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That be lined paper...

That be little kid lined paper...

There are some things in life money can't buy. Like a cure for sadness. But luckily, there's free shounen-ai fanfic. Found riiiight here. =D

Well, after that strange but hyper opening, let me introduce ourselves...

(No, I don't have issues... at least not with voices...)

I'm Kitty, or Sparkle. And My friend here is Inuit.

Inuit is a really good writer... Kitty prefers drawing. Well, it's not like Kitty is a bad writer, cuz she's decent, it's that Inuit is an incredible writer and shames Kitty's work by comparison.

(Inuit feels loved)

(She should :)

We're both female. Inuit is a few months older and a tad taller.

Inuit is, well, duh, a writer. Not professionaly (yet). Kitty's amazing at drawing. Inuit is going to make Kitty draw art to possibly go along with some of their fanfics. Inuit, by the way, also has a strange obsession with someday taking over the world. Her level of seriousness about that changes with the day... Kitty just sits back and prays that Inuit will get distracted by shounen-ai and forget about her world domination plans. Anyways, Inuit can be either calmer or more hyperactive than Kitty. She likes blue, green and purple the best, but she really loves all colors, because they're all in nature and she's a tree-hugger like that. She has hazel eyes (not than any of YOU care). She has two other accounts on here. Flamewriter13, and Banished Princess. She can't get into her Banished Princess acount, because she forgot the email. :( Let's all cry for Inuit. She's 15, and a sophmore.

Kitty tends to be a hyperactive idiot online, while she is quieter and more serious in person... although she can be a hyperactive idiot. She also enjoys speaking in 3rd person. Her favorite color is blue, followed by purple, teal, and then green. Her eyes are blue/gray/green/alittlebrown/evensometimessilver, and her hair is brown. She has another account called Sparklyheart n.n, and if you wanna know more about her, she advises you to visit it. She's 15 years old, and a sophmore in high school. Kitty is a vegetarian, but she prefers not to affiliate with PETA. No offense to PETA, but Kitty doesn't give a damn that people eat meat. Hell, it's good that people eat it. Kitty just can't. Kitty hates fighting and stuff like that, so if she's acting violent... she probably needs a hug.

Kitty also has an alias of Sparkle/Sparkly/Sparkleh, which more people seem to call her on FF.

Inuit, by the way, has an obsession with ice cream that's equal to Kaito's. No joke. Kitty worships pasta, which Inuit finds extremely odd. Inuit is considering getting help for Kitty. But Inuit doesn't need help, because biking 5 miles in August just for an ice cream cone is perfectly normal, right?

Hehe, Kitty does love her pasta. It's a vocaloid-esque obsession as well. Thank god no vocaloids worship Pasta, cuz they'd kill Kitty. D

We both love Vocaloid, if you haven't realized that yet. Inuit's favorite is Kaito, while Kitty prefers Len. (Kitty thinks that one's favorite is the other's second favorite, but she's not sure which Kagamine twin Inuit likes better o.o It's definately true for Kitty. Kitty adores Nii-san as well :3) We both ship LenxKaito and LukaxGakupo.

(For the record, Inuit still cannot decide which Kagamine twin she likes better.)

We also both love Junjou Romantica, and we both love the Egoist couple.

Did you get a comment on a story from us?

That was Inuit. Kitty always uses Sparklyheart n.n to comment. And if somehow it is Kitty, she'll say so.

Well, bai-bai for now!

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