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Hello all...

I have been writing fanfiction for a few years now. I started out with Twilight, wanting to explore the character of Edward Cullen. I found the relationship between him and Bella complex and full of emotion. I wanted to play with that emotion and see how it would play out if harnessed in other directions.

Twilight drew to a close and my passion continued with Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, it waned some due to all the nonsense between him and Kris. There was too much hate in the fandom. Too much conflict over them as a couple. And me left standing there, asking why we can't just leave them alone. I quit writing. Lost some of my passion for Twilight itself.. and though I still love Rob and believe he is a fantastic actor, I am not as passionate about him as I used to be.

Time went by and I missed that passion. I missed having something to get excited about and something to help me relax and get away from the complexities of real life.

One night a friend of mine did a pic spam on Facebook. There were funny little quotes, and cute boys from a tv show she enjoyed. I had watched the show for a bit in it's first season, but life had taken over and I was unable to keep watching it weekly. I had always wanted to watch it, but for some reason never had. It was right up my alley- Vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts... The Supernatural. After seeing my friends posts, and now having access to Netflix, I decided to watch. Little did I know that I would finish 8 seasons, roughly 170 episodes, in less than three weeks.

I fell in love with a moose and a squirrel that traveled the country in a Chevy Impala. I fell in love with brotherly love and their tragic circumstances. I fell in love with Sam Winchester. That love then grew and included Dean. Not realizing my heart could get any fuller for this show it did, because I love Cas, too.

I wanted more. I came back on this site, searching for fics. I found a strange combination of stories. Stories I didn't really understand (to put it lightly). I wanted stories about brotherly love, friendship and maybe even a love story thrown in somewhere. I wanted to see Sam in love. I wanted to read about him falling for someone, to see what I thought had been missing from the storyline with Amelia. I could not find (and still can't) find any stories like these.

There are a lot of tags for episodes written. A lot of them make me cry. I didn't chose to do this. I wanted to take a different road for them. Start at a place in cannon and vear off in a new direction. That's where my first SPN fanfic comes in. I am thinking of writing a Sam/Amelia story. Their story is an unfinished one. I want to explore it ad see where they had gone. But first, I have to finish this idea. Once an idea gets lodged in my brain I have to write it. I hope it goes over well.

I may be a slow updater- I am in Nursing school and a single mom of two- but I will never quit a story once I start it.

There will be absolutely no slash in my stories. Yes, I have dabbled in slash before. However none of my characters were brothers. No one was an Angel of the Lord... enough said.

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Visions of Angels reviews
Sam can't deal with what he has done. All he can think about is Ruby and the blackness. He hides it from Dean, blows it off as nothing, but he is slowly falling apart. Haven has been kicked out of Heaven. She's not sure why, but she ends up on an old, dark road cold and alone. Her powers are weak, but she can still sense when someone needs her. **No Dean/Cas nonsense here!
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