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Konichi wa

Well hello people :3 heres da link to ma other account

I love Tokyo mew mew, these are my fave pairings:

KishXichigo (I hate masaya, he's to perfect)

PieXLettce (Orla: no!)

ZukuroXOC (Raimu)

RyouXOC (pepper)

MintXOC (Salid)

PuddingXTart (to kawaii for words :3)

also, here are some OC I created :D you may send me a message asking if you can use them, but they belong to me, there from require a disclaimer :) also changing their personality's and pairings is a no-no.

Salid and Pepper: (both things that go well with quiche!) Kish's twin brother and sister, younger than him by one year. Salid looks like Kish but has brown hair with only on tied up bit at the side,and is almost as perverted as Kish, and Pepper looks like a girl Kish with brown in a pony tail tied with the same stuff as Kishu's hair. they both have dark brown eyes, Pepper has a crush on Ryou (much to Kishs annoyance) and Salid has a crush on Mint

Raimu: Kish's older brother. he has lime green hair and brown eyes, and a huge crush on Zukuro. he calls Kish Kohaku (amber) because of his eyes, and Kish calls him Sour because of his limey name.

Pastry: Kishs baby brother, who is killed while Kish is on earth. yes sad i know, but come on, can't have all my stories peppy can I?

Hotaru: after Kish Pai and Tart decide to stay on earth, Hotaru is sent down to try to revenge Deep Blues death by killing the Mew mews. he has orange hair that bursts into flames when hes angry. he was once Kishs friend, but got jelouse that Kish was picked to take over earth insted of him.

Nao: Hotarus asistant/comrade/follower. the only alien willing to put up with Hotaru's angre and follow him to earth. docile and kind natualy, he hates the idea offighting and would rather talk thing over.

kamereon: when Hotaru has troble fighting Kish, Kamereon joins him and Nao for back-up. She has long purpleish white hair, and black eyes.shes a shapshifter, and uses her power to trick Kish and the rest. but the only problem when she transforms is, her refletion will still show her, nomatter who she is masceading as.

all these are my own OC. please DO NOT TRY TO STEAL MY IDEAS X(

Now me and my friends like to introduced our selfs at the start of stories.

meet da gang!

Meg: Hello people! Im Megumi Takohi, but my mates call me Meg (or Gumi if your annoying...or if your Miki) I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I look alot like my brother Mik, which is most likly because we are twins. Im Japanese, but speak English at home and grew up in Astralia. Orla is my bezzie for life (we have been friends since we met in first year) and her, Brode, Egg and Mik are all the greatest people ever! Dewa Mata!

Orla Dayna Harr: Heya! Or's here, you proberly know me from one of Megs stories. I do the intro with her every time, because I always help with her writers block and even contribut some cool ideas! I have blonde hair naturally, but I dyed it redish orange, and I have greenish blue eyes. Meg is my best mate and Mik is my BF. Eggie is my annoying sister, but even she helps with our stories sometimes too! Im Australian, and have lived in the same house for my whole life. Met Megumi and Miki starting secondary school, and Brode soon after. they are all really cool..eve if Brodes voice is so utterly scottish (blee)

Brode: Um, hey. Im Brode MacArrt (pronounced Bro-d, not brody), and Meg kinda forced me to do this so..Im not sure what to write. exept that I have black hair and blue eyes, Mik is my best friend, Megs my GF, and Eggie kinda scares me. anyhow...Im a Scott, born and raised, and I love dogs. okay then, thats pretty much it..Bye!

Eggie: salutasions! Im Charlie Youk Harr. because of my weird middle name, people call me Egg, or Eggie. I have white blonde short hair. people mistake me for a boy all the time. my eyes are huge and deep shining green, and they are like my super can't say no to my eyes! I freak Brode out when ever he is stuck babysitting me by simply staring at him, so he always gives me whatever i want :) ha ha. anyway, Orla is my sister, and I want to be just like her when Im older. kthen...bye-bye

Mik: Yo people of earth! Im Mikio Takohi, part time smootie maker at YU-ME, full time twin (which is code word for a pretty cool 15 year old dude looking exactly like his not-so-cool, peppy sister) Or's is ma girlfriend, and Brode is my closest mate. I always think of good ideas for stories, but Gumi is a stuff and rarely uses, I hate Kisshu. (is now busy being killed by kish fangirls...please leave a message after the cried for help)

thats the gang folks :D

k well that pretty much all i got to say so, jamatane






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