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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, Legend of Zelda, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Hey, I'm Roy. I'm obsessed with One Piece cause it's so amazing. I like One Piece. Naruto: Stop saying One Piece! Me: Then stop smoking! (Those who don't watch LittleKuriboh's Naruto Abridged Series should). I also like Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Yu-Gi-Oh, though I'm starting to dislike Yu-Gi-Oh. Because card games on motorcycles is just the stupidest idea EVAR.

Likes: Manga, Family, Friends, Books, Bagels, Coffee, Vegetarians, Indians, Indian Vegetarians, Card Games (Not on motorcycles), the Internet, Pokemon... the list could go on.

Dislikes: Homophobes, People Who Try To Make Me Eat Meat, Posers, Twilight, Terrible Fanfictions, Certain People In My Class.

Weapon of Choice: Books. Ever had 4000 years of history brought on your head? It hurts like a bitch.

Status: SINGLE AND PROUD OF IT!! Also fighting zombies. And eating a bagel. Like a boss.

Gender: Boy. Seriously, people, if you thought I was a girl... then you probably are a fanfiction writer. Which is why I need to clarify my gender right here.

Me in 5 words: Hyper, Thoughtful, Curious, Compulsive, CRAZY!!



In Progress: A Documentary of How the World Is Going To End. Naruto + Zombies = Fun.

In Progress: The Replacement Hero: Link catches Wanker's cramp, and Zelda is due to be kidnapped in 6 hours! So the fairies must find a new hero.

Like a boss.

Completed: A little Uchiha Magic. Squad 7 try to get Naruto to eat his veggies. Involves: A mauled Kakashi, a Sakura wandering around the village in a towel, a blown up mansion, and of course, a little Uchiha magic. Co-written by my sister. Not on FanFiction anymore, but I think its on Quizilla.

I will probably update once every 6 months. You know, because I don't have a lot of free time. Saying I have a life would be stretching it.

Through a lot of painstaking, long arduous, research, which took about 5 minutes, I have compiled a list of many of the re-occuring ideas, themes, and images in books and movies. Here they are:

Riding Into The Sunset: So that nobody can see the two characters having sex. And dying horrifically as they realize getting it on in a moving car was probably a bad idea.

Damsel In Distress: Because a man in distress would just be too weird. Especially one waring a pink frilly dress and waving a hanker chief.

Romantic Subplot: Be it sci-fi, action, comedy, or, dear lord, a Bollywood film, there is always a romance. Or two people getting it on. The former was for Bollywood, the latter for Hollywood.

Weather Imagery: Be it rain in a sad scene, or a sunset... OR A LIGHTNING BOLT WHEN JACK JUST DISSED THE CONCH!!!! OMG!!! LIGHTING, BOMBS, EXPLOSIONS, LAZERS, PITS OF SNAKES AND FIRE!!!!! OH, THE HUMANITY!!! (That one was for my English class)

Zombie Apocalypse: Admit it. You want it to happen. Till the zombies start dining on your flesh. OM NOM NOM NOM.

Aliens: Because humans aren't good enough anymore. Until we get the power to use Ancient Egyptian laser beams. Or just go DR. OCTAGONAPUS BLARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because nothing beats alien sex (talking to you, Katy Perry)

Sentimental Object That Is So Symbolic that William Golding, George Orwell, and Nathaniel Hawthorne Would All Cry At The Same Time: Because symbolism has to be obvious.

The Evil Guy That Has a Heart: We've all seen it. "Join me, random sexy future damsel and distress for the main character, and you shall be my queen!" Come to think of it, rather than having a big heart they usually have big... fill the rest in.

The Badass Guy That Has a Heart: It's sweet, till they go from badass, to soft, to sex slave. Then we start getting slightly creeped out.

I can sense that this is spiraling into stereotypical characters, so I'm stopping it here. Also, some are references, so not everyone will get them. Oh well. Ciao!

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