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ok well, uh, im addicted to two things: Yaoi and vampires, though i do like other stuff. to anyone who is reading this, yes i will be posting yaoi stories, which is guy on guy sex ok? for those who dont like, dont read my stories that feature it, its as simple as that. dont go review them and freak out at me like saying shit like that is immoral. i dont give a shit, i love it. i will be posting more then that though, so dont worry. and i swear, my grammer will be better in my stories. lol so ya. i no i sound really bitchy, but im just standding up for what i enjoy, freedom of speech.

I also like yuri

Music: Anything really, if i like a song, whether it's popular or not, i like it.

I really like manga and anime, Iv been addicted to it. I really like smut stories, which is all I'm going to write. hehehe. Um... Edward and Bella are two of my fav charatures to write about because they are so much fun!! YAY!! Naruto and Sauske are my fave yaoi couple.


I decided to add this because it sounds like fun. Granted I will not beble to update it every day, but I will try.

Today's story is the dream I had last night.

You guys have heard of House of 1000 Corpses right? Well in my dream, Otis and Baby killed everyone I know, but kept me, a guy who was my boyfriend and a blonde girl who was my friend alive. Baby and I made a deal that if she didn't kill off my boyfriend then I wouldn't kill off her's. Otis ended up killing my boyfriend, and was coming after me. I didn't want to die at Otis's hands, because I knew it would be a slow and painful death, so I asked Baby if her gun was loaded. She said yes. I grabbed it, cocked it, put it to my head and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked and I said out loud, "It's not loaded." Then for some reason, we were in Walmart or a grociery store, and my little blonde friend had a gun. I quickly grabbed it, cocked it, put it to my head, and pulled the trigger. Suddenly, everything went black and white, and it slowed down. It was like a movie. I could hear myself talking like I was being interviewed. As I spoke I could see everything that was going on.

"What do I remember the day I killed myself? It was so messed up. Everything went black and white, and slowed down. All i could hear was a ringing in my ears, and the pain in my head was excruceating." As my voice spoke the words, I could see everyone around me panic in slow motion and run toward me. Then everything blacked out. My voice continued speaking

"When I woke up, there was a man I didn't recognize next to my bed." The mad I saw looked like he was up on a podiam making a speech. I don't know why that was beside my bed, but it was. I saw a picture of myself in the hospitle. I was bruised up and my head was wrapped in bandages. I woke after that. There was a small ringing in my ears, and my head hurt like a bitch. I scared me so bad, and it freaked my friends out to.

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