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Author has written 14 stories for Greek, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Victorious, and Harry Potter.

So I know I said I would be back to writing soon but I've got so much going on that I have no time to write. Also since Glee is doing a musical on the show my point is mute. And I won't be writing a season walkthrough with a bunch of overdone OCs. So that's that. Sorry to everyone who submitted a character. PM me hate mail if you must but it will achieve nothing.

Ok I realized I've never really put up any profile info and that needed to be updated so...probably because I never know what to put anyway. I'll put the basics and if you want to know anything else just ask and (if it's within reason) I'll add it.

My real name is irrelevant here...but if you must know something other than my username the easiest nickname I use is Em. I'm old enough to know better than to put my age on here...but I'll give you a hint it's a prime number between 15 and 30. And I'm a girl...duh.

Random Facts:
-I live in the heart of Deep South U.S.A. I love it here and would probably freeze to death up North (my friend made the mistake of taking me home with him one long weekend...I packed wrong and couldn't leave the house...I don't own winter clothes which lasts through March in some places...who knew?).
-If I had my way I would live at the beach but unfortunately I don't so I make up for it by being a club brat as much as possible and refusing to leave the pool. I LOVE water...everything that has to do with water. I would trade places with a mermaid in a heart beak.
-I speak French (decently). I began (officially) in kindergarten but my cousin and big sis tried taught me some stuff earlier and I ended up having my mouth washed out. Apparently they weren't teaching me to say nice things.
-I love my friends. I swear they are all insane but what can I say...? They're awesome.
-I'm blonde but I am not stupid. I just have my moments...

Things I Love:
-Already mentioned: the beach, water, and anything that involves either of those.
-My friends weren't happy with their one little tiny line and being narcissists they wanted more. So...here is another line for my awesome, amazing friends who are my life. I LOVE MY FRIENDS THIS MUCH! *arms out as wide as possible*
-My boys...they're like my brothers only not as annoying and actually useful.
-Food...mainly the cooking part.
-My boys...(the dog kind) two adorable lab puppies!
-Dancing and gymnastics.
-Harry Potter...yes I am the kinda person who dresses up for the midnight movie...but I go with my friends so it's ok.
-The sun...though sometimes (most of the time) it hates me, I love finding that perfect spot where you can feel the sun warming your skin.
-Country music.

Things I Hate:
-Snakes...near death experiences kinda do that to a girl.
-Packing for vacation...I get lazy and throw things in a bag. I leave the house thinking I'm forgetting something. Get to the point where I tell myself no turning around now, remember I forgot my toothbrush/sunglasses/other small replacable thing...whatever I'll replace it at Walmart. Get half-way gone, realize I forgot the one actual outfit I meant to bring...meh at least I have other clothes. Start unpacking, can't find my medications...important stuff that I specifically put in a bag on the doorknob so I wouldn't forget.
-Leaving at the end of vacation.
-Fights that start over nothing and escalade until you don't remember what it was about but by then the other person wants nothing to do with you.
-Probably lots of other things that I don't feel like listing.
-COLD! (probably one of the things I hate the most...yuck.)

Anyway...that's all I can think of right now. But if you want to know more just send it to me.

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