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my book Destined: A Hereafter Novel by Danna Mackenzie Sims is now available on amazon. com as an e-book! please follow me on twitter dannamackenzies and check into my website for more info on the books, me the author, and other cool stuff.

I have been with Fanfiction for a while now. Writing is my passion and I live to create more stories for the world of twilight. I am so thankful to all of my fans and their faithfullness to my slow updates on stories. I am sorry i haven't writting in a while. I have been working on a side project of my own for more than a year now. Unfortunately, it has taken longer that i originally thought, but writng can never be too perfect. I admit that i had neglected finishing most-okay, maybe all- of my stories and i promise to get back to it. The side project is almost done- Woohoo, and thatnk god!- and i am pleased to say that i can't wait for when i may be able to share it with the rest of the world. Let's all pray that the previous two years haven't been a complete waste!

I love my fans- you are wait keeps me writing and thriving to push the next story out of my mind and onto paper, or more like computer screen. Without you guys, lord knows i would be in a corner somewhere vowing to never write fr the fanfiction ever again. That is only partly true, atucally. I would be in a corner crying if it weren't for you guys because my side project and writing for fanfiction is a lot to handle for a girl like me. I am very busy but i committ myself to ten to twelve to twenty-four hours of writing everyday. It's insane, but it's what i love. And to be honest, i would never quit writing for you guys. I would probably take a mental health vacation but after a couple of days, i would be back in my corner, freaking out form my withdrawls of not being able to write.

Sadly, i've never been nominated for any awards. Do i hope to be nominated? Of course, i hope to be nominated. I'm not very competitive and i believe that you should only say you love a story if you really love it. So, if you do enjoy the twists and troubles i have stirred in the world of twilight or the swirls of Romance between Edward and BElla that you delve into for hours of the day reading my stories- i know who some of you are and i love you for it!- i want you to know that eve thought i haven't been nominated, i pride myself on knowing that people at least read my work. Thank you for that.

When I started writing, i thought i would be facing a world full of critisism and hatred, but i have been blessed with gleeful fans who enjoy my work. Thank you for making this a lot easier for me! Anywho, i won't keep you much longer. But one more thing must be said: i love writing and will continue to do so. I might have taken a year vacation and some of you might have thought i forgot about you, but i definitely haven't! I am back and i am arms with the fingers that can type ninety words a minutes. SO i am a little slow, oh well. I promise, it's story writing season and i am prepared! lOOK FORWARD TO A NEW STORY AND ME ADDING NEW CHAPTERS TO THE STORIES I HAVE LEFT UNDONE!

Remember, i love you guys! thank you for supporting me! Keep showing me the love and i will keep cracking my head against the wall for stories! i promise! For your sake and mine!




Titanterror Wanda o'shea and MylifeisEdwardCullen, i love you guys! Thank you for being the best reviews ever! you make me so happy when i get a review from you guys. Every time i hear my email ding- it actually dings!- i get butterflies in my tummy! I want to thank you sooooo much! don't give up on me- haha, that's story of mine!- i will finish my stories and post new ones. Keep being faithful and loyal!

Congradulations to MylifeisEdwardCullen. I heard your story Emmet Humors Us all, is a great catch! i must say that i am impressed. keep up the good work. I'm voting for you!

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Edward, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, And Jasper were all friends. but Edward changed. He's such a jerk to Bella now.But when he confesses he's in love with her to his family,can they help him win her over or will bella just see him asa jerk.Chp.6changed
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