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'Don't look up, just let them think
There's no place else you'd rather be
And now you can't turn back
Because this road is all you'll ever have

And it's obvious that you're dying, dying
Just living proof that the camera's lying
And oh, oh, open wide, 'cause this is your night
So smile'


Good day world...

This isn't just any normal account. This fanfiction account belongs to two loons who plan to take over the world! This account, if you haven't guessed already is shared by The Dark Keybearer and AppleMistress. We're two best friends who thought it would cool to write together so we are! If you scroll down you'll find out a bit about us.

The Dark Keybearer...

About The Dark Keybearer: Information about my name isn't important. For now just call me by my screename or DK for short. I'm a 15 year old male who is living in the United States and that's all the personal information you need to know. I love reading, writing, watching Total Drama Island/Action and a lot of other things as well. I tend to be laid back and I try to be a nice person. I love talking so if you ever want to chat, just give me a message and I'll talk about almost anything. I have very few dislikes. The only things I don't like are people who are liars and then the Twilight series. I have a current obsession with Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, Total Drama Island/Action and I have recently took up the awesome past time called skateboarding. So basically, I tend to be a pretty boring person.

Random Data/Information: As I said, I'm very kind, at least I try to be. I'm not athletic in any way. My hobbies are reading, writing, listening to music, watching cartoons and most recently skateboarding. My favorite music comes from Paramore, Evanescence, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Katy Perry, David Archuleta, Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco just to name a few. I'm klutzy, goofy and a little insane. I have plans to conquer the world thirteen times with my awesome best friend, AppleMistress.

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"Hey, I have every right to be immature!"

Hello Everyone!

As my best friend, The Dark Keybearer explained above; this is an account shared by the two of us epic writers. We hope you enjoy this account as much as we do! ;D


About AppleMistress: I don't see any reason why you'd need to know my name. Please just call me Apple, AppleMistress, or Appley. I'm a female of the age 15 who lives in the US to the A and proud of it! Reading, writing, watching TV, drawing, and roleplaying all include some of the things I like to do. As you can see, I'm rather laid back; I don't get to riled up unless Twilight is mentioned in any way. (I can rant on and on about it for hours, just ask DK...Well, we both can rant about it, anyway, lol). I like to be as creative and original as possible, and I think that leads up for a very interesting person. (DK says above that he's a boring person, but I really don't think so). The Total Drama series, 6Teen, Stoked, Kingdom Hearts, The Harry Potter series, and Naruto are mainly what I'm personally interested in as of now.

Random Data/Information: I'm rather laid back, althoughI tend to feel a little selfish nowadays. I enjoy figure skating and swimming a whole lot, so I suppose I'm somewhat athletic. Music is my life, along with books. Anything that includes lyrics, really. Words have a way of connecting with me, if that doesn't soud weird enough. If anyone can agree, I could feel free to say that you and I will get along just fine. I nearly love every musical artist DK listed above, so I won't waste any precious time typing it down. And yes, we are bothing planning on taking over the world thirteen awesome times together. We will make a difference! :D

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"Don't waste your childhood! Stay immature as long as you need to!"

A small word...

This is just something on our minds that we wanted to let you all know. First off, both of us are major Duncan/Courtney supporters! We love the pairing and we love both characters! So if you don't like them as characters or as a pairing, don't read our work please. Duncan/Courtney is the best Total Drama pairing out there, no denying it. We love Courtney, we think she's awesome, hilarious and a great contestant on the show. If you're a Courtney hater, we encourage you, bring it on! We will defend our favorite character and couple. If you hate her, we honestly think you need to suck it up and grow up. And Duncan belongs with Courtney and Courtney belongs with Duncan. We don't support any fanon pairings that break them up. Duncan/Courtney rules!

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