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Okay, I am just your avrege girl with an avrege life, normal problems and drama. My past is very diffrent. I lived with my mother and brothers for a long time, all the way untill I was ten. The life with my mom lets say was difficult...things happend and I and my younger brother were exposed to things that no child should ever be. I have never known my father, he didnt want me in his life. I only ever meet him once that I can remember and that was seven years ago. He left without a goodbye. I never got to meet my brother and only sister on his side. When I was ten I moved with my mom and brothers to live with my grandfather. Just befor we moved my youngest justin brother was born. Five years later Me and my brother shane still with my grandfather. My mom is getting better and my life in general is a much happier life. My family is safe and thats all that matters. But now and again my past comes back to haunt me. I rely on my closest friends, writing, and reading to get me through life. both the good and the bad. When I most need to get away from the bad part of my life I read, and My favorite books are the bast way. I usaully read the Twilight saga, Breaking dawn most often. I love to wright when I need to vent or Im feeling creative. I feel like im stronger because of my past, but not unbreakable. Im down to earth, caring and just like to have fun.

I hope you like my stories!! They come from the heart...:)

PS: My spelling is horrible... Im sure ive got plenty od mistakes I didnt catch in my story but please, I really would love to hear what you guys think of the story!!

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Grace by ThisCloseMisguidedGhost reviews
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Bella doesn't understand why her parents don't want her. She knows that she is inhuman and possibly dangerous while living in the orphanage. The Cullens adopt her,wanting to give her a home where others arent disturbed by her powers. AU BellaxEdward
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Orbit by MusicWriter reviews
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Sky by ThisCloseMisguidedGhost reviews
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The Battle of the Blondes by Emmelie Cullen reviews
I am in love with Emmett Cullen." Lauren admitted. She wouldn't have confessed if she'd known who was standing behind her. None other than the beautiful gorgeous goddess Rosalie. "You might have some competition." She smirked knowing this was her battle.
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All At Once My World Collides by LouderThanThunder reviews
Seth never wanted to imprint, and now he's stuck with a girl he wishes he could hate, who happens to hate him. To make matters worse, she's Collin's sister who's never around. Will their lives collide and come together, or collapse? SethXOC, usual couples
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Out of Time by 24-7reader reviews
On the plane to Forks, Bella's life turned upside down. She has suddenly found herself lost in time. Can she get back to her own time? Will she be able to leave the life she establishes in the past? P.S. It all belongs to Stephenie Meyer
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Breaking Day by Pink Paramore reviews
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Unknown Creature by call me your partner in crime reviews
Bella doesn't understand why her parents didn't want her. She realizes that she is inhuman, and possibly dangerous, while living at the orphanage. The Cullens adopt her, wanting to give her a home where others aren't disturbed by her powers. AU/BXE
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Silent Night by Wanna Bet-the original reviews
What was Alice's life like before she became a Cullen? Before she was a vampire? We all know the basics...but what about the details? Rated T for some violence and malicious intent.
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Falling stars reviews
A new vampire new born has Just joined the cullens. Jade has a remarkable story to tell. Includes all cullens, love & fluff, and danger. Jade was changed at 15 and had been closer to death then you think, but will she hav her happy ever after like Bella?
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