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Author has written 7 stories for StarTrek: The Original Series, StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, StarTrek: Voyager, StarTrek: The Next Generation, and StarTrek: Other.


Lady K'Lyssia is the Fan Fiction pen name for fantasy author Carol Hightshoe.

A native Texan, Carol found her way to her current home in Colorado by way of a five-year detour in The Nederlands - courtesy of her husband Tim and the US Air Force.

An avid reader at a young age, her strong desire to write came from her love of (her husband calls it her obsession with) Star Trek. It was this early love of Star Trek that led her to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

In addition to her writing she has worked as a receptionist/office manager for two veterinary clinics, a deputy sheriff in El Paso County Colorado and for the Professional Bull Riders.

She has been published in various anthologies and magazines including "Creature Fantastic", "Illuminated Manuscripts", PanGaia Magazine, "Stories of Strength", "The Stygian Soul", Baen's Universe, Tales of the Talisman, Beyond Centauri and others.

She is also a contributing author to Dragon Moon Press's Eppie award winning -- "Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction" -- as the author of the chapter on writing Fan Fiction.

In addition to her own writing, she is the editor and publisher of the online e-zines: The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals.

She also runs her own micro-press - WolfSinger Publications.

Author Notes on stories appearing on

I have three Star Trek novels that I will be putting up here:

1) Oaths of Duty; Vows of Honor - I plan to post a chapter at least once a week - possibly twice a week as some are very short


2) Call of Duty: Demands of Honor - This is the sequel to Oaths of Duty; Vows of Honor and will be posted after Oaths is completed


3) By Duty and Honor Bound - this is the sequel to the previous two.

I also have 7 short stories that were originally written for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds contest that will be posted. One every few weeks. (and ideas for more that I will be working on)

Almost all of these stories came back with compliments written on them with requests that they be resubbed - the ones that went in the last year came back with notes like "One of the last stories cut." So I'm very proud of them and do hope readers enjoy them.

The first story I'm posting is titled Rebellion and is set in the DS9 universe after the end of the series. This is one of the weaker ones when compared to the comments received on the other stories. (Yes, I'll admit it.) Last year I took this story and completely rewrote it - taking it out of the Star Trek Universe (Keeping my main character Selaynia) and creating a story published in the Space Sirens Anthology from Flying Pen Press - Rebel Moon. I hope you enjoy reading Rebellion. I am looking at writing several more stories using this character and world.

I've posted a second story Masks of Honor - it basically is my theory on the changes in the appearance of the Klingons from TOS and TNG. This story received a couple a of decent comments from Dean in the Strange New Worlds contest, but didn't do as well as the other stories did. There are references in this story that tie into the history and background I created for my novel length work - Oaths of Duty; Vows of Honor. I hope you enjoy reading Masks of Honor.

The third story posted Fractured Time - this is Voyager story that came back several times with the note that it received a Second Read, and came back with a FINAL Cut note on it for the last year of the contest.

The fourth story posted Homecoming was written shortly after the final Voyager episode and is a brief look at what might have happened to the crew during the time between the Voyager's arrival and the welcome home ceremonies in San Francisco - with a brief guest appearance by Q and his son.

The fifth story posted Tribute is just a fun little flash fiction piece that I wrote highlighting the commissioning ceremony for the Enterprise-E. This one was only sent once to the Star Trek Strange New Worlds Contest.

Shameless Self Promotion Spot

Currently available publications include:

Call of Chaos - Book 1 of the Chaos Reigns Saga (Novel) - Double Dragon eBooks - July 2008

Adrift (Short Story) Space Pirates Anthology - Edited by David Lee Summers - Flying Pen Press - August 2008

Rebel Moon (Short Story) Space Sirens Anthology - Edited by Carol Hightshoe - Flying Pen Press - Feb 2009

Chaos Embraced - Book 2 of the Chaos Reigns Saga (Novel) Double Dragon eBooks - January 2009

Road Into Chaos - Book 3 of the Chaos Reigns Saga (Novel) - Double Dragon eBooks - August 2009

Chaos Challenged - Book 4 of the Chaos Reigns Saga (Novel) - Double Dragon eBooks - March 2010

Please visit my website at for more information on my publications.

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Call of Duty Demands of Honor reviews
The sequel to Oaths of Duty; Vows of Honor. Lady K'Lyssia has been the Leader of the Klingon High Council for 3 months and Kirk must learn where her loyalties truly lie as others set plans in motion for a war between the Federation and the Empire.
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With Enterprise's historic five year mission completed - Kirk and his crew are recalled and ordered to investigate a fellow office who may be a Klingon agent or who actually may be the key to peace between the Empire and the Federation.
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This is a fun little flash fiction piece I created showing the commissioning ceremony for the Enterprise-E.
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Tom Paris finds himself in a changed reality--one he doesn't want to see end. Guest appearances by Wesley Crusher and the Traveler.
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Shortly after the crew's visit to the past in Trials and Tribble-ations, Dax, O'Brien and Bashir corner Worf and get him to tell them why the Klingons they encountered had smooth foreheads. Written before the Enterprise episode on the same subject
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Julien is asked to help a Section 31 Operative, who was branded a traitor during the Dominion War, make the cross-over to the Mirror Universe where the Dominion won the war against the Alliance and refugees are now fleeing to 'his' universe.
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