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Author has written 8 stories for Warriors, Star Wars, Super Smash Brothers, and Kingdom Hearts.

May 13, 2010: For the few of you who read my stuff, I'm sorry to dissapoint. I will be deleting a majority of my stories, rewriting them, and republishing new stories too. It may be...awhile due to the disease known as laziness. You're welcome to remind me or boost my confidence (i do like reviews [hint hint]). I just don't have as much time for stories as I used to. Summer is my writing time. Adios n'till then!

Whats up?

My favorite books are Eragon, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Warriors. My favorite video games are Super Smash Bros. (i'm the third best player online thank you.) and Kingdom Hearts. I'm a die hard Star Wars fan.

Currently i am helping with Smash Generation and The Three Heroes.

Quotes of the update!

May 13, 2010: "Deltas, let's'rearrange' some architexture." Boss ordering a demolition charge (Star Wars:Republic Commando)

April 18, 2010:

Sev: "Damn! I don't believe it!" Scorch: "What's wrong, Sev?" Sev: "I've lost count of my kills!"- Scorch and Sev (Star Wars: Republic Commando)

April 17, 2010: "Boss, hold onto your guts while I rip outs theirs!" -Delta 07 "Sev",(Star Wars: Republic Commando)

April 14, 2010: "Well, that's a relief. Having a brainless with us is just more trouble." - "Vio" Link (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Manga)

Proof of Membership:

- Part of the Author Production Team -

Designation: Danaxiel

Prefers: Kingdom Hearts, Smash Bros, Star wars, Eragon, PJO, and Warriors

Loves: Owning butt at Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts, My Kitty, Reading Eragon, PJO, and Warriors, and Skating.

Current Ideas: Updating my Smash bros. story, writing a Kingdom Hearts story, etc.

The Others: Kageshi Hotaru (p.k.a. Hotaru Kageshi), Raxas Dyme, Autobot Axann, kittyclaw, Danaxiel, Hero of time, Telemachus Claudius Rhade, Daxovan


This is where I will place information about the Smash Generation. If things work out well with the story, this post will appear in all five of our profiles! Brief Character Introductions will appear later!

The members (Done in order of age. Keep checking back, as I'll be adding more!):

Little Hand: The technical daughter of Master Hand. Little Hand is the “Master” Hand of the Smash Generation, dictating fights with her ever crazy brother, Nutjob. She tends to get a little frustrated with him, but she keeps her cool under tense situations, and her abilities of “Heal” and “Cure” tend to be quite helpful. Little, as is she often referred to, can sometimes be called the Mother Hand, as she can tend to be a little too caring. She almost always refers to people with honorifics and titles.

Nutjob Hand: The technical son of either Master Hand or Crazy Hand, you be the judge. His speech patterns are something to be feared of, as he has a tendency to switch the way he’s speaking at times (he talks with Peach at one point and then switches to speaking in opposite speech). He’s been known to randomly speak backwards, scream out that he likes candy when high on sugar, and at times speak in a high pitched chipmunk voice. He apparently likes Santa Claus and should never be given coffee with double sugar.

Marcus McCloud: Being the oldest of the Smash Generation, responsibilities usually fall on the oldest of Fox and Krystal’s children. He has a high amount of telepathic powers and is pretty good at fighting and piloting, but he really prefers the ground to the air. Honest and trustworthy, he is loyal to only his friends and family. He was tricked into getting captured by getting a fake transmission from his sister.

Bowser Jr Koopa (BJ): Most often referred to as “BJ” (Dakota had explained that ‘Bowser Jr’ was a mouthful), BJ usually hangs out with Pear and Riley as a sort of older brother figure and as a 10.50 per hour babysitting job. BJ likes to tease Justin a lot, but it’s all in good humour. He feels a bit of pressure when told by his dad that he’s not ‘evil’ enough. He has a slight disdain for his family due to having eight siblings.

Dakota Snake: Born in the year of 2009, Dakota is probably the most well known of the Smash Generation to the public. Introduced in Episode 1, she’s done quite a bit to live up to the “Snake” name. She was pretty calm at first after her birth, but she began to become a bit more violent as she grew older. Ever since she was six she’s wanted to be a Smasher. She has a love for fire and is (a bit?) violent, but she is cheerful and energetic. This causes her to give off quite a friendly complexion... just don’t get her mad; if she’s threatened or insulted in any way, Dakota will go nuts. The only person that is able to calm her down by that point is Shaun (by knocking her out with the handle of his sword and then punching her when she wakes up, telling her she was just stupid). She’s best friends with Shaun. She’s easily distracted by shiny things. Although she puts on an act of stupid, she’s actually pretty smart. Despite that, Dakota has fallen for the “LOOK! A DISTRACTION!” trick before.

Shaun Greil: Apparently born under strange circumstances that caused him to grow up without his mother, Shaun has lived a pretty sheltered life under the arms of over twenty mercenaries. Soren was in charge of his teachings, and taught him everything about the Geographic’s of their planet and the different species that live on it. Soren had noted quite a bit that Shaun soaks up information like a sponge. He’s always known who his mother was and loved her in his own way, but he also considers his aunt, Mist, his mother. He met the rest of the Smash Generation under strange circumstances in the Gritzy Desert and has since never let Dakota leave his line of sight (probably out of fear that she’ll vanish or kill someone). He’s best friends with Dakota, considering her, Cain and Todd his only friends in the Smash Generation. Shaun has the incapability to fall under the influence of drugs and has a strange, unexplained intelligence.

Rinku Hylia/Hyrule: The oldest of Link and Zelda’s children, Rinku thinks of it as his responsibility to watch over his younger siblings and make sure that they don’t get in trouble, hurt, kidnapped, mauled, killed, or assassinated. He’s usually all business but has been known to let out a laugh or two when caught off guard with a joke or a prank. Rinku is most well known for the fact that he resembles Link in almost every way. (As Shaun put it) Just like his father, Rinku is highly tuned with a large amount of weaponry, and can easily adapt his fighting style to accommodate himself against his enemy, although he requires a bit of observing before he can do so. He’s really close to his younger brother, Maven.

Raven Lombardi: The daughter of Falco and Kat, she is mostly bird, but has cat ears. Her arms are not wings. Raven is calculative, and she thinks of her actions before doing them, however, she is quite vain and doesn’t like to get down and dirty. She is a highly skilled pilot and sharpshooter. Her hand to hand combat skills however, are not something she’s happy to brag about.

Aera Lombardi: The son of Falco and Kat, he looks mostly feline, but he doesn’t have the cat ears and his arms appear to be wings. He’s not very calculative and acts before he thinks. Unlike his sister, he likes to get down and dirty. While a good pilot, he’s not skilled in sharpshooting and prefers to get close and personal when it comes to fighting.

Gavin Dragmire/Gerudo: Gavin’s birth was a bit strange. While his father is Ganondorf, his mother was actually a Gerudo servant. Ganondorf suddenly wanted an heir one day and so he gathered all his servants and picked the one that was the most beautiful, and I’m sure you know the rest. Gavin had a fairly normal childhood for a Gerudo – all the females cooed over him and taught him that females are generally superior to males... to which his father told him it was only because they were the only males in the Gerudo tribe. He has a sense of humour and strong ears similar to that of Hylians – he could hear a pin drop in a noisy room.

Ensign Falcon: Ensign likes to race as much as his father, but he prefers street-racing to track-racing, disappointing his father, Captain Falcon somewhat. At one point in his street-racing career, Ensign got into a racing accident and nearly lost sight in his left eye and his ability to walk. Although now his sight in his left eye is a bit fuzzy, he’s learned to see through it as if the accident had never happened. Captain Falcon, however, has never let Ensign forget it, banning him from street racing altogether. His birth name before he changed it was Kevin Akechi.

Vixen McCloud: Being the second child, she doesn’t have the tactical brain that older brother Marcus has. Vixen just prefers to shoot things. She’s stolen the Vigilant Fox around twenty times, and really, only three of those times were within good reason. Vixen may not have her mother’s telepathy, but she does posses a form of telekinesis – she just doesn’t like to use it. She was too young to remember her mother when she left, so she doesn’t really remember her. Vixen’s best friends are Riolu, and, in a way, Dakota.

Lance Icarus: Lance has a tendency to annoy people without really meaning to, as he speaks in the third person usually. His father, Pit, has said that he will soon grow out of this phase. Skilled with his namesake, Lance is pretty powerful when he wants to be, however, being an angel, he dislikes causing harm to things. He is curious and has a weakness towards cute Pokemon, Hylian fairies, and anything with wings. He has a pet Hylian fairy named Palutena that he had caught in Kakariko Village. Maven, Zel and Rinku aren’t particularly fond of him.

Cain Lowell: She was unfortunate enough to witness her own father’s death during a raid on her castle when she was nine years old. Becoming highly skilled with the sword with the motivation to kill her father’s murderer, Cain is ruthless and will not stop once she starts. Even the mention of Marth in her presence gets her slightly depressed, however. She found Shaun with Dakota in the Gritzy Desert during the Captain P incident in 2028, and fed him some food, being reminded of her Uncle Ike. It was Ike that taught her how to use a sword.

Ember Renais: Ember is the daughter of Ephraim and Myrr. She inherited her mother’s wings, but strangely also reddish hair was added to her purple and blue streaks, due to the dragon genes. Ember is not a skilled swordfighter, but she can use magic and prefers to use fire as her attacks. Ember opted to stay out of the fights in the tournaments, but she will defend her cousins Aine and Aden if need be. She is not a part of the Emblem Quartet, however. Ember is extremely shy and tends to stutter. She also technically belongs to Chrislma’s boyfriend.

Riolu: Lucario wasn’t even aware that he was a father he until he met the poor, abandoned Riolu in the snow. Her aura is just the same has her father’s, meaning that she is definitely the Smasher Lucario’s daughter. Riolu was trained by her father and his friend Mewtwo. She is so powerful with her Aura that she made it to being the fourth strongest in the Smash Generation. Riolu is Vixen’s best friend, being able to handle with the girl’s violent tendencies and crazy driving. Despite being a Riolu with telepathic abilities, Riolu has no ability with speaking English, settling with speaking Pokemon instead. She really wants to learn how to speak English like her father.

Favorite quotes and scenes!

"You cast away your home, your friends, everything...But at least they gave you a nice room." "Stop talking." -Ansem and Riku talking(Re: Chain of Memories Reverse and Rebirth)

"Yes! The green card brought the table back!" -My little bro playing Chain of Memories

"For the past several years, former screenshot specialist and staff writer Chris Shepperd has been abused in many ways, and we've loved every minute of it." - the staff of Nintendo power

"I feel asleep!"- Guard (Metal Gear)

He also attacks by farting. He can fart to fly around, too.", Colonel Roy Campbell on Wario (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Bowser? Sounds like a cheap movie monster!", Snake on Bowser (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

"Why do you always look at me like I just drowned your goldfish?" -Xigbar(Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days)

"Got it memorized?" -Axel(Kingdom Hearts)

"What's wrong Roxas, left the toaster plugged in back at the castle?" -Xigbar(Kingdom Hearts 2)

"You seek answers. I can give you a purpose."


"That's right. The new you." - Xemnas talking to Roxas.(Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days)

"Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?"-Axel (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days)

"Never toss a dwarf!" -Gimli(Lord of the Rings)

"You spoony bard!" -Tellah (Final Fantasy IV)

"Do a barrel roll!" -Peppy Hare (Star Fox 64)

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Wii Love Brawl Newcomers by Smash King24 reviews
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