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"Look! I'm an Elite! I'm in a tree! I'm a TREELITE!"

--My friend being my friend while playing Halo: Reach.

If you've known me for a while, you'll see my profile pic has changed slightly. Finally, after more than 2 years, I've changed my profile pic, courtesy of the wonderful MadRacer. He's a very talented artist, and he's helped me draw so many pieces of art for my stories. You can find all his artwork, and the rest of the pictures for A.L.B.O.E. (A Little Bit Of Everything) at his deviantART account via the link below.

If you want to see the pictures for ALBOE directly, you can go here.

I'm sure he'll really appreciate a comment from you! :D

About me

I have probably facepalmed so much in my life I've caused myself short term memory. I also have a severe case of oh look something shiny.


I'm also that guy who's easily impressed by just about everything. Seriously, I went "Whoa, dude that's freaking amazing!" when I learnt that you could copy and paste stuff with Ctrlc and Ctrlv.

I'd love to say I'm 14, but time flies and now I'm 18. And going into the army for mandatory National Service soon. All Singaporean males that are 18 years old have to serve mandatory 2 years in the military.

I just hope I don't die. XD

I play Halo, Starcraft, and Pokemon. I have every game in the Halo series, having been introduced to Halo: CE when I was small. I play Halo 4 and Halo Reach, and go by the name Anillio.

Starcraft II was something more recent. I'm a mere Diamond League player, although I'm trying to push for Masters. I'll be playing Heart of the Swarm once it's out, and I'll go by the name Anillio, just like my Wings of Liberty account.

Pokemon. Ahhhh, Pokemon. The nostalgia. I'm pretty sure the first version I played was yellow...back then I had a 100-games-in-1 catridge which had all the pokemon versions, but they'd never really save properly. My first real Pokemon game was Crystal, then Sapphire, then Diamond, Platinum, and now White. My elder brother plays all the counterparts. I don't play competitively though. Starcraft II and to a certain extent, Halo, is more than enough competitiveness for me as it is.

I'll never understand some of my friends who play an insane amount of games. It's like they buy a game, play it feverishly for weeks, then after 2 months they stop, forget about it altogether when they get a new game. I find it sad. Back when I was small, games for me and my brother were limited. We treasured all we had and played games over and over again until we were sick of them. And we still played them.

Personally, I just try to milk a game for all it's worth. It feels sad to play it for such a short time and forget about it...


Hi, name's Natson. Anillio Natson, or Aninat for short. I write. I love reading, gaming, and I've always dreamt of posting something worth reading for the rest of the world to see. Or at least, anybody who's interested in the stuff I write.

If you have read my existing story, "A little bit of everything", I thank you sincerely. It was something I had thought of doing for quite a while now. Although the movie came out in 2008, I didn't watch it until July 2010. I had been planning to watch it in theatres, but it slipped my mind until a dvd rental shop opened near my house. I grew attached to it, and the adorable white dog and black cat that came with it.

I watched it again the next day, something i'd never done for any other rented dvd. Then, ideas started forming in my head, and now here I am. Writing Bolt fanfiction. And I never regretted it one bit.

I've written stories for Rio too. "The Only One", "Hot Chocolate", and "Stay The Night". They're all short stories that I put a lot of heart into, especially "The Only One". It's my personal favourite, and the story I feel I've written the best, out of all I've written, although it's hard to compare a one-shot and a 30 chapter story...

I've always had this love for cute adorable things, especially animals and the like. I have some unpublished Pokemon stories written too. I might post them someday once my current stories are done.

I recently watched "How to Train your Dragon", another addition to "Stuff I wanted to watch but never got around to doing it". As expected, I loved it, although the ending was a little bittersweet for me.

The people who are important to me

That's you, my friend! Yes, you, the one sitting/standing in front of your phone/tablet/computer/electronic device (Seriously, it's like everything can access the internet these days. Even the fridges...)

The readers reviewers don't inspire me to write. They push me on and give me the extra push I sometimes need to continue writing when I'm busy as heck. Inspiration comes to me easily, but acting on it is soooooo much harder when there's other responsibilities in my life. I try my best, though.

Kudos goes to Finalsmasher13 for making my original profile picture. I haven't heard from him in a long time, but I really appreciate what he's done for me. He will always be known as my Pokemon friend, who helped me create my very first profile pic and encouraged me to start writing after lurking on Fanfiction for about 6 months.

Srgeman is the author of the story "A Little Night Music", which was the story that inspired my first writings for the Pokemon archive. This was before I watched Bolt, and I can say his stories are amazing, if not a little crude. The practice really helped me make A.L.B.O.E. what it was back then.

Many thanks goes to Evarice for being my editor and my friend.

To my first Editor, Evarice, and my second and current editor, Arkazu. They're not only awesome editors, but awesome friends in real life too. The stories would have been nothing without them, especially, Arkazu. He's not only proofread my stories, he's given me ideas and analysed situations with me and fixed a lot of plot holes that used to exist. He's awesome, period.

And of course, MadRacer, my artist and wonderful friend, whom I have mentioned at the top of this page. I hope he will continue to be one of my best online friends. Those pictures of his, I cannot say enough, are fantastic.

And of course, reviewers who've been here for a long time, I thank each and every one of you. side-fish, my first online friend after I posted A.L.B.O.E., who's a hilarious and amazing friend, Carl Minez, one of the later reviewers to my story, but a very thoughtful, sweet friend who's given me lots of encouragement and advice, Aronim, the thorough reviewer who gives me the most constructive criticism I could ask for on a regular basis, Mojothemegawolf, how's also been a great friend to me over the internet, and a whole ton of others. Bane7567, Mike101, and so many others.

Once A.L.B.O.E. is done, I'm definitely writing out a detailed list of all my reviewers and thanking them individually here.

If there's anything you wanna talk about, feel free to PM me! I love talking with new people! :D

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