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Hey, everyone! I write fanfic for virtually everything, but so far I've only put up Star Trek TOS and X Men: Evolution fics. For the confused people, here's my ST:TOS OC bio.

Name: Emily R. Èprouvé

Age: 21

Origin: Tarrytown, New York

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 110 lbs

Position: Bridge Officer (she runs the mission ops console/ is a mission specialist) and is pretty much a generalist, though usually a relief navigator. (In my first fic, she was the tactical officer and the interrogation officer. She no longer has anything to do with either of these.)

Rank: Currently an Ensign. Third in Command. (Hey! Isn't that Sulu's job? Why yes, yes it is, but now Emily exists and she is better fit.)

Family: Only her immediate family (her father, mother, and brother) are alive. Her brother also has a family of his own, a wife named Elodie and two children. Most of the rest of the Èprouvés have died on Starfleet missions over the years.

Friendship: Most of her friends on Earth are deceased from an infection. Her best friends at the moment (in no order) are Uhura, McCoy, Spock, and Kirk. (notes: Unless on duty she calls Uhura by her first name. She almost always calls McCoy 'Bones'. Emily always calls Kirk 'Captain', unless at a very casual moment, to prove a point, or when worried or stressed. Uhura, McCoy, and Kirk usually call her Emily, Emma, or Em.) She is very good friends with -in order- Chekov, Christine (those two are tied), Scotty, and Sulu.

Elaboration on friendship with Spock/Kirk/McCoy: She is not in their trio. It's very rare that she is with all of them together (though that does happen, sometimes.) Spock enjoys her company and finds her interesting, as does Emily for him. Kirk got to know her well because of the amount of time they spent on the bridge together, and McCoy got to know her due to her medical condition. Spock sees her as a friend, McCoy and Kirk see her as the little-sister-type. While they are all very good friends and sometimes throw around the phrase "best friends", the Spock-McCoy-Kirk trio is much closer than the trio+Emily.

Love interest: Chekov thinks she's pretty but doesn't really try to impress her because he, like most of the crew, thinks she loves Spock. (She does not.) Èprouvé has a crush on the navigator, but has only told Uhura. (While she only told Uhura, Sulu and Kirk have figured it out on their own.)

Appearance: Medium length red-brown hair kept in intricate styles like the rest of the women on board. She has amber eyes with very dark circles under them, pale skin, and British teeth. Though she is somewhat pretty, many people have commented that she seems to look sick and weak all the time.

Starfleet: She started the academy one year after Chekov, graduating one year after he did. Reportedly, she had no clue what she wanted to do and tried every class, showing excellent engineering skills, but mostly skills in command. Èprouvé graduated with the rank of Ensign, finally being placed on the bridge. Many Starfleet officials have worked with at least one of her family members, expecting two things from the young girl because of that: she would be good at her job, and her career would be short-lived, ending within two years and she'd be killed. So far, she has proved them wrong. The five-year mission was her first assignment.

Medical: Before joining Starfleet, Èprouvé lived in an apartment with a few of her friends. One of her friends, a half-Vulcan, worked in a hospital and was exposed to Galactic telepathic emphysema, a futuristic version of Emphysema that is spread by telepathic or empathetic connections, such as those used by Vulcans. This friend accidentally infected everyone who she lived in the apartment with, including Emily. The disease killed all but two of them, Emily and one other girl, who were able to receive treatment as they were the last infected. Emily was still allowed to join Starfleet, as it would be very rare that her condition would interfere with her missions and work so long as she frequently visited sickbay for treatment and vaccinations. While the treatment does slow her disease, she does cough often and is expected to die at an early age. The only people aboard the Enterprise who know of Èprouvé's condition are McCoy, for obvious reasons, and Spock, who McCoy was required to tell in order to prevent infection. Spock received a vaccination and therefore should be able to mind-meld safely with Emily if need be, though it was the general consensus to not take the chance. Kirk knows that Emily has a major health problem, but because of their friendship opted to not be told by McCoy or Emily about what the condition was, nor the severity of it. (The effects of the condition itself are basically a milder, modern emphysema, with added weight-loss and lethargy.)

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