and live peacefully. He was sure nothing would happen, but ten years passed and he still lived. Then another twenty years passed and he still remained in his village with his fallen survivors. He was lonely of course, but he knew someday someone would return and help him restore what he held dear. On that day he would be able to finally rest with his true family.

This is just a rough draft of the prologue, but I do own this prologue so no one use it for anything...

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