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Name: Kyle Jones

Age: 25

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Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry (Classic)

I'm back and ready to bring my new fan fictions to light...starting with my Resident Evil fan fiction...The Phoenix Project which takes place between Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4. I will at some point return to Kingdom Hearts with my fan fiction Oath and Oblivion. Until then I will be working on Resident Evil.

I don't want to bore you too much on other for now just message me if you want to know anything. PEACE!!!

The Phoenix Project: After the events of Code Veronica...Albert Wesker has managed to extract a sample of the T-Veronica Virus from the body of Steve Burnside. Studying it for a year he finally was able to test it...but Umbrella tracked him down and took back what they felt was the sole property of Umbrella. Taken to a facility located in Rose Hill, Michigan they study the virus and soon begin testing on test subjects. Out of ten subjects one is successful and Project Phoenix is born from subject Samantha Rivers, a seventeen year old girl who contracted a rare case of cancer. The altered T-Veronica Virus has given her accelerated healing, strength, agility and to add to that physic capabilities and the ability to produce fire but without harming herself. She escaped from the facility during training and runs into Anti-Umbrella Activist, Garrett Thomas...a survivor of the Raccoon City incident. He contacts his people and they advise him that this is what will bring Umbrella down. Before he can move to take her out of the city Wesker attacks the facility in town initiating a biohazard and purposely releasing bio weapons into town. Garrett is now trapped in Rose Hill which has become a second Raccoon City, he teams up with Samantha and former S.T.A.R.S. Operative Rebecca Chambers, they have to survive a new nightmare while thwarting capture from Umbrella and Wesker.

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