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Hm...well, I'm a huge fan of Devil May Cry and Street Fighter.
Not sure what else to say!

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I will post updates, questions, etc on the facebook page! Like, and help me spread the story around! Thanks!

Anyways, back to my writing!

Currently working on :
Mortal Kombat Redemption

Chun-Li: LbL

The song Chun-Li played on the Piano inChapter 9:




Favorite Characters:
- Devil May Cry:
All of em'.
- Street Fighter: Ken, Chun-Li, Crimson Viper, Ryu, Sean, Sakura, Vega, Balrog, R.Mika, Alex, Dan
- Dragonball Z: Goten, Trunks, Chi-Chi, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin, Yamcha, Ox King (Lol)



TIMOTHEUS CORNELIUS - A Pride who rebels against the other Hells. Formerly a guard of Althena's inverted castle, Timotheus eventually fell in love with Althena's servant, Verdani, one of the sister's of fate.

CHAOS - Originating from the Fan Fiction Devil May Cry: Althena. 'Chaos' was at first a Vangaurd who worshiped not Mundus, but Althena. Sacrificing seven human souls guilty of each sin, he absorbed their remains to grant him flesh. Flesh which could be sacrificed to Althena. Luring Dante in to slay him, Chaos gave his life to complete the ritual to break Althena's seals. Once destroyed, he was reborn as Chaos.

Somehow, he was sent back to Earth to finish collecting souls to strengthen Althena for her plans. What they are currently is not known. Chaos is a very powerful humanoid demon who is able to possess many weaker willed beings to do his bidding. He feeds off of the souls of others to maintain his power, and expends this soul-based power with every movement he makes. Since he is being puppeteered, he rarely gains full power from what he absorbs personally. Chaos is described to look slightly like Nelo Angelo in Devil Trigger, and like a western Cowboy in his 'human' form. His face looks more like a shark with a pointed snout and wide mouth with several rows of teeth.

Now Chaos is revealed to be a title given to those with strong demon souls, super charged by Althena. Chaos is Althena's personal soul reaper and as powerful as a legion of devils at full power.


Chao Xiang - Chun-Li's grandmother. She appears in Chun-Li: Legendary but Lonely. Chao is the last blood-relative to her father left. Though she is very old, she is still very lively. A fighter in her own right, Chao is a master of the Drunken Fist style, and of the cranky old lady style as well! She was a very good friend of Gen's in their childhood, and a very critical teacher to Chun Li in her father's passing. Her one claim to fame is the fact she has never lost a fight. The one person who could challenge that tale, Gen, has passed on.



So, I'm sticking with Redemption!


Working on part 2 of Round 1 in MK Redemption!


Working on my novel still, but also the next chapter of MK: Redemption. Sorry for the wait!



God of War fan fiction being posted!! :) Working on MK some more, as well as DMC and Street Fighter!

NOV. 18.2010
Updated Chun-Li, added song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdk8IK9NksU&feature=related, which is the tune she plays for Ken in Chapter 9 of Legendary but Lonely. Working on the next chapters of Mortal Kombat and Devil May Cry!

SEPT. 26.2010

Working on the next chapter of Chun-Li: Legendary but Lonely. Trust me, it will be worth the wait! Also working on the next installment of Devil May Cry: Althena II and Mortal Kombat: Redemption.

DMC: A 2 will probably focus on Lady a lot more. I'd like to develop her a little more.

SPT. 9. 2010

Hey guys! I'm considering making a facebook and Livejournal page for Chun-Li: Legendary But Lonely. It seems to be my most popular story thus far! I'm also looking for artist to possibly draw little Chao for me!

Posted Chapter 6 of Legendary but Lonely, as well as Chapter 1 of LOST: The Rise! Hope you enjoy the story updates!

MAR.29.10 FINISHED DEVIL MAY CRY: ALTHENA! PHEW! It was long..about 96 pages or so. That's a mini novel I think! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Now I can move on to fresh projects and continue Chun-Li's story.

MAR.4.10 Finally Updated Althena! It took me a while, but I hope it's good. Preparing the FINAL TWO CHAPTERS! I'll be adding to Chun-Li as well. My last update was on Valentine's day, forgot to mention that!

FEB.8.10 - UPDATED DEVIL MAY CRY: ALTHENA! Chapter 9 was my hardest yet, since it doesn't star any of the Devil May Cry cast really. It's something different...I hope you all enjoy!

FEB.2.10 - FINALLY Got out of my writer's block on Chun-Li. Chapter 4 is posted, and I'm taking cameo requests for flashbacks and such. I wanna see who you guys would like to see pop up in soem fashion. Working on Chapter 9 of Althena now, entitled 'Pride'. It will have...a pretty unexpected central character this chapter.

JAN.23.10 Just got back from losing my internet. Posted Mission 8 on DMC: Althena, working on the next chapter of Chun Li. Stay tuned! R&R!

JAN.17.10 Updated Chapter 3 of Chun Li and working on Chapter 8. Found a video..of the DMC Anime that I LOVE.


JAN.13.10 Posted Chapter 7 of DMC: Althena! Still working on Chapter 3 of Chun-Li, but Chapter 8 of Althena will be cool. It's called 'Temptation'. You'll see just how evil I can get! Mwahahahaha.

JAN.12.10 Posted a short story about Chun-Li's Grandmother Chao Xiang. I wrote it a year ago, and since I'm working on Chapter 3 of Chun-Li's story, I decided to post this story to make up for the lack of Chao in Chapter 2. Working on the next two installments of Devil May Cry: Althena as well. We've reached and are now passing the mid-point of the story. There are 6 more chapters til the ending. There's no gaurentee Dante will overcome Althena alone...

Please keep up the R&R's! It's motivating!

JAN.09.10 Got finished with 'Dante Must Die' Part 1 today. I had actually did most of it last night when I couldn't sleep. The next part should be good. We are now officially at the mid-point of the story at Chapter 6, and we will be winding down to Chapter 12 with all the answers you need. If you have any specific questions that may not be answered yet, ask me/leave a comment on the story, and I'll try to answer it through the coming chapters.

In other news, I'll be working on Chun-Li next. Is anyone in favor of keeping 'Inner Terry' around? I figured angel/devil on the shoulder is cliche now. Having Terry pop up and yell "GET SERIOUS!" is more entertaining to me! I hope Ken/Chun-Li don't feel forced. This is really my first attempt at writing a romance. I have around..80 different stories where they can get together, this is just one I wanted to do first.

JAN.08.10(2) Posted Chapter 2 of C:LbL "The Meeting". Ken is seen now! Woo! I'm getting to work on the next mission for DMC:A now.

JAN.08.10 Posted my first chapter of Chun-Li: Legendary but Lonely last night. Going to be working on getting Chapter 5 of DMC: A done within the next three/four days. I may do the next chapter of C:LL whenever I get stuck on DMC. We'll see. The more popular story always wins. I won't neglect Chun-Li though! This next Chapter in DMC will be a two-parter. 'Dante Must Die!' Someone's getting the axe in it.

JAN.07.10(2) Finished Chapter 4 of DMC:A. Posted it! Go take a look. Reviews keep me motivated! I'm still getting ideas for other fics I may want to do. I know I want to do some for Street Fighter. Chun-Li's is a definate, Dan's as well. I may do a collective Street Fighter story either canon, or an AU.

Also...I am considering doing a spin-off after Althena wraps...I'll keep those details secret, I don't wanna spoil it! If you have any pairing requests Not Yuri or Yaoi, I could probably cook up a story for you if you like my writing. Thats not a gaurentee though, I may not be able to write for everything.

JAN.07.10 In the process of writing Chapter 4 of the Devil May Cry: Althena story. It should be posted either today or tomorrow. I'm picking up the pace just a little bit for this one. I'm looking forward to more input! I plan on utilizing some devil arms from DMC1 as well in the coming chapters.

The Chun-Li story is in a planning period. I may do it early, but I think I want to finish Althena before I move on to Chun-Li. This one will be my first pairing driven story. It'll be a pair a lot of people probably wouldn't expect! Hopefully, I get some fanart for it!

->Devil May Cry: Althena (DMC:A) is planned for 12 chapters right now. It may change as I develop the story.

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