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THE USUAL STUFF, PART ONE: I live in the So Cal mountains, have a full-time job, and am going to school at night training as an MT. As is probably true for a lot of you, I can count those who support my attempts to write fiction on the fingers of one hand. Posting this, my first real try, is petrifying, but I'm extracting my foot from my mouth and sticking it in the road anyway. In fact, I think that's what this site is all about, and I'm very glad it exists. Typical newbie, right?

NEW POSTING HERE: And how. In fact newbie doesn't quite sum it up, let's try "Proby"! I'm updating this as a blanket apology; I am having lots of trouble with replying to reviews due to what I have begun terming as the "Dufus Syndrome". The thing is, I keep hitting The Button Which Shall Not Be Named rather than the reply button, and then spend the next few moments in utter horror trying to repair it (gees, hope the red x works!). All I can say to those wonderful enough to read my stuff is this (and I thought long and hard about it last night after I got a wonderful review and then dissoloved into the Dufus Syndrome again). The brain divides into left and right: the left brain is the Cat, the analytical one that goes to a high-stress day job, drinks lots of coffee, comes home, drinks more coffee and thinks/does chores, then hits the medical books (and trust me, nothing says Dinner Hour like watching a gastric bypass surgery while you're eating tacos). Eventually, Cat's had enough and turns things over to Dog (right brain). Goofy Dog gets real excited when a good review comes in, jumps up and down excitedly, and wants to reply in kind real bad; unfortunately, hand/eye coordination goes out the door, and thus we are left with the Dufus Syndrome and the Dog, who's dealing with software still unfamiliar.

THE OFFICIAL END OF NEW POSTING WITH MORE SELF-DEPRECATION: By the way, my Indian name is, in fact, Foot-In-Mouth (go figure) so if I didn't manage to repair anything, let me know immediately so I can go the Higher-Ups on this site and file my Dufus Report.

THE USUAL STUFF: The Thunderbird stories I write seem to be an amalgamation of the television series, the older published books and comics, images from the recent movie, some experience, and at the same time I hope they are all different. If anyone else has focused on the rescue I'm writing about, please accept my apologies now; I haven't been through all the stories yet as my time is limited. I'll say upfront that these may, at times, be a bit dark, but its hard for me to tell exactly how dark they are. There's clipped dialogue, especially in the transmissions, and slang, not proper English; my defense is that when people converse either in an official capacity or during the course of regular life, that's how it usually goes. There will be occassional expletives (What word would flash into your head first if you lost an engine at 6,000 feet?). Eventually, there will be some adult content as well, and I won't gloss over any physical injuries if I can help it. NOTE: Personal comms are, well, personal, and therefore that's where the guys talk more normally, or yell, as the case may be).

That said, these stories should be rated M to MA. all I ask is that you be patient and kind, as I'm acutely aware of how little I know about this style of writing (new note: as evidenced by the above mortified confession, although these stories have been flapping around my cabin for years, and they're damn slippery to catch).

NEW POSTING, PART DEUX: I have been asked if I'm new to fan fiction, and the answer is, I'm pretty sure, rather obvious now (sorry, again!). I'm not totally new to writing though, I've been trying to figure out how to do it for awhile now (there was a tentative step a number of years ago that alarmed me so much I ducked back into hiding). Before the med studies started, I began learning about screenwriting (well, this is California, everyone does that here at one point or another -- my mailman probably has a script in work :). It's a unique kind of writing, very fast, where grammer and punctuation do not always come into play. I blocked terribly (and in that area, still blocked) but one day at work I found this site, kicked my butt over it for weeks (again, thank you Boomer Cat and cip), and then decided to go for it no matter what. Now, you're stuck with me (see apologies above for further details).

CONFESSION: It has been suggested that I share some of the shows/movies favored, so here they are in no particular order: Everything Thunderbirds, The American President, Dave, Tora Tora Tora, The Daily Show, Big Bang Theory, Contact, Parallel Universe (BBC, non-fiction, awesome) Galaxy Quest, everything Stargate, the new series FlashForward (very cool), The Universe, any of the older SciFi movies with the original War of the Worlds a true stand-out, and How the Earth was Made. Guilty pleasures: Monty Python and Team America (can't help it, I gotta thing for twisted humor and, er, puppets). Sure there's more, but...

Lastly, all of this is dedicated to Challenger. R.I.P.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Thunderbirds, nor their characters, but sure wish I did!

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